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  1. Walter is not meant to be an easier character to play. He is meant to be higher risk/higher reward. He has relatively low health and hunger, no sanity drain from bosses as long as he stays at full health, and excellent mobility while riding woby and shooting his slingshot. I don't know who was spreading the idea that Walter was meant to be easier, but they were speaking from ignorance. Walter is exceptional at a nomad playstyle and ruins rushing but if he takes hits can very rapidly find himself in a bad situation. The tradeoff is that his slingshot is a versatile tool, sanity can be easier to manage, and he has extra storage in Woby. Walter's in a great spot right now.
  2. Some of you don’t understand Walter’s design goals. Walter is meant to be a high risk/high reward character. He is very effective in that role already, and he is not intended to be an ideal choice for new and low skill players. 17 damage ammo that is basically free is good for a narrow set of uses. As people mentioned, gold is your standard and easily renewable ammo. His hat is quite useful when fighting enemies where damage isn’t reasonably avoidable. I do agree with the “Woby doesn’t walk away from you” because it is annoying when moving marble, but all of the other suggestions are unnecessary.
  3. Rollbacks were designed and intended purely as an anti-griefing measure, and that’s what I use them for. There are many ways in game to undo normal failure and prevent loss of a world. Domesticated beefalo are uniquely a large time investment that can easily be lost, which is why myself and other people say they aren’t a viable option due to moderate strengths, high risks, and high investment cost. I use mods, generally ones that buff weak mechanics and nerf overly strong ones. Taming beefalo is fighting bosses with axes and grass suits. It can be done but is so inefficient and time consuming it’s not a viable choice when there are strictly better options. Nor would I be happy is there weren’t, because combat with such would be tedious and punishing. As someone who clearly loves domesticating Beefalo as a playstyle, you should be lending your voice to those who want it to be made vastly easier. You could use your preferred tactic outside of long term solo worlds because it would be buffed into viability outside of very narrow parameters. There is no benefit to anyone for maintaining status quo.
  4. In reality, you didn’t keep your beefalo alive that long, because rollbacks weren’t meant for undoing mistakes. Your argument is revealed to be massively hypocritical because a big portion of the “Beefalo cost too much to tame” argument is that they’re a huge investment that can be very easily lost. You are using anti-griefing mechanics for something it wasn’t intended for to bypass the natural downside of beefalo taming while arguing the mechanic doesn’t need changing. No wonder you feel the way you do.
  5. This is a very silly and flimsy theory that clearly a lot of effort was put into. I respect the effort, but the conclusion is bunk. 1) Webber clearly rememberers his time pre-spider and has all sorts of related quotes. 2) If Wilson was Webber’s father, he would recognize him as such (as Webber clearly met his father based on quotes.) I know someone will try to rebut this with “but wendy didn’t know Max was her uncle” and that has two issues 1) It’s entirely possible never to meet one’s uncle 2) Wendy doesn’t have quotes talking about her uncle (because she never met him)
  6. Thing is, sleeping is not a good strategy for anyone. If everyone else doesn’t sleep without getting groggy, so why would she?
  7. This sidebar does not strengthen your argument. This game is very multiplayer friendly. "Together" is literally in the title. Characters have strong synergies, bosses don't scale with more players, and reviving allies is very easy to do. Reviews, player count, and the fact that I've never heard of ATLAS suggest otherwise. You are comparing Black Flag, which has the sailing be entirely singleplayer with a game that is intended to be enjoyed both multiplayer and singleplayer. Sailing during the day is easily manageable with a single sail solo. You don't get the same speed as with 2 malbatross sails, but more speed but less control is a common tradeoff. Also as far as fire hounds are concerned, if you build flingos they aren't an issue. I'd like to see buffs for the trident as something more than a tool to break sea stacks given the trouble you need to go through to acquire it.
