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  1. I strongly feel that Werebeaver isn’t satisfying to use in the current state, and the vast majority of suggestions are actually not buffing Werebeaver form enough. The cost of using werebeaver is both direct costs (by default the sanity drain) and indirect costs (not being able to pick up anything or use items) I made a mod of how I think he should be reworked, which I will link below. I won’t list the many changes I made, but it’s a fusion between singleplayer and DST werebeaver and makes woodie a hybrid fighter/gatherer as he is in DS. He doesn’t gain all the advantages of DS werebeaver (still has a sanity meter, can die in werebeaver form) but can be a wood powered fighting/gathering machine. I’ve tested him for maybe 40 hours as he is now, and would love more testing and feedback.
  2. It’s finals week this week but I’ll take a look either next week or early june.
  3. I always find it interesting and confusing how this forum seems to continually conflate being accurate and this need to act as if everyone's opinion and arguments hold water. There's no need to be rude, but we also don't need to lie and pretend that an unworkable idea is workable. Nothing I've said is an attack on KingofSquirrels, and one of his recent threads to add wilbur's running to wortox had actually disrespectful feedback because the vast majority of it was memes parodying his original post. I explained item by item why each idea was flawed. The ideas were criticized, and I recognized a trend that if we're being honest has existed for years and of which every forum regular is aware. People have different strengths, and recognizing weaknesses is not an attack. The argument that singleplayer Werebeaver is overpowered is not something I agree with. It certainly has unique advantages, but combat-wise it is equivalent to a 100 health character with health degeneration, log armor, a tentacle spike, 10% speed boost, healing from eating wood, no sanity meter. "There's nothing stopping him from becoming a Werebeaver day 1 and literally never turning human, ever again." Ok, and what does this accomplish? You aren't gathering resources, you aren't building structures, you need to go through a tremendous amount of wood in SP and you won't be making any meaningful progression. It's simply not a helpful strategy, and if you run out of wood you'll be on day whatever with low stats, no blueprints unlocked, and an empty inventory. " there would have to be some sort of timer or constant threat to warrant the beaver being that tough." There's already a timer in SP, it's the log meter which needs to be refilled frequently to sustain the form. There's regular threats in the form of seasonal bosses and again, the fact that you're not making any forward progression with a form that in general only has midgame combat capabilities and no inventory. "I saw in another thread the idea that Maxwell is the "stay-at-base" gather and Woodie is the "Exploratory" gatherer" There's nothing about Maxwell that emphasizes staying at base or rewards Woodie for exploring, and calling woodie and max both gatherers is rather disingenuous. Woodie as he is now is not a gatherer. He can produce large amounts of wood but is exactly the same as everyone else for gathering other materials. Werebeaver gathering stone and gold is much slower than in human form, and because of the poor combat stats it's not going to gather meat efficiently either during early game hunting. Lategame even in SP Werebeaver is outclassed in speed, combat, and utility by a well-equipped woodie. "Also, Werepigs *could* work as a decent beaver mechanic if done extremely right. If a single thing is off, it'd just look borked." I'm really curious as to how you think the implementation of this would work. We don't have precise control over transforming to werebeaver, full moon is too situational to be useful, and manually triggering the transformation with monster meat isn't something that werebeaver can accomplish.
  4. This is the wrong section but I can clarify this for you. Now, I’ve been modding for some years now and am a little over a year from finishing a bachelor’s in computer science, so I apologize if my answer is incomplete. Lets look at two usages of inst. First: inst in this case refers to the prefab we’re in. Inst is one of the ways to refer to a prefab. With that code we’re checking within a prefab, among their components (if any) for the health component. If it exists, we use the SetMaxHealth method within the health component to set the max health value for that prefab. That syntax is referred to as dereferencing. Each period represents going “into” an object and looking for something the same way you’d open a box and search for something. In this analogy, components exist “inside” the prefab inst refers to. If the box does not exist, then the program will crash because you can’t open and search a non-existent box. In lua, one way to solve these sorts of issues is if it is possible for inst to not exist (lua can compare to nil for things that don’t exist) to handle that sort of code. when you see code with inst and add component, it’s adding a component to a prefab. That means you can do method calls that use that component like health has setmaxhealth. The other common way to see inst used is as an argument, which is a parameter passed into a method such as in: local function DontTriggerCreep(inst) In this case the inst passed in refers to a prefab, which the method will act upon. Usually if the inst is nil or in shorthand, does not exist, you’ll get a crash because the method will almost certainly be dereferencing it. Again, I’m still very much a novice at lua and while I’ve played around with the code for don’t starve a lot I still don’t have a deep understanding of how it all works syntactically. Best of luck!
