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  1. I knew they existed, and also that they weren't worth worrying about. You didn't answer the question though.
  2. I stopped reading here because it's clear you're either unable or unwilling to have a meaningful discussion. I assume you're ok with me mentioning you in the future if I have definitive evidence you were wrong?
  3. 1) This is nonsense. Realism is recognizing that causes lead to effects. Do you not have smoke alarms because your house is not on fire right now? That is the argument you're making. It's not paranoid to have foresight, you being unable to see what I see is your limitation. 2) None of this is "worrying without a reason." Tencent has a history of anti-consumer practices and massively dwarfs Klei in size and budget. There's a massive power imbalance when a company has majority shares and when that company has a history of anti-consumer actions there are excellent reasons to worry. Again, you not understanding the context doesn't mean other people also don't understand it. I understand and reject your position for the same reasons I reject Mike's as unreasonable given what we know. 3) Hyperbole is not how you craft a reasonable argument. There are many developers who are not owned in part by Tencent, and many, many more that are not majority owned by Tencent. Even if that was the case, not playing video games that enrich demonstrably unethical companies is always an option. You're moving the goalposts to a place that doesn't exist. He said it was impossible, I said not only was it not impossible, it's not even difficult to avoid supporting Tencent. As a consumer I appreciate this information but from reading this it sounds like Klei has given up their autonomy and won't be able to grow as a company or accomplish goals they weren't already on pace to accomplish. The assumption some people have made is that with Tencent backing Klei will be able to do more for their customers they otherwise wouldn't, instead of business as usual but without legal autonomy.
  4. If you’re not being convincing, it’s probably because you are full of poorly interpreted... let’s call them “non-facts” and making faith-based appeals. I don’t have the time or interest to pick apart your posts, though you’ve expressed the same few sentiments repeatedly so far so what I will say will apply to a lot of it. 1) The core of your faith that things will not change is that they haven’t changed immediately. This is an undeveloped take on the situation because if Tencent was going to throw their majority shares around, they’ll wait until after this initial drama calms down and slowly apply more and more pressure to exert change without causing additional panic in the playerbase. This should be obvious. 2) Other people having less optimistic views shouldn’t stop because it makes you feel bad. That is not an argument, and you have repeatedly expressed that you want negativity to stop because it makes you sad. I hope your faith in Klei will eventually prove to be justified, but experience tells me that it isn’t reasonable at this time. 3) Avoiding Tencent and other developers I don’t want to support isn’t nearly as difficult as you make it out to be, and your perspective that “I can’t play video games without supporting companies with unethical practices” is defeatist. Playing video games is an optional activity, and your argument only holds water if applied to food producers, where it might be difficult or impossible based on your budget to consume from ethical companies. I’ve spent a fair amount of money on Klei games over the 8+ years I’ve been a customer, and I often bought seasonal skin packs because throwing a couple dollars to Klei for a game I’ve gotten many hours of entertainment from is a lot more cost efficient than most options. But they’re not getting another dollar from me until they’ve proven that they are not under Tencent’s thumb because right now it looks like they sold out, and I’ve seen a lot of companies sell out and they always change for the worse because corporations want to maximize profits and as you’re demonstrating you don’t need to treat consumers that well to keep them coming back.
  5. I think he means because in theory Klei has more funding with which to develop a 64-bit version. Edit: I’m not confident Mike is right about that.
