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  1. Except it literally goes from Wagstaff's perspective looking at the robot and putting the colender on his head, to Wx opening his eyes and looking at Wagstaff. This is not a subtle clue. At best, Wx was picturing himself as a younger Wagstaff, or it's just artistic interpretation. Edit: Was wrong, clearly different.
  2. I'm curious how based on the context you could assume it was anything but Wagstaff. Edit: Other than the evidence, I guess.
  3. Did they fix merms having a long respawn time during winter? Right now I feel like that's the last QoL change that Wurt needs.
  4. Testing yesterday I was able to freeze as wurt pretty early into autumn with full wetness (5 days or less) You're correct though that with the amount of wetness she normally accumulates from rain you can ignore it.
  5. I actually don't think this will happen because the work to try to revert the UI changes would be a nightmare to do, and largely unrewarding because you'd be catering to a small, loud group who are deeply uncomfortable with change. So it would require an impressive skillset, a lot of time retrofitting, and your reward would be a lot of complaining. Not many people are that talented, have that much free time, and are also terrible at estimating risk/reward.
  6. I agree that it’s not necessary, but I’m always baffled as to the reason behind not having things like temperatures displayed. It is a basic human ability to be able to approximate ambient temperature.
  7. I think this would be a terrible change, because the mechanics of mightiness already punish you significantly for dropping under 150 hunger. Losing mightiness on "overating" would create a lose-lose situation. As far as the comparison to Wilson, every other character except Wes is "wilson but better".
  8. @goatt I think your analysis is reasonable, as is your argument. Where I fundamentally disagree is that I don't think hunger rate perks are interesting or fun. Dietary restrictions, in contrast, provide a more interesting shift to gameplay. Warly's limitation on only eating prepared food and food memory changes how you solve problems, and his powerful dishes provide alternative answers. His higher than baseline hunger rate is somewhere between tedious and forgettable. Similar situation with Wigfrid's inability to eat non-meat food. It changes your gameplay and with her health and sanity gain from attacking, can survive on cooked monster meat if she wishes wihtout having to use healing or sanity restoring options beyond combat. For Wolfgang, his primary downsides in beta are that almost all your perks are dependent on mighty form and it can drain very quickly if you're not fighting or working or carrying a dumbbell.
  9. The passive mighty drain currently has you lose mighty form in 4 minutes while above 150 hunger, and in just 2 minutes while between 100 and 150. Unless you carry a dumbbell (lantern and cane both compete for hand slot) this drain forms a pretty considerable downside. Wolf is in a place currently that is fun, much more interesting (and also weaker) than pre-refresh wolf and Klei is probably better off leaving him alone at this point. The mightiness loss on hit was fun in some cases and annoying in others, and there’s a lot of testing and tuning that would be required vs simply leaving him as he is now. I’m very happy with the experiments and changes and time Klei has put in, but at a certain point it’s best to recognize it works and move on. Anyone who really loved the high risk, high reward strongman style would really be better off trying Wanda who was built from the start to support amazing kiting capability
  10. I only regularly make 5 crockpot recipes: 1) meatballs (early game only) 2) Pierogi (health) 3) Bacon and eggs 4) Honey Ham Spoil time becomes irrelevant when you have bundling wraps, so it comes down to resource efficiency, and without Warly a lot of recipes are less efficient than their base ingredients. Frankly, as a wolfgang main once I get set up with potato/tomato farms and can easily get access to roasted potatoes, it’s hard to justify most crockpot dishes. 40 hunger per potato is a lot.
  11. “Petty and pathetic for modders to throw a tantrum” There’s no need to make a personal and inaccurate attack. It’s impressive how casually and wildly disrespectful TE supporters have been toward people who are critical of the mod. TE is an impressive project for a single person to work on, and it’s a testament to the modder’s skill that it mostly works, because the scope is enormous and stitching everything together is complicated. I’ve never told someone no who wanted to use code from my mod and give credit, and I’ve helped people do their own custom tweaks. Modders put hundreds (sometimes thousands) of hours into code and art for their projects and it costs nothing to ask first before you copy their work. No one is throwing a tantrum, it’s a perfectly reasonable choice to copy code from other people without asking, and it’s perfectly reasonable for those people and their friends to refuse to work with you as a result.
  12. When a developer is caught stealing code repeatedly, no one else in a small, tight-knit community is going to want to work with them. That’s how it works.
  13. I don't see it as a problem that needs fixing, but it's definitely something you need to actively manage. That time and effort is part of the cost of accessing his perks.
  14. I don't think it's an enormous list either, but a lot of characters have pretty minor downsides at this point, with a significant downside being the exception vs the rule. Wolf is one of the weakest characters in wimpy form, and quite strong in mighty form. He'll need to stay fed and active to allow mighty form, which takes some additional time/effort and if he's playing poorly will quickly be stripped of all his perks. When you're deep in the caves and carrying a lantern/torch the passive mighty drain becomes pretty significant even when well fed. The only time it's trivial to manage is during a boss fight, rowing, and carrying a dumbbell around.