  8. By its very nature, nomad playstyle is inefficient compared to basing normally for worlds that are intended to last more than a season or two. Being efficient as a nomad mostly involves destructive collection of resources in places you don't intend to return to (such as digging up mushrooms). Cave swamp isn't particularly dangerous and neither is the atrium (though it certainly can be inconvenient to try to fight fuelweaver with your base in the way). Most of the rest of the locations listed are pretty easy to base in except for nightmare fissues/lights. You're certainly building less because you're moving more, but that means you'll actually consume more resources due to the innate inefficiency of not having useful structures like drying racks, fridges, firepits, crockpots nearby. Being efficient with resources is always to your benefit regardless of your chosen strategy. There's a reason I said "in many ways inferior" instead of "in all ways inferior" and meeting people and enjoying the chaos is the reason why. I'm not sure what you learn from having inexperienced players or griefers around, other than to not base in obvious areas in a pub... at which point you're essentially playing a solo experience on a public server. Caves and ruins are available to you in short term worlds, but if 90% of your playtime is autumn surface and caves you're missing out on a lot of content. Half of winter, all of spring, all of summer. How often is fuelweaver or crab king or malbatross or even toadstool completed on pub servers except by people who already know each other and leave other players behind? At that point, you might as well just have someone host and join their private game. I'm glad you enjoy your playstyle and there's no "wrong" way to enjoy a game but the fact remains that a lot of content is unavailable to you if you just play official pub servers. How can you get better at the game as a whole if you only engage with maybe 1/3 the content?
  9. This definitely would work with SW style boats which are highly maneuverable but RoT boats while they can be fast with malbatross sails are too clumsy for precise maneuvers. Paddling is too small an effect to really solve that effectively either, so to dodge attacks with current boats you'd need to have huge amounts of warning. That said, if they massively improved turning speed boat handling could improve very quickly and dramatically.
  10. The experience playing pub servers is very different and in many ways inferior to playing on a persistent server alone (and especially with friends). It's good for some things (rush strats, meme strats where it's ok if you die) but most of them reset the first day of winter and you never get to experience any season other than autumn. Not to mention frequent griefer interaction which you otherwise don't have to worry about at all. I've played on pub servers and it's pretty fun watching people die to starvation and spiders left and right, but there's not a lot of variety to the experience and it really doesn't improve your ability to play the game beyond a very basic level. As far as the guide is concerned, 400 health in healing supplies is an awful lot of butterfly wings and you'd probably be better served by using the ice staff to dodge the first hit.
  11. There’s no scenario where you’d use the same boat for treasure hunting/fishing and boss fighting. The reason is that there’s limited space on boats and you want to build utility structures. This makes boats resource intensive and if cannons (or our closest equivalent, catapaults) were on the boats it takes up space for other things. If they added combat centric boat structures people would then have battle boats which were substantially more expensive than a mostly bare platform, meaning failing a boss would be a lot more punishing. In this context, the current system represents a reasonable middle ground where you don’t need to risk expensive boats for boss fights. There definitely could be a better system, and I’d absolutely want a way to improve vision, but people wouldn’t enjoy if it was necessary to have a decked out boat to fight ocean bosses.
  12. I've tried out a ton of different mods because I like to see what's out there, but finding mods that are stable, fun, and have art of sufficient quality is difficult. The only gameplay mod I currently use is Uncompromising (and not on all worlds), and I had used Island Adventures in some worlds until RoT broke it, but as Klei has added more content I miss the shipwrecked content less.
  13. I left a server running last night with godmode enabled and perma summer and while some of the bullkelp I planted were destroyed they weren't all destroyed. This leads me to believe that bullkelp don't inherently start to smoulder during the summer but will eventually get destroyed if a bird drops a seed next to them which catches fire. Ultimately that means you'll need a flingo nearby or keep them unloaded when you're not there to harvest them.
  14. I can appreciate the effort that went into this suggestion but to me the biggest problems with diseases can’t be overcome. The first issue is that it’s not in any way fun, and where food is concerned there’s plenty of disease-proof options to fulfill your needs. So it fails at the primary reason it exists. The second issue is that for large farms it’s relatively easily bypassed even if you don’t use disease proof resources by digging up and replanting which adds tedium and not challenge. Even the hardcode “no mods, vanilla settings only” players I’ve met are ok with disease being turned off.
  15. I’ve been aware of this project for years and I’m really happy to see it coming to a stable place. It’s hard to argue against even the conservative performance improvements though. Pretty fantastic work.