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  1. In all honesty I'm sorta confused why this was the specific change made to the goggles. When they were locked behind the blueprint their benefits did not match the effort needed to go through to get them, and now the opposite is sort of the case where for most people it will feel like an improvement on the tophat in most cases. It's rare for me to outright think a small decision such as this has any significant impact on anything, however in this case I do believe it over all held back more than it really helped. With two items being so similar in functionality, the problem of oasis fishing still being unengaging and unrewarding and there being very little options in the game when it comes to hats that people would consider using over something such as a tam, I would have personally prefered a different approach for the fashion goggles. I still respect the decision, its not easy tweaking things in ways that make everyone equally happy after all, it's just not the decision I would have personally made. While I don't directly agree with any of the poll's suggestions, I'd love to throw my own hat into the ring with how I personally would have approached it: Keep in mind while I do feel this approach would have been better for me personally, that both bias exists and that the reason behind the decision are the developers' at the end of the day. [Not to mention that everyone has different opinions on how something could be handled, so mine isn't the one ""correct"" opinion by any means.]
  2. There's this one character called "Wandom" or whatever who I just can not stand. Like, for real their mechanics are horrendous to use and their personality's even worse, basically nonexistent. I genuinely don't know how this character made it into the game, but alas this is the reality we are living in. Honestly I would have rather seen Wes 2 instead because then there would at least be some thought put into the gameplay as oppose to whatever the heck they were going for with this absolute disaster of an absolute joke. Like honestly, who approved of this? Was it [Redacted]? I know you're reading these forums, you can't fool me. Why would you make a character who is so bloated, yet is also just as bad as every other character combined I simply do not get it.
  3. not to mention the triple whammy of having somewhat low dura, losing it on hit and losing it on attack.
  4. I personally enjoy the game in general having a more chilled out baseline difficulty. However I can't deny that a lot of the game tends to get stale over time once all the general threats are known to the player, so I occasionally go for a challenge run, either through mods [which sadly aren't an option for console players], world settings or other self emposed stipulations/conditions. Challenge runs in general are a nice way of spicing things up if you seek a bit of spice, though I also totally get if that kind of thing isn't your cup of tea and you prefer the game itself present some sort of challenging content in some way. The game currently doesn't provide much in that sense besides raid bosses, the ruins or living only on the ocean [dear god], which is a bummer in my opinion. As others said, some sort of hamlet like design with players seeking out difficulty on their own accord in some kind of biome for instance would really work well in my opinion. It's one of the few aspects of hamlet I wholeheartedly enjoy and would love to see influence content in dst. Now, that kind of thing can also go too far with the biome literally becomig inhabitable for building, but so long as it is possible without being too punishing I think it would work absolutely fine.
  5. I don't particularly like rushing things for the most part, though depending on the character I play I might be convinced to at least help out with a rush if others choose to go for one. For instance if I am playing a character who can amass resources at ease I'll gather necessary stuff like rocks n gold to provide others with tools in the case of a ruins rush. The exception to this would be Wanda, who is the only character I will semi rush the ruins for, although I usually only go for thulecite fragments and mayyyyybe an early-ish star caller. As for boss rushing, unless I'm playing with a group of people I will generally not rush any bosses, the earliest I will go for bosses generally considered rushable would probably be Dragonfly in winter, if I don't feel like using fuel for warmth and don't already have a star caller. I will of course help others out here as well by providing resources for example. Exception once again is when I'm playing Wanda, I might go for a somewhat earlier DF kill and kill Klaus first winter, but other than that I just don't really rush anything in terms of bosses. I have considered "rushing" a Beefalo a few times, but ultimately I decide against it because it might be a hassle for some people who might not know the mechanics indepth to keep the taming process up.
  6. Well I just tested it and yeah how Howl described is the way it works.
  7. Well it would certainly help to be certain about certainties like that, for certain.
  8. They are bosses, just as much as the main Giants are, at least in my book. Sure, to a bunch of us more experienced players nowadays they do not pose any threat at all and are rather laughable compared to the current standards for raid bosses, however I consider these bosses nonetheless, just a different kind. A sort of "introductory" boss if you will. It may be that there is no way to guarantee which bosses you encounter when or if you even see them at all, but they serve as a lower level threat compared to giants such as deerclops. Something to get aquainted with general kiting, crowd control, caution, etc. without being too complex in their mechanics. And in a way these bosses sort of have to be, as under the right conditions they can appear almost any time, maybe with the exception of the lord of the fruit flies. But my point is that these bosses can't be as elaborate as a lot of others simply because it would be way too much to constantly handle, yet to me they're still bosses just the same.
  9. The WX refresh announcement said that the changes that caused targeting bugs were reverted with the refresh though. Unless console for some reason did not get this, I'd be very confused on what you mean, since the beta [at least to my understanding] only reintroduces those reverted changes, with the main goal of it being to fix bugs and tweak things in general. Could you double check if the targeting is still bugged on console?
  10. To be honest it would also help if we had some sort of easy way to create a controlled environment for this kind of thing in a regular world. Both for those who don't like making entire worlds just to test things as well as console players who will have way less options when it comes to things like creative worls.
  11. That is, if somebody is willing to run that risk while learning to use fire. Especially considering you have no way of seeing mob health without mods. Not to mention that in a lot of cases how much fire damage you actually deal can be unpredictable, since nearby mobs can also take damage from the same fire that another mob is being damaged by.
  12. Fire works pretty well in a few ways. Stunning mobs for instance is nice, as most common mobs will enter a panicked state when on fire, which allows you to get a few free hits in, the extra damage is more of a bonus. If you're using a scalemail, the ignite perk could act as an opportunity to leave combat in an ermergency. The scalemail also helps other fire strategies, such as the stun i mentioned, be more overall useful since you dont need to worry about fire damage affecting you if youre not playing willow. Fire darts basically serve as a safe way to aggro a mob from afar by making it unable to really attack for the first few moments that you engage in combat, which can be helpful, although a fire staff can fill that role and then some, and somehow ends up being less costly than darts in the long run. That being said, all these options are very limited due to a few reasons sadly. For one as you mentioned fire damage is risky to use because whatever you set on fire is gonna propagate fire itself, and for another if a mob dies while on fire, every single non food drop will turn to ash, even if they can't normally burn, and every food drop will be cooked which can be a bit annoying as you might want to dry some meat mobs provide. Not just that, but actually making any of these items can be expensive. Torches are the cheapest option by far, but also least versatile, fire staves require red gems and a pretihatitator, thought theyre the second most reliable option, scalemail requires a boss drop to make as well as a good chunk of wood and pig skin, but the boss drop can be farmed fairly well later on and fire darts although ranged get super expensive due to being one time use per craft. And that all is without mentioning that other more readily available options can help out in similar ways fire can if used correctly. As much as I like using mechanics that are usually underutilized by most of the community, I struggle to use fire damage beyond using a torch or the occasional fire staff I get as bonus loot from things such as the labyrinth. It's a shame too, as I think with a few tweaks fire damage would have great potential as a risk reward mechanic. Even still, I would still recommend at least trying to toy around with fire mechanics, even if just for a change of pace. It can make for some neat strategies, even if those only rarely come into use during regular gameplay.
  13. Handsdown the best ship to ever grace any media period, is the illusive Toy Boat of DS. No vessel has ever come close to its beauty, none has ever been as great.
  14. True DST players know there's only one answer.
  15. I think I'm dreaming, is this happening, someone PLEASE HIT ME.