  5. Veteran players aren’t looking for a harder gamemode, we could already tweak world settings to do that. We enjoy new challenges to adapt to that are interesting to deal with. Even the people who most prefer a vanilla, unmodded experience either turn off disease or condone it because disease is trivial amounts of challenge in exchange for substantial tedium. Making bosses bigger piles of hp is a poor way to make them challenging, because it doesn’t make them any more interesting than they were before.
  6. Anytime I see someone suggest that Woodie’s werebeaver form only not have pathetic combat stats during a full moon I struggle to take the rest of their ideas seriously. The reason is that a full moon is a short duration and fairly rare event, and even if you made Werebeaver powerful it only would operate on the surface and only 5% of the time. In terms of usability that is near useless if not useless. Pretty much all of the “out there” ideas provided are also fundamentally flawed in obvious and massive ways. Spreading the curse is going to open up a grief avenue and would require huge amounts of art and code refactor for something that people will not enjoy. Werepig packs are generally only going to be during full moon anyway, because otherwise they’d still be hostile to his human form. I already covered earlier how unhelpful a full moon only perk is. @Hell-met that’s basically what the situation is. @TheKingofSquirrels I’ve been reading your suggestion threads for years and I was hoping this one would demonstrate a stronger grasp of game mechanics and design. Nothing you suggested would solve Woodie’s core issue of not having a niche or Werebeaver feeling weak and unsatisfying to play.
  7. Except the only way to buff Woodie is not, and has never been just improving his wood gathering. DS Werebeaver is an efficient omnigatherer and reasonably good combatant. It’s only DST Woodie that is only good at gathering logs.
  8. I know you’re making a joke, but max can also use them to lock himself at low sanity for nightmare fuel or mine huge amounts of rocks and gold. They are pretty bad at fighting, but they really don’t need to be good at it.
  9. While I agree with you that the design paradigm has shifted, Wilson was never the balance point nor was he ever a check against overpowered characters. Wilson has been bottom 3 with Wes and Willow for years in DST, and in DS he’s bottom 3 with Wes and Warly. It’s commonly said that Wilson was always the “balanced” character but in DS character balance simply wasn’t a concern at all. Without other players being affected, differences in mechanical power was just a difficulty setting. In DST there was an attempt to rework Maxwell that has been received well. Woodie and Willow had their legs broken for PvP reasons while the same top 3 characters remained untouched or in the case of Wx, were buffed. The idea of a “wilson power curve” is a myth that never existed. The new design paradigm is indeed aiming for a balance point which appears to be well above wilson and well below Wolfgang, Wx, and Wickerbottom who many people hope will be nerfed in their reworks to be more in line with the new paradigm and the rest of the cast.
  10. There are tons of ways to make passive food farms without using the caves, or simply using Wolf’s ability to 1 shot spiders with a hambat to farm enormous amounts of meat. Without caves I tend to prefer mass bee boxes to solve or at the very least supplement his hunger needs. Winter ice provides abundant filler. Solo vs duo is a different story, but solo the time savings from a built in cane often outweighs the food cost. Wolfgang in general benefits from a very aggressive playstyle where you maximize the benefits of each time you go mighty. Utilizing mighty form efficiently enough you eventually get to the point it’s sustainable. I initially thought that Mighty form was better for only when you actually need to fight. But as my skills have improved I’ve gotten much better at sustaining it. Current DST Werebeaver is such utter garbage at fighting I wouldn’t ever do it, axe damage is trash even if you had 300% movespeed.
  11. I also agree with (and have implemented) a lot of the suggestions you listed for Werebeaver. Specifically: -1 gnaw stump removal -Wet immunity -1 gnaw = 1 tool use for mining and shoveling -limited cold (and heat) immunity, but if freezing or overheating the log meter drains much faster meaning beaver needs to consume a lot more wood or start taking starving damage. -51 damage, 75% damage resist (remaining damage dealt to log meter first) -Eating grass lowers log meter by 5 so Woodie can force a shift without trees nearby -Map use restored Having tested these (and a number of other changes) I find myself swapping often depending on what I’m doing. Bosses are still more efficient in human form by a mile, but the tankiness of Werebeaver is helpful for hounds if you don’t have many tooth traps. Werebeaver is good for building up wood supplies and then spending some on other resources.
