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  1. new confession : i found good way to cheese celestial champion but afraid to share them cus maybe they will somehow make it wont work in next update
  2. bruh if u really wondering but hate to ask.... just check everyone gear during day time if they use anykind of light source probably in cave lmao
  3. woodie can transform to specific beast with his kitschy idol, on the magic tab fullmoon and eating 2 monster meat also trigger the transformation but its on random . u can exit the transformation by stay still or type /dance to exit with style tbh i like this woodie better than old one, i was wicker main before this but woodie is so good with early game with the goose idol ucan rush the lunar island for stone fruit bushes with moose u can fight without armor and weapon .. really good with frog rain too beaver ? seems slower but being beaver prevent treeguard from spawning try play him and u will find it how much woodie is buffed on his last update
  4. seed pouches :3 Steam Workshop::Seed Pouches ( Moon Dial as Watersource Steam Workshop::Moon Dial as Watersource (
  5. my world map i currently play its was really good i use it to massive farm with silviculture book also krampus farm
  6. early game u can just spamming meatystew back when u hungry again u already forget u had stew yst
  7. they cheap. or just have that pride to run long term public server ... so hosting themself is no fun.. by my experience early hour of dst i go to public alot to learn .. after some time i didnt go to public anymore because i didnt want to repeat every new autumn everyday thats why i made a server for myself with some other friend i met in public server .. "but does that mean i hate the way of public server to regenerate everyday ?" NOPE ! it was really good cus as a new player joining long run server would make them clueless on what to do .. early game would make new player have a purpose. to survive, trying to make simple base, exploring.. killing boss together .. thats why me experiencing tons of new autumn in public server was a great way for me being a good player, knowing another player , how to deal griefer, meet good teaching veteran, or just seeing and admiring douchebag veteran that do ruin rush and back late autumn to sit and eat at base with all ruins gear equipped let everyone see and left . thats why i hope the public server will keep that way .. not all can host their own game .. nor they join and download this with another person to share the copy with .. if u see public server with the same name of players on the list everytime u check public server it probably on hostage :3 cheers, sorry not sorry. but indeed taking hostage on pubs is bad also those people who "keep the server run" treat new player (noob) as nuisance cus they dont have geometric placement mod lol.
  8. but its faster :3 once u got tons of farm .. collecting dozen of crops in one spring and never touch it for hundreds days.. spamming book is easy ... I aint say its better noone really got into farming if not because warly buff and the decorating aspect they add basically what i farm now is only garlic onion pepper tomato and potato.. and some dragon fruit .. the other basically a meh if not for waxed decor veggies like giant asparagus for my wall annndd i also say this :3
  9. i agree even make blowdarts (i have many stacks of them) teeth still pilling i just simply hope somehow we can turn the teeth to bone shard ..
  10. i really enjoy base building in dst .. player that didnt have geometric placement or not even trying to match the layout silently triggering me.. i cheese boss alot . i just want the loot as fast as i can :3
  11. i was actually hating reap what u sow update cus farming with wicker book way faster .. but... as a builder i find new decor item from new update is more flexible to work with so many new idea to use waxed giant crops and the scale .. so i like the new update better now extra: now because of this i actually play my wormwood that have been full of dust hanging cus tiling the farm is tedious work.