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  1. Oh oh, once in the the Don't starve Latinos Facebook community I saw a really cool artwork about Winona in a unicycle-motorcycle that was fueled with nitre, jaja it looked really cool. Wait, I just checked out, it wasn't a nitre generator, I was a G.E.M.erator.
  2. Puedes reportar el error donde dice "Bug tracker" y puede que en las futuras actualizaciones arreglen el problema.
  3. While I was making a set to show the Wickerbottom crafts I remembered that I had a book of applied horticulture that I left in a farm that I made in lunar island before it was removed from console, now with the bookcase I can enjoy of the book as much as I want in that world, I just have to be careful.
  4. Wait, I though Matheus was the skeleton in the ruins (Ancient fuelweaver to be more exact).
  5. Hmm, could be possible they get their reworks at the same time?
  6. I don't think so, it's kinda late compared with previous updates.
  7. Why would someone want to be that mean towards the poor crabby lady
  8. Soon my friend, one day the captain must return.
  9. Probably because that wouldnt affect them since they dont own anything, this would just affect players.
  10. I heard that something like this happened in the beta and was solved, but recently in the xbox version when I dig up the X it crashed the game, also all the loot was over the X before it was excavated.
  11. Huh, I just checked and the Spanish wiki hasn't been updated since Shipwrecked. Sad but kind of understandable.
  12. Wait, if Wagstaff is an hologram why does he need an holographic boat?, Or maybe he really is partially inside the constant but have some machinery to get out of danger when he need it?
  13. It depends on the thickness of the boat, and also I don't think the survivors have the tools or the knowledge to make that kind of boats, although to be fair they could made it whit ancient knowledge or magic.