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  1. of all things to get fixed i didnt enticipate it to be cursed ice
  2. Keep in mind that DST only has about 4gb of ram available at most per instance, meaning a huge amount of mods can cause out of memory issues at basically any time a new update adds some more content to the game.
  3. The Wagstaff one in particular is caused due to the Moonstorm mix if I remember correctly
  4. It seems you are using this mod, which appears to be causing the issue. Steam Workshop::Myth characters-神话人物 ( So you will likely need to disable this mod in order to not run into this bug.
  5. A log of your world might also help with finding the cause.
  6. I will keep calling this skin "Womwood" though. Has a fun ring to it.
  7. As you can see, there is an r missing.
  8. It could very likely be that something about the game itself just got bugged and that geo placement uses it to determine rotation of things, but just wanted to mention that. Also when I say disabling geometric placement, I also mean disabling it with the toggle it provides in-game, so you could still use it and just switch it off when placing fence gates for example
  9. That bug is caused by geometric placement by the way Or at least it doesn't happen when disabling geometric placement
  10. It's for which foods you would like to eat in real life. Also I'm vegetarian.
  11. Create a Don't Starve Foods IRL Tier List - TierMaker Made a template for which foods you'd like IRL Go nuts. This is mine btw.
  12. You'd be surprised how much history there actually is to this whole thing, it's not just this post alone. Especially since I don't think many people even saw it to be honest.
  13. It might be a good idea to attach the entire log file for an issue like this, since this seems like a serious problem. Not in text form, but just the file itself attached to a comment or the post itself.
  14. Do you have any server mods enabled?