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  1. It’s a bad idea. I can appreciate people sugarcoating their criticism but this is a perfect example of the sort of idea that should immediately be thrown out upon conception. I’m going to give a partial list of bad design elements that come with this idea. 1) Multiplayer only 2) Requires other characters to die 3) Because of 1 and 2, doesn’t work in games where players are competent... unless 4) Encourages griefing and letting allies die 5) Long pig was removed for a good reason, and there’s zero chance of not only reversing that decision but to build a character around it The list continues but I think I’ve made my point. To be clear, my criticism of this idea is in no way a criticism of OP, and I encourage OP to feel comfortable sharing their ideas on the forums.
  2. Sorry bro, but I was here first.
  3. I suspect the issue is at the router level because nothing else should be causing those problems intermittently.
  4. Oasis base is great, particularly for your first year and because of the lack of smouldering you can have a solid summer base if you decide to base somewhere else more permanently. I like both deserts as bases because cacti are easy sanity and pierogi, and oasis having no smouldering and free gears from tumbleweeds both solve the same problem. It’s not overrated for first summer or for public servers though, not even a little bit.
  5. I play Wolfgang because he and I share a love of weightlifting and since my wife and I duo he makes bee queen and dragonfly less of a chore to fight. I also love his cheerful nature and that as Wolfgang you usually solve problems via generous application of hambat. Is hungry? Use hambat for meat. Is danger? Use hambat and prove who is mightiest! Is crazy? Use hambat on shadows.
  6. You’re welcome to try it, no bugs found in the last several hundred hours of playtesting, but you never know. With this mod Wolfgang has much higher damage but less effective health (200 vs Wig’s 200 + 25% damage reduction so effectively 250) and without the speed boost he has the same kiting pattern as everyone else. This makes Wolf the higher risk/reward character and far less forgiving of being unprepared for combat and requires more food and sanity management. To me, this puts them on close enough footing to fairly argue pros/cons. Vanilla Wolf’s stats are just too high right now for Wig to compete mechanically as the combat character.
  7. There are people who are going to be unhappy if Wolfgang gets nerfed regardless of the degree or what he might gain in return. Given that those feelings are not rooted in reality, I don’t put a lot of stock in them. I wrote a rework that lowers Wolf’s max hp while mighty, removes speed buff, lowers his sanity to 150, and gives him 1.3x sanity drain. This was to give him an actual downside and make his perma-mighty less overwhelmingly OP. Importantly, his up to 2x damage wasn’t affected, meaning 6 wolfgangs can still melt bosses similarly to before. In exchange, he can carry heavy objects at 75% normal speed (everyone else moves at 25% speed) while mighty and ignores slowdown from marble armor and piggyback, making them upgrades if you can sustain mighty. This makes it more of a tradeoff as in many cases normal and mighty form are equally useful but mighty form costs extra food. You also take the full speed penalty if your mighty form wears off during combat in marble armor, so again it’s a risk/reward. Because Wolf has so many free stats and no meaningful weaknesses (food is plentiful and 1.1x sanity loss when you kill twice as fast becomes 0.55x sanity loss from bosses) you could cut out a lot, give more utility, and the core of the character is more balanced and more interesting. Right now wolfgang is double health, double damage, triple hunger and built in walking cane once you automate your food production. That doesn’t give the player more options to interact with the world, it just means once you get past a certain skill level Wolfgang is the easiest character to be effective with.
  8. Wigfrid is a pretty balanced and good character right now, and I firmly believe that nerfing Wolfgang would be better than buffing Wigfrid. The reasoning behind this position is that Wolfgang (along with Wick and Wx) are mechanically in a league of their own when compared with the rest of the characters while Wigfrid is in the upper middle of the pack. I honestly think she’s the ideal balance point that we should aim other characters to, and when I wrote a Wolfgang rework he was deliberately nerfed down to her level. Whenever a game offers different characters I tend to pick whomever the most combat focused one is, but Wolfgang is OP to the point it makes me uncomfortable without nerfing.
  9. I agree that stonefruit is too good, but I don’t recommend nerfing it until there’s other reasons to visit lunar island.
  10. Wolfgang Rework

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, but you are engaging in a set of behaviors that make it impossible to have a meaningful conversation. The most obvious and disruptive of which is “moving the goalposts.” Your initial position was that strong people are slow. That was obviously false because there are many athletes that are both strong and fast relative to average people who don’t exercise. Your CNN link is completely irrelevant because it’s comparing fast, strong athletes optimized for strength against fast, strong athletes optimized for speed. That doesn’t relate at all to Wolfgang compared to the rest of the survivors because they aren’t athletes. I don’t see why I need to reiterate this, but Wolfgang in his historical context as a strongman would never be as big as modern strongmen because he doesn’t have the chemical enhancements. If you look at actual strongmen from that era they all had powerful legs which would give them an expected speed advantage over the general population. The idea that Wigfrid would be faster given the limited information we know is absurd because she’s not an athlete on par with Wolfgang and men have an inherent advantage in strength and speed. Wolfgang’s art shows proportionately small legs, and it’s part of the art style to have short, diminished legs across DST. Hounds, giants, pigmen, merms, all have large upper bodies, small legs, and generally enormous heads relative to body size. It’s a stylistic choice and dubious basis for making a realism argument. To point out just how absurd your attempts to reframe the initial premise is: we started off debating whether Wolfgang having a speed boost is realistic, and you’re asking me to name a strongman “who is also a runner” (runner is too vague to have any meaning) “who didn’t sacrifice a lot of strength and weight to do it.” It’s very simple: 1) Stronger legs provides speed improvement 2) Upper body mass and strong legs provided speed and strength greater than someone with neither. 3) But not as much as strong legs and limited upper body mass. 4) No one other than Wolfgang could be expected to have strong legs, and he would be as big as strongmen from his era. They would be stronger and faster than average people. This isn’t complicated.
  11. Wolfgang Rework

