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  1. I’ve noticed an incredible correlation between people who choose a nomadic playstyle and a dramatic lack of understanding game mechanics. This is relevant vis a vis hot takes like wigfrid ever being in a position to starve in the hands of an even semi-proficient player. She’s very strong, but the songs didn’t change much in that regard and doesn’t need changes.
  2. This post is flat out wrong. VGJ can confer 3x damage which is then doubled by Wolfgang to hit 6x damage. Two Wolfgangs without VGJ top out at 4x damage. A Wolfgang and a Warly can achieve a total of 9x damage. There’s absolutely room to nerf Wolfgang, refresh his mechanics to not be a big ball of stats, and have him be better for it. Sounds like you have a bigger issue of not understanding the game than the devs do.
  3. There’s no use case for “all the weapons” or “including wimpy wolfgang” so putting together all the data is a complete waste of time. You don’t need to know how many times you need to hit a beefalo with a fishing rod to kill it. Using a hambat (which is common) or using Wolfgang in mighty or wimpy form won’t get consistent results because the damage scales linearly with current hunger. You could calculate the number of hits with a walking cane at 78 hunger in wimpy form but that will be only a rough approximation to actual performance. It’s honestly rude to ask someone else to waste time and effort on a tedious project that with about 3 minutes of consideration has no practical value for 90% of the data. The standard weapons vs all the mobs and bosses at the standard damage levels (0.75, 1x, 1.25x, 1.90x) would be just as useful and way, way less work. Edit: To be clear, if you were looking for resources to do it yourself I would recommend you only gather the useful data but would help you structure it if you wanted to capture everything. But your post about lacking time and technical skills makes it clear you were hoping someone would donate time.
  4. just dropping by to say you have the best posts.

  5. I genuinely don’t understand the purpose of this post. The poll is “which strategy is the most efficient” which is objectively kiting overall (and didn’t need to be a poll in the first place). It isn’t “which is the most efficient strategy you are capable of using” and your inability to tank deerclops with Wigfrid is irrelevant to the discussion as there are plenty of videos of people tanking and kiting clops to prove it can be done. Btw, why are you using a battle spear as Wigfrid against clops anyway? Hambats are easy to craft by that point in the game and will do substantially more damage. If it’s no one’s business how you play the game... maybe stop explaining to us how you struggle with basic challenges every week while making suggestions involving mechanics you don’t appear to understand?
  6. Most of the songs really aren’t that expensive at all to make, and they can be reused infinitely. I would say there are some tuning issues (fire resist being only 33% is underwhelming) but overall I’m pretty happy with what was done. My bigger concern is that since every rework has been a straight buff, what will be done for Wolfgang/Wicker/Wx who are too powerful with trivial downsides already? I hope they won’t simply get small buffs and more flavor.
  7. This is the reason people are having trouble with the boat turning. Actual boats have a keel and change their direction of movement as they turn. The new boat shapes however are still flat bodied rafts which can be spun without losing directional momentum. I do wish we had the ability to build more sophisticated boats that had a proper keel and rudder and can make coordinated turns which would solve the problem.
  8. I usually play Wolfgang because since most of my playtime is duo his damage comes in handy fighting off their dogs (and protecting glommer and chester from threats). That said, him being a ball of stats feels cheesy and is a little too simple so I made a mod that mostly nerfs everything but damage and adds some strength based utility (such as carrying heavy items much better while mighty). Also, I’m passionate about lifting weights in real life, which means I eat a lot more food than most other people. Wolfgang’s hunger and love of lifting is relatable.
  9. Caves have their own unique challenges but in general aren't more dangerous than the surface. You'll probably want to make sure you have a lantern (or two, or a lantern and a miner hat), armor, solid weapon (tentacle spike or better) and some healing supplies before you head down there. One thing that will make your life much easier is knowing how to use mushrooms as there are several mushroom forests in the caves and while they follow the same day/night cycle as the surface you are moving through the dark anyway. Raw greencap = -50 sanity Cooked greencap = +15 sanity, -1 health Raw bluecap = +20 health, +12.5 hunger, -15 sanity Cooked bluecap = -3 health, 10 sanity With proper use of green and bluecaps you can very easily manage your health and sanity underground. The sound effects are a lot scarier than the actual enemies.
  10. I went back and retested both Wigfrid and Wolfgang and in none of the tests was she only taking 50 damage. That said, I did find that simply holding force attack caused Deerclops to crowd Wigfrid and by backing up slightly the sanity drain dropped to pathetic numbers. I suspect this has to do with the same weirdness as warrior spiders having short lunges. The best run had Wigfrid losing 11 sanity and 62 health as Deerclops' last attack was cancelled but that timing isn't reliable. Those numbers are much better, though not 50 hp even under ideal conditions. Still, that leaves them much closer than during my initial testing so I'm glad I went back and re-checked since under ideal conditions Wigfrid is actually not far behind Wolfgang in terms of health lost, and can lose hardly any sanity if you don't have deerclops come too close for his attack. I'd like to know more about your perspective on how Wigfrid and Wolfgang prepare differently. In my experience, once they get access to a hambat or a dark sword there's no reason for Wigfrid and Wolfgang to not be using the same weapon. Armor-wise Wig has her helmets which are a higher durability football helmet. You might think Wolfgangs would use a belt of hunger but in my experience a magi for an extra hit while kiting is more common. People often assume that when I say "Character x is mechanically stronger than character y" I am saying "Character x is better than character y" or "You should play character x over character y". I am a huge supporter of people picking whichever character they enjoy playing most because they are all viable and able to complete all the content. You will never see me shame someone for their choice or try to pressure them into not playing a particular character. Where it matters though is in situations where characters are getting reworked. It's important to know where they stand relative to each other.
