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  1. Actually for this specific skin certain characters will have custom sprites! Characters such as Webber, WX, etc. will have different feet.
  2. Together we can work towards the Acceptance Stage out of the 5 stages. Stay strong.
  3. Also just to clarify I just posted all of the skulls, the new ones were added appear to be the DST characters like Wurt, Wormwood, Walter, Warly, and Winona from the looks of it. I think Maxwell was added as well? They were just added as inventoryimages so this may indicate they are gonna do something with them but nobody can really say. It could just be extra stuff for modders.
  4. Somebody posted their inventoryimage from before this hotfix for the older image so it seems like to me the only thing added for this specific patch was the skulls?
  5. This image is the old inventory images this is the new file (some stuff got cropped out but I'm trying to say the spiders themselves aren't new after this recent hotfix*)
  6. I find this to be an engaging read and a persuasive essay that utilizes multiple points to reinforce your ideas. The first point dives into how these lack of lines break Klei's consistency streak for many of their beloved mobs, items, and structures in their game. The second point takes from the first idea presented and runs into the problem how this inconsistency breaks the immersion of the player. The charm of the game and the hard work into the rest of the lines are stopped to a halt with the Shell Beach Turf and that shouldn't be the case. Overall, due to the excellent reasoning and usage of persuasion I deeply resonate with your points of concern and hopefully Klei will add these lines.
  7. I present the noseless naked mole bat faceplant