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  1. Client logs: [03:46:07]: [Skin Announcement] JJburner emoji_faketeeth Not sure if "removed icons" includes Emoticons and Profile Icons, and they only meant profile icons when it came to removed ones, but it seems like it was an oversight and perhaps only profile was removed.
  2. Tentapillar on ocean Atrium near non ruins, as well as ruins World generation keys not working I.E: Cave entrance biome near ruins shouldn't happen Monkey shrines, alike ancient pseudo science station and military biomes, but with monkies instead
  3. Not return of them specific, happened in previous worlds as well*
  4. Tarunio? I only know of this jantonio person Kappa
  5. In world generation, some of the ocean is counted as tiles for set pieces, so things like the glommer statue, grass circles and carrot setpieces in pig villages, and panflute are getting cut off from the ocean.
  6. If you jump back and forth really quickly and land on mainland on the last jump, you have a chance to keep the boat durability on your screen without being on a boat.
  7. Zombie hound isn't mutated, and if you count the spider nest as mutated, then the spiders are also mutated too. Caves spiders are nothing like new spiders too, these have projectiles like fw
  8. We were standing on boat patch, and walking on it when we tried equipping the oar it crashed the game. When trying to log back on the world, it crashed once again, which we received these crash logs.
  9. Step 1. JanH notices this post 2. Jan reads the post 3. Jan closes it for not being relevant ;3
  10. When you see an update for ds/dst but you weren't re-added
  11. When soulhopping to dodge an ability, you take no damage as normal, but your armor takes damage and bonearmor's invincibility also procs even though it is not absorbing any damage. This happens with scalemail as well.
  12. Shout out to my boi lakhnish monster and the campaign on stream for this movement. Bug report #4 Bug Report #3 Bug Report #2 Bug Report #1
  13. Try removing the mods and see if you can join a world, and submit the crash text as well, it helps the devs a lot
  14. Eggs are meat, eggnog is edible by wigfrid since eggs are edible by wigfrid, why not waffles. Is it lore related that she doesn't like dairy, or is waffles bugged and a mistake.
  15. Could I have this confirmed whether or not this is a bug, and will any action be taken on my request?
  16. DO NOT TOUCH Goose/Goose STATUE STONE VERSION (and maybe marble too). It will crash your game regardless of mods. @V2C Hopefully you can fix this along with the Event button, because this just reset one of my huge test worlds!!! I repeat DO NOT TOUCH IT!
  17. Bone helm+Wickerbottom's books = gg game balance
  18. Wheres my floppy berry bush hat? And my floppy juicy berry bush hat?!?!
  19. So when standing at the corner or even side of the ocean, if you stand perfectly you can easily clip into the ocean with many structures at least 5 including alchemy engines, science machines, winter feast tree planters, wardrobes, and many other I have not tested with. This along with lazy explorer breaks many hard tasks walking to things such as the atrium and cheesing bosses by restricting their movement. Here is a short gif of how to do the glitch. https://gyazo.com/8e0c6c45581f7371eff68740993014fb
  20. 2. Running away from antilion... 3. Know the game before critiqueing! 4. Fight toadstool before critiqueing!! 5. He has always had 3 eyes so... Know the enemy before critiqueing!!