  11. Because Wolfgang fights in mighty form and heals in normal form. Wolfgang took 78 damage in mighty form, but in normal form only ends up missing 52 hp. In addition, way less sanity loss than she experiences since restoring sanity is generally more difficult than restoring health in most contexts. Shadows started to interfere with Wig's tanking runs, but I used the numbers from runs where they spawned far enough away to not cause any damage. It is irrelevant that Wigfrid is better at the survival aspect of the game when we are strictly comparing the combat efficacy of both characters. Wigfrid is overall more resource efficient but also less effective in combat regardless of the strategy. It's not about them having different playstyles if Wolfgang is better at all of them by different amounts. If you don't think those numbers are correct, run your own tests. Otherwise it's my data vs your hypotheticals. It was a test of tanking vs tanking because if they were kiting Wolfgang would outperform Wigfrid by an even larger margin. I had a fresh hambat and held force attack, which exactly what you suggested. In none of my tests did Wigfrid only lose 50 hp fighting deerclops. Wigfrid and Wolfgang are compared because they don't have a unique fighting style. Wigfrid's perks lend themselves more to tanking and Wolfgang's more to kiting, but in reality tanking is usually a less efficient strategy and Wolfgang outperforms against anything but spiders. If we're talking about a team context you wouldn't take Wigfrid + Wolfgang because Wolfgang + Warly is all sorts of busted. It does matter which character is better for x situation, but the problem isn't with Wigfrid who as I've said has fantastic design. Wolfgang needs to be brought down to her level and something changed about him or both of them. If that happens, then they actually will have different playstyles. Wigfrid is a great character and I hope her (and Wolfgang's) rework makes them more competitive in combat and add flavor and utilty. Right now they aren't competitive when it comes to combat performance. The reason I'm being so insistent with this point is there is a widely spread false belief that they are balanced compared to each other right now, which isn't supported by the current data, and this imbalance gets worse when we consider synergies with Warly. Klei reads the forums and now more than ever it is important to be providing factually supported feedback. To give a specific example of Klei taking bad player feedback to heart, when Warly was first introduced in SW the forums came to the false consensus that Warly was OP. This led to Klei nerfing him which led to Warly being one of the weakest characters that excelled at nothing until his rework for DST.
  12. By a different style of combat I assume you mean tanking, where Wigfrid can take advantage of her damage resist and life leech, as Wolfgang obviously is designed to be more kite focused. This made me curious and I ran some combat tests vs deerclops and treeguard to see how they actually fared head to head. I gave them each a hambat for damage and didn't feed Wolfgang during any of the fights, and I set his hunger to maximum via console command afterwards to see approximately how much damage he took (this will overestimate due to rounding errors). Results: Deerclops tank test Wolfgang hp lost: ~78 sanity lost: 30 hp missing in normal form: ~52 Wigfrid hp lost 84 sanity lost: all (shadows can interfere with the battle) Treeguard tank test Wolfgang hp lost: 40 sanity lost: 5 hp missing in normal form: 27 Wigfrid hp lost: 27 sanity lost: 0 What we can see from these results is that when it comes to tanking Wolfgang does a lot better against Deerclops and is pretty comparable tanking a treeguard. While I agree that Wigfrid is good for a player struggling against lag, this data suggests that Wolfgang might be better or at least comparable assuming the player is reasonably experienced at the survival aspects of the game. For new players Wigfrid is a very strong choice. Personally, I found these results disappointing and was hoping for Wigfrid to come out ahead. We do know that for tanking weak mobs like spiders Wigfrid's life leech makes a larger difference in damage taken, but evaluating that becomes difficult when wolfgang can 1-shot spiders and fire/ice hounds. Analysis is complicated but I'm not seeing any areas where Wigfrid clearly shines in combat in comparison, and she deserves to.
  13. I always felt Wigfrid had a great design and that other survivors should be buffed or nerfed to her level. In DST they have the same role, they’re combat oriented characters. People compare them because they serve the same purpose to a group only one of them is much better at combat. Wolfgang has higher effective health, much higher damage, and can manipulate his max health to get roughly 50% more healing (take damage at 300 max, heal at 200 max since your % max health is consistent when changing forms) The way combat works in DST is you are almost always able to dodge every attack while fighting bosses. You seem to be considering Wolfgang and Wigfrid like a dnd barbarian vs a dnd fighter without accounting for the dodge meta. If this was a turn based rpg then this analysis would work. But it isn’t. Since it’s possible to dodge the vast majority of damage at even a moderate skill level, defensive stats have a lot less value in DST than offensive stats. For Wigfrid and Wolfgang her defense really isn’t significantly better and his dps can be more than double. Wigfrid’s advantage is having easier hunger and sanity management... but neither of these are very challenging for Wolfgang either. I was very surprised that Wigfrid was the choice for reworking because she is fun, popular, and already has a great design. Hopefully after both Wolfgang and Wigfrid are reworked they’ll have a dynamic more similar to Max and Woodie do, where they might share a role (gathering) but where Max wins at efficiency, Woodie brings a lot of utility.