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  1. for the love of god please no, the devs are horrible at balancing and I'm glad they generally avoid nerfing stuff because they know it there's way better food sources lmfao, you can live off seeds and butterfly wings if you want but that doesn't make them op you can just, not use the pan flute if you want to fight her enraged this is one of those things that sound cool on paper but everybody would ignore if it were actually added you're asking them to nerf a decorative item
  2. tbf most pubs won't last long enough to have the mushrooms regrow anyway lol
  3. the boss rush meta died months ago, good players start by exploring the world and setting up food farms then bq and fw farms the furnace is really nice to help basesitters in pubs but it's borderline useless for your first winter in a solo world, trees will heat you up better (a tree burns at 90 degrees and a single furnace doesn't even burn at 50 mid winter) and they can be used anywhere on the map, I actually consider dragonfly to be only slightly more useful to kill than toadstool bq crown and jellybeans aren't necessary until day 21 when you fight the shadow pieces, early bundles are nice but the time spent rushing bq doesn't compensate for the time saved with extra inventory slots the first few days, every single character is objectively better off setting up a bq farm mid to late autumn
  4. mods don't always seek to add "things that they think the developers should add to the real game"; some do, for example quick drop (which was actually added into the base game), but in general modding is often about incorporating your own creativity and ideas into something that is different and from the experience the original developers intend for their game; look at mods that change the base experience of the game like the black death or really any character mod for that matter, nobody is arguing that any character mods should be added by the developers, the entire point is that they're unique and created by the community
  5. I think you're missing the entire point of what modding in general is
  6. spitters at range have the fastest attack speed of all spiders, they only attack slower with their melee attack
  7. you can specify a seed at the top of worldgen.lua iirc, you can regenerate the world until you get one with maxwell's door close to spawn and use that seed as long as hamlet is enabled you can use c_revealmap()
  8. beefalo hat bad because you have to wear a football helm at all times in case you get sneak attacked
  9. I said that because willow takes about 20 minutes of darkness sanity drain to go insane (120 to 18) whereas wilson would take over half an hour (200 to 30), I didn't say willow didn't have good sanity management with fire or a faster way to go out of insanity by killing terrorbeaks, I specifically mentioned new players in my example it's a very small downside, yes, but to say that willow has less downsides than wilson is flat out wrong the problem here is people assuming that wendy will always have the petal debuff which is not true, abigail is not glued to wendy, she moves slower than a player with no speed boosts which means she won't buff every single one of your attacks then there's those fights where using abigail results in extra time wasted micromanaging her which results in a marginal kill speed improvement over a wilson (klaus, toadstool, fuelweaver, rooks and a few others provided you're not autofarming them), the problem here being that if you choose not to use abigail out of laziness you're stuck with 0.75x damage instead of the x1 that a wilson would have the lower damage against nightmares doesn't affect me when I'm alone because I never have to deal with shadow creatures outside of ruins rushes but when I'm trying to save my noob friends from insanity in pubs then killing terrorbeaks in 20 hits with a flint axe is really annoying
  10. small downsides =/= no downsides wx's downside is the only one on that list that has never made a difference to me, as for the rest: transforming during full moons as woodie when you don't want to is annoying and avoiding transformations wastes some time; willow's low max sanity isn't necessarily a bad thing but it does mean you can't go without sanity restoration before going insane for as long as other characters which can be tedious for a new player, and wendy's 0.75x damage is absolutely a downside as much as the wendy op crowd in the forums don't want to admit it
  11. completely negating all their hits is a bit luck based and depends on the weapon you use but at the very least you'll avoid the majority