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  1. Have you talked to your doctor about your bladder? Peeing that often is often a sign of some sort of medical issue.
  2. Ancient Kiln is just a reskinned crock pot, it uses the same code for cooking. The prefab is "archive_cookpot". I'll look into making a tiny mod so it's craftable but it really is totally fair to make it cost exactly what a normal crockpot costs.
  3. Wagstaff is a very interesting character in DS and has a lot of fun tools to use. Similar to Warly and Wormwood, he brings unique new ideas to the table in a way that Wilbur and Wheeler really don't. He also has unique downsides with his headgear requirements, and these are also part of his unique upsides. He has a strange projected effect when low on health that is unique to him and has interesting lore implications.
  4. DST runs pretty terribly in most cases considering the hardware available and moving next gen won't change that in a substantial way. The reason you can get beautiful and complex graphics for some games and relatively weak performance out of DST is that it's a 32 bit program and can only use 4 GB of ram. A PS4 has 8 GB, and many gaming computers have 16 GB or more. There's a huge amount of computing power being unused with DST between the single core utilization and the 4 GB of memory limit. If the game was multithreaded and 64 bit you'd see an enormous performance increase on higher end hardware. Right now you're basically only benefiting from a faster processor after 4 GB of ram.
  5. Charlie currently exists as a reasonably complex mod character (I should know, since it’s my mod) with 5ish free skins but I don’t think she’ll ever be added to DST by Klei.
  6. Beefalo shouldn’t get Warly food buffs when the player eats them, and Wendy has no reason to get more than 10% bonus damage in the first place. It completely undermines her one downside of having low damage when she has a minion with a strong aoe attack and with a beefalo can easily surpass Wigfrid’s damage output without even accounting for Abi’s dps. Right now Wendy is arguably the best combat character in the game due to having the second highest damage and aoe damage.
  7. Except her merging is the opposite of switching forms. It’s not black or white, but grey. The ANR short already showed form switching back and forth as Charlie had an internal struggle but the result was fusion and the aesthetic was a blend of both and Charlie’s body language was calm and confident after the merger. You’re suggesting that would be reversed entirely based on some fanfiction. I rewatched the Forgotten Knowledge trailer and it looked like Charlie was happy the survivors sparked a conflict between gestalt and shadow, and she herself took out Fuelweaver. Charlie has a plan and it’s unfolding as she planned things.
  8. Title is “why I think the next character will be Charlie” and the OP provides no actual reasoning or points to any evidence as to why that would be the case. If anything having Charlie split would be against what we’ve seen from Charlie in the ANR trailer. After taking the throne she merged her light amd dark sides into a new form. Why would she split now?
  9. Did... you not know you can hit a beefalo and run away to accomplish the same thing without the bell? I swear if I had a dollar for every time you were confidently incorrect I’d have been able to buy majority shares of Klei before tencent did.
  10. This also assumes that the mysterious energy has some payoff. Arguably right now crab king doesn’t pay off to do in terms of time for reward, so unless the mysterious energy offsets all the time and effort it won’t be worth doing. I assume the counterargument will be “with enough time you’ll do all the content” but how often do people bother fighting misery toadstool?
  11. I’ve done it. Kelp and stonefruit are good already, but you’ll want non-lunar trees and a source of grass and twigs. Wortox is pretty well suited if you bring spider nests over and possibly plant some flowers as souls have no downside to consume on lunar island.
  12. I knew they existed, and also that they weren't worth worrying about. You didn't answer the question though.
  13. I stopped reading here because it's clear you're either unable or unwilling to have a meaningful discussion. I assume you're ok with me mentioning you in the future if I have definitive evidence you were wrong?
  14. 1) This is nonsense. Realism is recognizing that causes lead to effects. Do you not have smoke alarms because your house is not on fire right now? That is the argument you're making. It's not paranoid to have foresight, you being unable to see what I see is your limitation. 2) None of this is "worrying without a reason." Tencent has a history of anti-consumer practices and massively dwarfs Klei in size and budget. There's a massive power imbalance when a company has majority shares and when that company has a history of anti-consumer actions there are excellent reasons to worry. Again, you not understanding the context doesn't mean other people also don't understand it. I understand and reject your position for the same reasons I reject Mike's as unreasonable given what we know. 3) Hyperbole is not how you craft a reasonable argument. There are many developers who are not owned in part by Tencent, and many, many more that are not majority owned by Tencent. Even if that was the case, not playing video games that enrich demonstrably unethical companies is always an option. You're moving the goalposts to a place that doesn't exist. He said it was impossible, I said not only was it not impossible, it's not even difficult to avoid supporting Tencent. As a consumer I appreciate this information but from reading this it sounds like Klei has given up their autonomy and won't be able to grow as a company or accomplish goals they weren't already on pace to accomplish. The assumption some people have made is that with Tencent backing Klei will be able to do more for their customers they otherwise wouldn't, instead of business as usual but without legal autonomy.
  15. If you’re not being convincing, it’s probably because you are full of poorly interpreted... let’s call them “non-facts” and making faith-based appeals. I don’t have the time or interest to pick apart your posts, though you’ve expressed the same few sentiments repeatedly so far so what I will say will apply to a lot of it. 1) The core of your faith that things will not change is that they haven’t changed immediately. This is an undeveloped take on the situation because if Tencent was going to throw their majority shares around, they’ll wait until after this initial drama calms down and slowly apply more and more pressure to exert change without causing additional panic in the playerbase. This should be obvious. 2) Other people having less optimistic views shouldn’t stop because it makes you feel bad. That is not an argument, and you have repeatedly expressed that you want negativity to stop because it makes you sad. I hope your faith in Klei will eventually prove to be justified, but experience tells me that it isn’t reasonable at this time. 3) Avoiding Tencent and other developers I don’t want to support isn’t nearly as difficult as you make it out to be, and your perspective that “I can’t play video games without supporting companies with unethical practices” is defeatist. Playing video games is an optional activity, and your argument only holds water if applied to food producers, where it might be difficult or impossible based on your budget to consume from ethical companies. I’ve spent a fair amount of money on Klei games over the 8+ years I’ve been a customer, and I often bought seasonal skin packs because throwing a couple dollars to Klei for a game I’ve gotten many hours of entertainment from is a lot more cost efficient than most options. But they’re not getting another dollar from me until they’ve proven that they are not under Tencent’s thumb because right now it looks like they sold out, and I’ve seen a lot of companies sell out and they always change for the worse because corporations want to maximize profits and as you’re demonstrating you don’t need to treat consumers that well to keep them coming back.