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  1. Client logs: [03:46:07]: [Skin Announcement] JJburner emoji_faketeeth Not sure if "removed icons" includes Emoticons and Profile Icons, and they only meant profile icons when it came to removed ones, but it seems like it was an oversight and perhaps only profile was removed.
  2. Tentapillar on ocean Atrium near non ruins, as well as ruins World generation keys not working I.E: Cave entrance biome near ruins shouldn't happen Monkey shrines, alike ancient pseudo science station and military biomes, but with monkies instead
  3. Lazy deserter is a very simple way to lower awakening, along with bone helmet (and kinda nightmare amulet) helping manage it without no constant source of insanity
  4. https://gyazo.com/98613c74dca9ee2e9169153f1a2d3ca7
  5. [Game Update] - 338375

    Well yes but actually no ;3
  6. Carrats are now a thing, and chinese new year 2020 is a rat, which is next year. Well player klei, well played. Any ideas for shrine things though? I could see putting a carrot ofc in the shrine, but what craftables? Will wormwood get a halloween carrat costume? Will we get new statues? Find out next time on 9 months later!!!!
  7. Not return of them specific, happened in previous worlds as well*
  8. Ghosts have no clip

    Tarunio? I only know of this jantonio person Kappa
  9. In world generation, some of the ocean is counted as tiles for set pieces, so things like the glommer statue, grass circles and carrot setpieces in pig villages, and panflute are getting cut off from the ocean.
  10. If you jump back and forth really quickly and land on mainland on the last jump, you have a chance to keep the boat durability on your screen without being on a boat.
  11. Sudoku

    Correctomundo! Well done
  12. Sudoku

    Wortox commited sudoku
  13. https://gyazo.com/563aab47b6b026a84cca03951ef87080
  14. No, go on lunar island during winter, walk near edge