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  1. We actually know that they won’t come back, so the if is “no” and the when is “never.” Klei was very clear that the events took a lot more time than they expected and they barely broke even with the cost of hosting servers. I mean no offense but it isn’t a valid question at this point.
  2. Yes, that classic lunch of 4 chunks of raw meat.
  3. While I understand the point you’re trying to make, this is more a goku vs krillin analogy, not goku vs superman.
  4. If we’re talking about “who is mechanically stronger” there’s only two groups. 1) “I can do math and understand Wolfgang is stronger” 2) “I can’t do math and have any other conclusion” If the debate is “who is more fun/cooler” it’s a matter of opinion and everyone should play the characters they enjoy the most.
  5. Correction: it costs 3 monster meat, 2 grass, 20 health and 15 sanity to activate. I think moose is in a perfect spot as it’s a backup/early game combat form and retains value for the aoe damage which can be very useful vs things like shadow splumonkeys.
  6. Prior to the changes made Woodie was weak and awkward and his forms sucked for the resources spent. They weren’t too quick to give negative feedback because it led to rapid and beneficial changes. I think Woodie is currently in a great spot and I enjoy playing him but that doesn’t mean he was good right after the rework. Most of the changes were numbers tweaks (though goose gained a grace period before fast meter drain and waterwalking) but there’s a reason 10 bananas for a dollar is a good deal but 1 banana for 10 dollars is not. Numbers matter a lot.
  7. The Woodie rework

    Not just an unpopular opinion, but not one that makes any sense. There’s way too many of these kind of posts (ill informed praise) and I don’t want to nitpick a wall of text so I’ll focus on a few glaring issues. 1) Please don’t promote Beard777 videos. I don’t know if we’re allowed to discuss youtuber ethics but he isn’t someone we should support. 2) “goose form is useful for exploring edges of the map” No, goose form is terrible for that. You’re paying all your hunger, 30 health, and 50-80 sanity plus the idol cost for a minute or two of speed during which you can’t pick any resources. Since it can’t pick up anything it’s not good for “relocating” resources either. Werebeaver is barely faster and exponentially more expensive than woodie for trees, and slower + still expensive for all other resources. Weremoose is great vs weak enemies like spiders everyone can easily handle and weak vs bosses and moderate to tough enemies because he is slow and can’t heal. Overall Woodie is weaker than before.
  8. It’s not a beta. This is my least favorite take on the woodie rework. It’s factually incorrect (claiming it’s a beta to undermine the criticisms of the rework) It comes with a heavy dose of “no you the player is wrong to not like it” or “if you don’t like it play something else and stop complaining.” Both are very anti-player attitudes. Part 3 is an intellectually dishonest meaningless statement. You never even took a moment to address you were boldly claiming it was a beta while being 100% wrong. Of course Klei can update the game, they’ve done it thousands of times. Getting Willow fire immunity took heavy pressure from the community for a trivial code change. You aren’t coming to this discussion with facts or acting in good faith. Please do both.
  9. You seem to be forgetting that using the idols costs 30 health and 20 sanity upfront, plus sanity over time, plus all your hunger. This makes it atrocious for using goose to scout early game because when you turn back all your stats are lower and you aren’t able to gather anything. If you think woodie is overall stronger than before you messed up your analysis.
  10. Most of your examples fall into the exact same situation. While I can see why how you’d use the transformation in those examples I can’t see how transforming is more helpful than staying human. I don’t see any advantage in eating bluecaps to be moose in the ruins instead of being human and saving your stats. During the earlygame exploration where goose speed is most helpful, you can’t gather resources and healing isn’t trivial because you don’t have a crockpot. Mass bee murder can provide a lot of honey, but a bee box or three can already provide a lot of honey. My flowchart just keeps cycling back to “stay human, spend sanity on dark swords instead” because human is a far more efficient and powerful form with no drawbacks. Two cooked monster meat is slightly cheaper as it costs you 6 health and 20 sanity to transform instead of 30 health and 20 sanity but there’s a good chance you get a useless form for what you were intending to do. The “leave to rng to decide what you do” doesn’t seem to work well with the short duration of the forms and the most cost efficient hunger restoration being meatballs. This still doesn’t account for the heavy sanity costs for the forms for relatively little gain. In pretty much every scenario I can think of Woodie staying in human form leaves you better off. He’s better at fighting than moose, better at gathering anything but logs than beaver (and the speed difference isn’t much different if you pull up stumps) and you don’t need to spend extra resources on health, hunger, sanity. People rightly felt that werebeaver before was too expensive to use for what you got from it and the cost when playing optimally was just planting some pinecones. Now the form is fundamentally the same but can’t be sustained at low sanity and costs at least 30 health, 50 sanity, and all your remaining hunger to use.
  11. Most of the praise you've put on the forms is deeply and fundamentally flawed. Instead of picking apart a wall of text I'm going to use the best example, the goose form. To turn into the goose form it costs you 3 monster meat, 3 seeds, 30 health and 20 sanity. You then lose 0.5 sanity per second for the minute or so you can maintain the form at best, which will cost you another 30-60 sanity. Finally, when transforming back you're set to 0 hunger and immediately start taking starvation damage. There is no scenario where getting 15% more movespeed than a walking cane and being unable to attack, craft, build, or gather is worth 30 health, 50-80 sanity, and all your hunger. Similarly, if you think werebeaver is better now than he was before I think you're making a massive error in analysis. Previously werebeaver cost you only easily recoverable sanity via pinecones whereas now it costs 30 health, 20 sanity, an additonal 30-60 sanity and all your hunger. Woodie in human form is generally more efficient for trees and lets you also get more treeguards to farm living logs. Werebeaver still is quite slow to dig up stumps and a lot more expensive to use. The art in this rework is great, I wish the same care was put into the mechanics.
  12. Woodie Feedback

    It's actually 30 health that you lose.
  13. Saying woodie is "still" meh implies he's the same as he was before. I honestly think he's worse than he was before. 30 health and 3 monster meat for a barely 1 minute transformation is a bad tradeoff unless you really need werebeaver to gnaw something you can't chop. Moose and Goose have no realistic use cases. Goose doesn't last long enough for a travel form and Moose is underwhelming at combat.
  14. How are you evaluating the reworked version without it having come out yet?
  15. Strongly disagree because moon rocks are a pain to get, living logs aren’t plentiful early game and without the totems you only have a 1/3 chance of getting the form you want. In theory, the value of the forms goes down the longer woodie is on the world because their stats are fixed while he will accumulate more powerful equipment. Given that monster meat is how you trigger the transformation I expect the idols will be something like mmeat + a semi rare item. Living logs are mainly used for dark swords and while Woodie should end up with more living logs than anyone else, I’d almost certainly prefer a dark sword to triggering a short duration transformation.