    Again, it’s painfully obvious you’re not an athlete, and have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s so much wrong here I don’t know where to begin. Wolfgang is based on the classic strongman archetype from a time period where steroids and human growth hormone weren’t used to get unnaturally big. Strongmen were never the size of eddie hall because they were not chemically enhanced. Comparing them is ignorant. Speaking of ignorant, thinking you can use a youtube video and a “news” article from some trash entertainment site to challenge the hard data I’m using to support my argument is absurd. In DST speed is the most difficult stat to balance because it improves efficiency in all tasks. For wolfgang, I agree that it is the best stat to be given up to buff him in other areas. That reasoning is based in mechanics, not in reality. The only part of any of your posts that I believe is true is where you say you don’t exercise.
  12. Wolfgang Rework

    It’s pretty obvious at this point you have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to athletes or athleticism. I tried to gently explain that your concept of how these things work is wrong, and yet you persist. I was a varsity athlete in high school in 3 sports (cross country, swimming, track) and still lift 3-5 days a week. For a while I worked as a personal trainer (certified through the American College of Sports Medicine). Anyone who has ever been or worked with athletes knows men have on average a huge advantage in strength, size, speed, and endurance and this is demonstrated by men having better records in all races of all distances at every level of competition. Specific to the 100m dash, the women’s world record is 10.5. Most state records are better than the women’s world record as are the top 22 finishers from this year’s NCAA division 1 championships. It’s fair to assume every one of those men would be able to move more weight in all of the standard powerlifting lifts. Assuming that Wigfrid is athletic is not a well-supported conclusion though we could expect that a method actor would get in better shape from training than someone who doesn’t exercise at all. Given the average difference between men and women, how weight training translates to greater speed, and that we have every reason to believe that mighty Wolfgang is more athletic than Wigfrid we have every reason to believe that he is considerably faster than she is. Your initial argument was that strong people are slower. That’s clearly disproven by nfl linebackers being strong and fast. Olympic sprinters are faster than powerlifters because upper body mass obviously works against the speed gains, and powerlifters train for power, not speed. Powerlifters also don’t have the luxury of ignoring upper body strength but Usain Bolt absolutely has stronger legs than just about everyone but powerlifters. Wolfgang is the only survivor who is obviously an athlete, so as a baseline we would expect him to be stronger and faster. Wigfrid is almost certainly the strongest female survivor but there is a vast difference between speed for male and female athletes and while she is strong she’s nowhere near mighty wolfgang strong. It’s unlikely that she trains for sprinting either, which means wolfgang’s stronger legs and higher testosterone will give him a huge advantage. Usain bolt is 6’5” 205+ pounds. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is 5’ 115 pounds. Her best 100m dash time is 10.70 (slower than all 23 college athletes in NCAA division 1 who competed). Usain Bolt’s best time is 9.58 at 17 inches taller and 1.78x her weight. You don’t know what you’re talking about.
  13. Wolfgang Rework

    The olympic sprinters, obviously. Thing is, our baseline for speed isn’t an olympic sprinter, it’s an average sized person who probably doesn’t exercise. NFL linebackers as a whole are substantially larger and faster than average people. College football players and powerlifters are substantially larger and faster than average people (most of which don’t exercise at all) If your “strong implies slow” statement was true 6’8” linebackers would be slower than people who don’t strength train at all. Wolfgang should be the fastest in a sprint.
  14. Wolfgang Rework

    Minor correction: Wolfgang doesn’t have any inherent armor, that’s Wigfrid. While I agree that his speed should go, it’s for mechanical reasons not realism ones. Look at olympic sprinters. They are muscular and their thighs are massive. Many competitive bicyclists also have very strong legs. Strength (more accurately power which is strength over a short time period) is how speed is generated. Being stronger relative to your weight should make you faster because you’re able to apply more force to move the mass. Wolfgang almost certainly would be the fastest survivor in a sprint (ignoring overcharged wx) simply because he has the strongest legs and would be the strongest relative to weight. That said, he would not be well suited to a long distance race because he is carrying a lot of weight in his upper body that would work against him.
  15. Wolfgang Rework

    This is basically just turning Wolfgang into Goku. On the topic of reworking Wolfgang, I wrote a rework mod that makes a bunch of changes that I believe put him more on par with Wigfrid and give him less stats but more utility. Basically here are the changes: Buffs: -ignores slowdown from marble armor and piggyback while mighty -can carry heavy objects at 75% speed while mighty (up from 25% speed) -mighty form hunger drain caps at 2x (down from 3x) Nerfs: -No speed boost (also no size change) -1.3x sanity loss (up from 1.1x) -Max hp in mighty form 200 (same as normal form) -Max sanity 150 (down from 200) The purpose of the changes were to put him more at Wigfrid’s level, make marble armor/piggyback worthwhile if you can sustain mightiness, and add extra utility with moving heavy things. He still has massive damage, but being mighty isn’t always worth the extra food, and gains utility expected of the strongest survivor. Normally Wolfgang’s size change is what causes the speed boost, and it looks ridiculous when carrying heavy things for them to dramatically increase in size and then shrink when dropped. That’s part of why I removed it, another part being speed boosts are difficult to manage. Specific to Wolfgang, a variable speed boost messes up your kiting because not only do you need wolfgang specific attack/dodge ratio, you get awkward intermediate stages where you have time for half a swing more.