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  1. I don't like rollback, but I'm not losing a 1000 day world I forgot to put on endless
  2. I played this game a TON over the summer and fall, Like 500 hours or something, But with that time, came burnout, and I'm just waiting for something big, I try to play it every now and then though, as this game is incredible. But right now I'm just kinda bored with it, Love it, just need time away.
  3. I've been in love this game for a short time, only around half a year. This game has shot up to one of my favorites so quickly and it properly deserves that praise with the time I put into it. But as of late, I've felt so bored of the gameplay that I find it hard to start something new in the game. It's been about a month since I really played it, and Certain things such as exploring have lost all meaning, as most of what I find on the surface isn't necessary to my experience in any way. At some point every world begins to feel the same and I find it hard to continue when I've already done everything in a another world ( 1300 day world+ 2 400-600 day world's) I want to come back to this game and really love it again. For those people who have been around for years, how'd you move past the Burnout, because I really want to show my support and get into it again.
  4. The only real thing I want him to have is a good healing item alternative, similar to the healing salve,but easier to make. It just fits him imo.
  5. Why do people still call Maxwell "Waxwell"? I understand in the original that he was called Waxwell in the files to separate him from the NPC but why call him that outside of the original DS?
  6. That outline is just.. Magical Also super exciting for being able to actually go to the ruins on switch lol (the game just freezes when you go there btw)
  7. I pretty much always pick the Pig king forest, mostly cause it just looks so nice. Don't worry there is practical application to this, I mostly play Maxwell and the mushrooms help a ton with getting my sanity lower for when I need fuel.
  8. I'm scared, genuinely, because Klei is great, and the last thing I'd want is for things to go poorly for them. I'm scared, but I'll keep my chin up, and see where this goes. Stay safe Klei, We love you
  9. WAIT WHAT?!?! Are there any pictures or anything? I'd love to see these!
  10. Did they fix the sweaters for Wolfgang? Did they fix the sweaters for Wolfgang?
  11. The Trailer makes me so happy, seeing all the characters just sends a wave of bliss over me. Rip Maxy though, as usual I guess