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  1. I don't normally waste my time doing a full breakdown, so please appreciate that I'm stooping for you. 1) I play wolfgang all the time. It is incredibly easy to keep his hunger out of wimpy territory, and having a 50 hunger threshold for Winona would also be a completely trivial downside. 2) The caves are full of food, particularly blue mushrooms, lichen, and monster meat. Everywhere is full of food in DST. 3) The number of perks is irrelevant, what's important is the total magnitude of them.(if you care about balance) relative to other characters. Wilson has no downside yet is not OP because his beard is a lot weaker perk than most people give it credit. Willow has several perks and they don't remotely make up for her downsides, relative to other characters. I don't know yet if Klei is going to do a "everyone gets equal amounts of upsides and downsides" balancing or if balance is really even a goal for the reworks as opposed to adding fun and identity. I'm not against the balance point being everyone having a small perk, and the only characters that get downsides are those with more substantial perks. While I think Winona is better than she was before, people have been cheesing bosses since before her rework (looking at you, bee queen and fuelweaver) and if we're pretending that people will just build her structures and swap then the problem isn't unique to Winona. I think the rework is a huge step in the right direction and while I'm not against further tweaking I also don't think it's necessary for her to be fun or interesting to play. If Klei is going to hit their monthly rework deadline then they need to not spend too much time tweaking and refactoring post release.
  2. Only you would call her OP, think lack of a downside alone would put her at godly 3 level, and then suggest massive buffs and tiny trivial nerfs in the same breath. Seriously, your ability to analyze the situation needs to be better before you can suggest useful changes. That said, I think the Winona changes are great!
  3. Impartial Warbucks poll

    I really like this post but want to emphasize that Warbucks is not and will never be actually gone. Right now he’s fully in the game but unselectable unless you put in a tiny amount of effort. Even if Klei doesn’t maintain compatibility (which would be surprising given how simple Warbucks code is) a modder will do it. Warbucks is already going to be a permanent feature, all of this uproar is literally over perception of harm. Not actual harm. Harm in this case being the high stakes “I might not be able to play Warbucks at some point.”
  4. Impartial Warbucks poll

    Nothing demeans this discussion more than the motivations behind it and the arguments made within it. Warbucks was poorly designed and that is sufficient for justifying his “removal” that leaves him fully playable forever with one command line entry or a tiny mod or simply not dying in a Warbucks save. 10% of the whining from what I have seen is Warbucks mains who misunderstand the significance of a character being retired but completely playable in single player (there isn’t any) and the other 90% is from the “own the libs” crowd who are reactionaries up in arms because of the “culturally problematic” reasoning. They have no grounds to challenge his poor design (because there isn’t a logical way to challenge it) so they fight the part of the justification they can without understanding why that doesn’t make sense.
  5. Impartial Warbucks poll

    I’m not claiming no one played him, just that less people played him than are complaining he’s “gone”. Even calling it a removal is intellectually dishonest because he’s still easily playable in a single player game. You’re not negatively affected by his retired status.
  6. Impartial Warbucks poll

    I’m glad Warbucks is gone because his skintone was always weird and more importantly he is poorly designed. Ignoring the cultural argument, he is garbage outside of Hamlet and isn’t even good within Hamlet. I would really be surprised if this embarassing swell of support for Warbucks had even 10% of the people arguing for him actually playing him. Wormwood is a much better example of the creativity I want from Klei and I’d be just as in support of Winona being removed for similar reasons. Most of the SW characters have massive design flaws but since they’re not made by Klei I don’t judge them as harshly. Removing Warbucks is consistent with Klei’d other recent actions such as planning reworks for all the characters starting with Winona who probably needs it the most. A lot of people suddenly became pro-warbucks out of FOMO (dumb because he’s still playable) and because it’s fun to get riled up and complain, this forum’s favorite pastime. Klei removing substandard content and replacing it with better content is nothing but good for the game. Giving us a new, much better designed character in exchange was probably something they thought would cause less whining, but it is impossible not to overestimate the intelligence and maturity of the average poster on these forums.
  7. While using Wolfgang’s beserker chest in a normal world going mighty makes his upper arms/shoulders disappear. He otherwise moves and works normally, Rayman style.
  8. Wow, Niki. PHRACK you. "Trusted role" ? Good GOD why do so many people have to be such arseholes about how others chat on Discord. Oh, little ignore list! Come here, buddy! I've got another snack for you. You know what makes me dismiss a person as "not mattering"? When they act like THAT! Especially towards someone who has done nothing to them personally, and completely doesn't deserve that. GOOD-bye!

  9. Klei has no control over skin prices, it's entirely players buying and selling.
  10. Skin cost is influenced by demand, which is basically "how popular is the character" and "how good is the skin?". Popularity drives Wendy and Wilson skin prices, and Wx is both popular and has neat skins. The sad reality is that a new Wendy skin would still be expensive unless it sucked.
  11. I personally never make meaty stew, and if I'm doing early game koalafant hunting regularly, turn most of the meat into jerky for winter. The simple reason is that if you're using 4 meat for meaty stew, you get 12 health, 150 hunger and 5 sanity. If you add any of the plentiful filler you'll find early (berries, carrots, mushrooms) you can make 4 meatballs, which will restore 250 hunger and you can throw in useless garbage like red mushrooms with each of the meats. To me, the best recipe early game for converting trash into hunger is 1 monster meat and 3 red mushroom caps. I like to build a base somewhat near beefalo and spiders for fuel and food. If you get a birdcage you can feed a bird cooked monster meat for eggs, and trap birds using a bird trap (cook birds over fire for 100% chance of morsel). 1 meat (monster or normal), 1 morsel, 2 eggs gives bacon and eggs, which lasts for a long time, gives 75 hunger. You can use 3 monster meat (2 converted to eggs) and get a potent, filling, long lasting food. First few days to first week I'm mostly exploring, picking up stone/gold/reeds and maybe plopping down a science machine for an early shovel, backpack, spear, logsuit. I like to gather twig saplings because you don't need to fertilize them. You should be able to find enough food by foraging until you can build a crockpot, and then I make meatballs from low-quality ingredients until I can get bacon and eggs up and running. I don't bother with farms at all until after the first winter, and then just make dragonfruit. Really, two spider nests and a bird trap are enough to keep two people from starving through the first winter. There are a lot of other strategies (bee boxes for honey ham is a great idea, but if you're doing an autumn start you'll probably have to wait until spring.)
  12. @xSadoro The easy way to take down a spider nest is traps arranged in a line with space between them. 1 trap per level of the spider nest. When you step on the web, let the spiders aggro on you, and then lead them into the traps. Easily take down a level 3 with no, or almost no health lost. Spider warriors are vulnerable to traps as well.
  13. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    I think a much simpler perk for charlie would be -No fear of darkness (she's what goes bump in the night) -When in darkness, she's not attacked and moves 3x as fast.
  14. Combat is a little grindy, but it still isn't difficult to survive. Anything you could kite before, you still can, it's just harder to brute force solutions (which wasn't a great idea before either)