  12. You’re forgetting about one huge issue with Werebeaver: you can’t use healing items. In my rework this is negated somewhat because damage is done to log meter first with 80% innate armor, but with regular DST Woodie you can’t heal at all. As far as Wilba, you can take advantage of the fact that her heath is always full when shifting back and the rapid regeneration she has to dramatically lower her effective hunger rate, For example, if you let her starve immediately and then feed her, she will regenerate health as her hunger meter goes back down. Wilba can also use the map, access her inventory, and gets a massive speed boost. As a Wolfgang player, I can assure you that you do in fact go mighty all the time. The better a player someone playing Wolfgang is the sooner he’ll be perma-mighty, and solo I usually go mighty immediately for the speed boost. Belt of hunger reduces Wolf’s maximum hunger drain to a very manageable 1.8x, barely more than his normal form drain. Wolfgang actually has a linearly scaling speed bonus up to 25% at 300 hunger. I have an alternative perspective on DST woodie, though I really like your idea for DS woodie changes. For DST, you usually have allies to help you, and if you buff Woodie’s gathering and combat, and eliminate the extra sanity drain, he can stay as a werebeaver and let allies gather the resources he drops/build fires to help him maintain temperature. In my rework, werebeaver having synergy with human allies was a design goal. If he has an ally with logs he can more easily change back or keep gnawing through a large amount of resources. He’s a wood-powered combat and gathering machine, though his combat is never as good as Woodie’s would because human form armor and damage and healing (outside of wortox) will always be better. I personally feel that werebeaver being able to access their inventory isn’t necessary in DST. You have allies who can provide you with resources to shift back in multiplayer and solo you can strategically make tree farms to make that process easier. One of the reasons Werebeaver currently is quite bad at gathering resources is he needs 3x as many gnaws as pickaxe or shovel uses, and gains 1 to the wood meter for each gnaw. Breaking a single boulder raises his log meter by 18, which makes his omnitool potential extremely limited. Wilba has a better overall wereform, but it costs food to run and she has a lot less control over when she changes back. Wilba’s normal form also has less perks than Woodie does (and being able to carry 200 sanity in a stack of pinecones is quite useful)
  13. I’d like to elaborate on a lot of these points. 1) Correctly played, Woodie doesn’t need to eat wood at all. You cycle into werebeaver to restore your wood meter, and then back to human before your sanity drains, and then plant pinecones to restore sanity. 2) There are a few situations where werebeaver is useful. There’s a ruins rush strat where you basically keep running as werebeaver until you get to the ruins and then go on your merry way. I don’t care for it personally, but it works. Also, in a winter start or if flint is hard to come by initially werebeaver helps substantially. 3) True 4) You should be shifting back before insanity sets in, in most cases. 5) The way his friendship perk works is he can befriend pigs for a longer maximum duration (3 days instead of 2.5 days) and he gets 50% more time per mineral or carrot from bunnymen or rock lobsters. It’s pretty bad. On the other hand, Woodie has 45 innate insulation (equivalent to Wilson’s level 2 beard) which is nearly rabbit earmuffs. This is small but useful, particularly for a winter start. The truth is that Woodie is substantially underrated. Some innate insulation, excellent sanity control, some useful survival perks make Woodie above average for some harsher than vanilla worlds, as he deals well with light’s out or perma winter worlds, and has a unique ruins rush strategy. That said, werebeaver is incredibly weak and disappointing, and there’s nothing OP about giving it tentacle spike + log suit stats, as Woodie in human form easily surpasses those combat stats. That’s why my rework focused on making werebeaver a better general gatherer and restoring the moderate combat stats of singleplayer Werebeaver. Woodie has been described as a hybrid fighter/gatherer and in his singleplayer incarnation that’s definitely true. Doing both jobs decently better than average can outweigh simply doing one thing extremely well the way Max works. As I said earlier, just making him better at wood collection doesn’t fix his core issue.
  14. This is one of those messy technical details that would need to get sorted out before you could properly implement a bridge.
  15. My previous post was already long enough, but I wanted to address some suggestions that I don’t think solve his core issues, and those that are impractical from a technical standpoint. 1) Anything that only makes Woodie better at chopping wood Woodie is already far better at wood gathering than anyone but Max, and can easily gather more wood than even a team can practically use. He already competes for this niche with Bearger and pig minions, and it’s not that essential of a niche to begin with. Max isn’t better than Woodie because he’s better at gathering wood, it’s because he can do so much more on top of that. 2) Replacing passible tiles with impassible ones While I love the idea of a bridge/beaver dam construction, making impassible tiles passible is messy from a technical standpoint and people who have attempted similar things before ran into major headaches.