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  1. bruh i reread 10 times everyword on merge account page so i didnt accidently rewrite all my inventory
  2. so spicy, im telling u it just stood at its spawn point and do nothing if no player nearby .. the one who die probably the one who afk, or attempting the fight while have no resources to survive the agro isnt that far when first announcement come can just walk a bit to avoid danger and back to ur normal life so much assumption ... maybe ur pubs player in ur region need to git gud kekw
  3. im not sure if this a problem .. even once the eye announce spawn on who u can run... after it spawned and no player nearby it just stood there doing nothing ...
  4. yeah i know using bonehelm can avoid but it just messy especially those creature block when u want place things .. using bonehelm all the time is not comfortable to look at either .. the filter ...
  5. those exclusiveness tho.. those people who have it probably willing to sweep your whole server with their exclusive skins .. but butthurt now cus everyone can have it
  6. i just found out u can fill the watering can in vitreoasis at lunar grotto biome .. my base sinkhole near lunar grotto and filling watering can in winter now can be easier if only we can stop shadow and gesalt war .. i really wish to be able to make base again in that biome
  7. i know right ... klei free public dedicated server should have not regenerate after each update, duh! it should have regenerate every night i still think that klei official dedicated server should be noob friendly, where they join and have no idea that he can or want to host his own games imagine new player installed and found out nearby klei official already in their 800+day with every grass and sapling digged and returfed near starting area... and wondering wtf is dis game and refunded
  8. u just now realized that items can belong in multiple tab and its kinda explain why is it belong there. now people with 0 willing to open wiki can know that top hat have some rain protection, astral detector can give light, siesta lean o cool you down in summer.
  9. cus its belong in "station specific crafting" that u only can craft near specific crafting station lmao u just realized upon making this screen shoot ? its emit light why would it should not be included in it ? kekw
  10. that last part for mike been playing for more than 3times from yours(10k+ hours in DST, also play in DS series), it wouldnt be that hard to adapt .. give it time and understand how to properly use it lol and u didnt gain new muscle memory in 2 hours too the categorize tab isnt that hard to understand . u wont be seeking backpack in heart tab . changing UI is make sense if u realized how much new crafting item added to game in just last 2 years and how cluttered the old tabs is used to be
  11. i think the problem is the obsession for u to make the pinned recipe to be same as old crafting tab ? i dunno why u pin backpack if u only need to make it once and some other stuff that might only once u craft in a year i think the icon tabs represent their usage clear enough for one to know thermalstone in seasonal needs. back pack in storage icon . healing in heart icon from all 4 points you suggested only #2 that might add to the new UI the other can be negate by u optimizing using pinned recipe that u really need during ur play through and getting comfortable with the change ..give it couple of days ? not only 2 hours in game sorry for those controller problem thats why i dont play game on console unless its exclusively released on controller but i watch e4s2c0 still play on his controller still killing it with one hand.
  12. dunno how u find it same when bundle rebundle thing will take me to several scrolling and clicking back and forth to different tab ? and more clicking if i simply want to change my skin ? scroll at very bottom for new crafting such as turf new learned recipe etc the new UI if not using the feature its deliver it looks like pain but it will cover a tons of more crafting item in the future. without making tons of tons new tab pop at very bottom to avoid scrolling and pilling items in one tab