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  1. I didn't say either of them were speedruns, I was thinking about regular playthroughs when I wrote that
  2. we may as well never draw lines and let people be anything they want I'm an astronaut now
  3. again, I'm not being elitist just because I don't want half of the intermediate playerbase to be called "speedrunners" maybe you can't relate but that downplays people's achievements because they no longer stand out meanwhile if you save the praise for the ones that pour their heart into their craft then you are celebrating their accomplishments when it's due pablo.gonzalez.2007 who killed dragonfly with his brother on day 18 won't feel insulted because you refuse to call him a speedrunner, but someone who has spent months practicing for a specific run to make a massive improvement in it will definitely feel undermined if you think their achievement is worth the same as pablo.gonzalez.2007's
  4. try seeded runs also I'm more impressed by a slower run that worked around bad rng with their own strategies vs a faster run that bypassed it completely
  5. lmao no look at doom eternal which basically requires you to sink 500$ on a gpu if you want to stand a chance at performing certain skips that are framerate dependent you don't decide that are you high
  6. except it is something to be proud of this right here sums up the dst community
  7. telling my mom to take ibuprofen doesn't turn me into a pharmacist it's not elitism not to want to award participation trophies to everyone and their mother, anyone who isn't a novice can come out of the ruins before winter, if it's fine to refer to all those people as speedrunners then the word just loses its meaning completely
  8. except they're not a speedrunner because speedrunning has the element of a competition and they're nowhere near achieving something that is relevant from the perspective of a competition for example, if you beat super mario bros in 10 minutes that'd actually be kind of impressive to me because I've never tried to speedrun that game and I couldn't pull that off, but in the grand scheme of things nobody would refer to that 10 minute run as a speedrun because the competition is happening with runs below the 5 minute mark (world record is 4:54), so while one may subjectively consider it a speedrun, the community as a whole wouldn't, and not to mention the sentiment that referring to a 10 minute run as a speedrun would be undermining the achievements of those that are actually getting top runs by putting them all in the same bag back to dst, in this community for some reason common sense doesn't apply and therefore killing fuelweaver on day 62 makes you a """"speedrunner""""" to a lot of people even if the current record is 7 hours faster, and like I said this puts all speedrunners in the same category and makes the actually impressive runs look like a meme speedrunning =/= rushing btw
  9. op is not a speedrunner lol if you think doing ruins before winter is speedrunning your standards are absurdly low