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  1. Going in Don't Starve Together > Mods > modsettings.lua gives you a document where it displays how you can alter mod settings. -- Use "DisableModDisabling()" to make the game stop disabling your mods when the game crashes
  2. The poll, as discussed in the meat of the main post, was supposed to be focused on what workshop format you prefer. I gave the information on how DS displays 9 mods and DST displays 3 on the front page paired with a button. I also gave the argument in the post on how these formats may actually affect mod ratings (thereby having a functional purpose imo). This idea came from how I initially observed people not liking the recent tab before making this thread, so I wanted to see if they would pick DS since it displays more "high quality" mods on the front. How often you visit the workshop itself and how often you visit the recent tab are supplemental questions to the first one. Although not very specific, these are still viewing habits of the workshop. There's probably a better title to convey what I wanted, but I didn't think of one and the current one isn't entirely ill-fitting. TLDR This poll is not entirely about looks and how often you view the workshop are still viewing habits, apologizes if my thread was worded poorly
  3. It seems that a lot more people are indifferent to the format differences than I would have thought. From what I gathered before making this poll, people don't really like the mods in the recent tab all that much. My thought process was if you tend to browse the DST workshop, you're probably going to be looking for the most recently popular mods to see if there is anything neat you might be willing to try. The Don't Starve workshop displays 9 of the most recent upcoming mods in comparison to Don't Starve Together having 3 mods. While I have a few ideas for why it wasn't a straight correlation, could people explain why they're indifferent?
  4. One thing that you may notice if you check the workshop for Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together is how the most popular items are organized. For Don't Starve, we see that 3 mods are showcased and automatically scrolls down the scroll bar near the bottom of the image. This essentially displays 9 mods on the front page of the workshop. Don't Starve Together's workshop only hosts 3 of the popular mods on the front page, but it has a button where you can view all of the recently popular items that Don't Starve lacks. However, for both workshops you can click on the blue Most Popular Items in the past week to get there. For those that aren't familiar, when new mods are published, they gain traction towards the front page from statistics. While I don't know what exactly causes this, it seems to correlate with subscribers, views, ratings, and etc. Mods that tend to hit the front page tend to get more attention since they're not hidden amongst the recently published tab and can potentially snowball more "good stats" as opposed to being in the recent tab. Don't Starve has 9 mods showcased on the front and Don't Starve Together workshop currently has an explicit See all Popular Items button. I wanted to know what people prefer and possibly some insight into how they browse the workshop to see if it all matters that much.
  5. I made a guide on Steam on how to reskin mobs in 2019 from making to publishing the mod. Back when I made it, I had just learned about how to do it by searching through the few mods that actually did it among other various resources. There wasn't as many mods as I'd like that reskinned mobs and I couldn't find a guide that explained the ins and outs of this process for somebody that did not know much of anything regarding modding this game. I've seen many people utilize the comments there and have even seen people reference it on the forums. I've decided to look back at what I've written and do some extensive rewriting and port it to the forums, so I hope I've properly documented the process this time. My goal is to make sure this is easily understandable without any prior knowledge, so please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve this guide. I'm still working on formatting and other details in this guide, so it might be rough until I get the time to fully do it. The main information should be useable, and I can still take comments. Thanks again! Introduction File Types Tools Overview Methods Overview Finding the Files Reskinning Method 1: Spriterless Reskinning Method 2: Spriter Making the Mod / Implementation Uploading to the Workshop End Thank you for reading the guide and I hope it was helpful. Again, if you had any difficulties or want clarification, I can take comments here. If you end up making a mod where my guide was useful, I would appreciate spreading the word about this so others that want to reskin are able to.
  6. Just in case anyone was wondering, there should be 27 fish
  7. Screenshot to catch a fish but Don't Starve
  8. Don't quote me on this, but I believe the game doesn't like it when the Z-Order isn't consistent in an animation so it might be a limitation.
  9. Are you working on a custom character or something? If you are I can't really help you due to lack of experience in that field
  10. without running the game? I'd highly suggest just putting them in the folder I mentioned and run the game so it can be compiled. I think DS Mod Tools has a program somewhere in the files that can autocompile without running the game but I don't really remember what it was.
  11. If this doesn't work then I don't know I'm uploading the images through the forums
  12. They might have been talking about this and the context was talking about how Winona came during a transitional period. Doesn't seem directly saying she was getting something in-game I guess but I'm assuming this was the screenshot