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  1. You can only get those chess trinkets once you've gotten the sketches already.
  2. Advanced tactics. Use a torch and set the knights and bishops on fire, it stuns them so you can get ~10 hits in. Make sure not to kill them while they are burning (count hits) and it makes 2vs1ing the bishops and knights much easier. Hope this helped out!
  3. DO NOT TOUCH Goose/Goose STATUE STONE VERSION (and maybe marble too). It will crash your game regardless of mods. @V2C Hopefully you can fix this along with the Event button, because this just reset one of my huge test worlds!!! I repeat DO NOT TOUCH IT!
  4. Bone helm+Wickerbottom's books = gg game balance
  5. Noob stories

    I thought I was the most genius person on the planet when I put pig houses near spider nests to auto farm them in my non-rog worlds... Now that I look back on it, I feel so egotistical XD
  6. Wheres my floppy berry bush hat? And my floppy juicy berry bush hat?!?!
  7. So when standing at the corner or even side of the ocean, if you stand perfectly you can easily clip into the ocean with many structures at least 5 including alchemy engines, science machines, winter feast tree planters, wardrobes, and many other I have not tested with. This along with lazy explorer breaks many hard tasks walking to things such as the atrium and cheesing bosses by restricting their movement. Here is a short gif of how to do the glitch. https://gyazo.com/8e0c6c45581f7371eff68740993014fb
  8. Yup return to Metheus and hit the backround and you'll get your skins in dst
  9. EVERYONE!!! You cannot do part 2 with a stranger if you have NOT done part 1 with them!!! Part 1 links your partner (that's why there is so much symbols so more than 2 people don't have the same ones) with yourself in preparation so you can work on part 2 together so it knows if both of you have the same symbols!!!
  10. I use to trust you maslak... but for this I'm never going to give you up and never gonna let you down
  11. Perhaps the devs are updating this puzzle every 5 hours or so! After it was first discovered it was almost exactly 5 hours since it was found for it to be changed! See you guys in 4 hours
  12. Well one of woodie's quotes for thulecite is: Woodie - "It's the wood of the caves", so possibly it's symbolism of the thulecite?
  13. 2. Running away from antilion... 3. Know the game before critiqueing! 4. Fight toadstool before critiqueing!! 5. He has always had 3 eyes so... Know the enemy before critiqueing!!