  6. It’s really obvious some of you are very young and haven’t seen what happens when a small company sells out before. 1) There is absolutely no reason to believe Klei retains creative control. A company saying they retain creative control is the standard line given when a company is bought out and no longer retains creative control. Klei knew this decision would be massively unpopular and is currently looking to contain the outrage and reassure naïve customers that it will be business as usual. 2) Small companies being acquired by large companies generally ends poorly. It’s happened time and time again that a small company who takes risks and innovates gets bought out and suddenly makes decisions that are aligned with maximizing profit, not treating customers well or continuing to innovate. 3) Tencent is especially bad even compared to other large publishers A history of installing spyware to farm data for a government currently engaged in genocide and harvesting organs from prisoners is a whole lot of bad all at once, and as terrible as EA is with killing franchises they aren’t on the same level 4) Klei has never been particularly business-savvy to begin with. Assuming they “know what they are doing” is foolish. Some easy examples off the top of my head: a) Klei did not recognize the immense potential of a multiplayer version of their game, and were vocally against adding multiplayer until years and years of pressure. b) Klei handed off development of Shipwrecked to Capy Games, who provided beautiful art and music but had a ton of issues with their game design. Klei eventually went back and made some great QoL changes. c) Klei intended to have Shipwrecked as a standalone game and only integrated it as a DLC after enormous community pressure. This decision created a huge number of bugs because it was not designed as a dlc from the start. d) DST should’ve been developed as 64-bit from the start. While I can understand not wanting people with potato computers to be unable to play, not switching over to 64 bit causes huge losses in performance and limitations on what can be done with the engine. It was not a forward-thinking choice at all. e) Klei spent a lot of development time and money on events (forge and gorge) and servers which while they were popular with the community, didn’t make much money and almost all the art and code was scrapped after the events ended. f) Klei had revealed a very ambitious roadmap in 2019 for updates and refreshes which anyone familiar with the company knew was completely unrealistic. Unsurprisingly they fell way behind schedule. For those who don’t remember, they said they would release one refresh per month, and a new character every two months. 2019 brought 4 character refreshes, and 2020 only had 2. At the current pace it’ll take them a total of 4 years, not 11 months, to refresh all the intended characters. g) Don’t Starve: Newhome is a mobile game Klei is not developing loosely set in the DST world. The beta test was delayed and then made only for Canada, in a time period where mobile gaming is not popular. Those of you who are feeling hopeful about this announcement are operating from a position of irrational faith. A firm understanding of how buyouts work and Klei’s history as a business do not suggest optimism for them moving forward. Future games will almost certainly be Epic store exclusives and we’re likely to see much more aggressive monetizing of products currently being worked on.
  7. just dropping by to say you have the best posts.

  8. This is amazing and easy to use. 10/10.
  9. The people complaining about her lack of upsides were straight up wrong. Like, their balance feedback was misinformed and unhelpful. There was nothing wrong with Wheeler's balancing before, she just needed the 1 ammo bugfix.
  10. I don't normally waste my time doing a full breakdown, so please appreciate that I'm stooping for you. 1) I play wolfgang all the time. It is incredibly easy to keep his hunger out of wimpy territory, and having a 50 hunger threshold for Winona would also be a completely trivial downside. 2) The caves are full of food, particularly blue mushrooms, lichen, and monster meat. Everywhere is full of food in DST. 3) The number of perks is irrelevant, what's important is the total magnitude of them.(if you care about balance) relative to other characters. Wilson has no downside yet is not OP because his beard is a lot weaker perk than most people give it credit. Willow has several perks and they don't remotely make up for her downsides, relative to other characters. I don't know yet if Klei is going to do a "everyone gets equal amounts of upsides and downsides" balancing or if balance is really even a goal for the reworks as opposed to adding fun and identity. I'm not against the balance point being everyone having a small perk, and the only characters that get downsides are those with more substantial perks. While I think Winona is better than she was before, people have been cheesing bosses since before her rework (looking at you, bee queen and fuelweaver) and if we're pretending that people will just build her structures and swap then the problem isn't unique to Winona. I think the rework is a huge step in the right direction and while I'm not against further tweaking I also don't think it's necessary for her to be fun or interesting to play. If Klei is going to hit their monthly rework deadline then they need to not spend too much time tweaking and refactoring post release.
  11. Only you would call her OP, think lack of a downside alone would put her at godly 3 level, and then suggest massive buffs and tiny trivial nerfs in the same breath. Seriously, your ability to analyze the situation needs to be better before you can suggest useful changes. That said, I think the Winona changes are great!
  12. While using Wolfgang’s beserker chest in a normal world going mighty makes his upper arms/shoulders disappear. He otherwise moves and works normally, Rayman style.
  13. Wow, Niki. PHRACK you. "Trusted role" ? Good GOD why do so many people have to be such arseholes about how others chat on Discord. Oh, little ignore list! Come here, buddy! I've got another snack for you. You know what makes me dismiss a person as "not mattering"? When they act like THAT! Especially towards someone who has done nothing to them personally, and completely doesn't deserve that. GOOD-bye!

  14. Klei has no control over skin prices, it's entirely players buying and selling.
  15. Skin cost is influenced by demand, which is basically "how popular is the character" and "how good is the skin?". Popularity drives Wendy and Wilson skin prices, and Wx is both popular and has neat skins. The sad reality is that a new Wendy skin would still be expensive unless it sucked.