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  1. I really hope they don't change him to much, He already works so well and I feel changing him to much would completely ruin him. If they change his shadows in a way that makes them less effective at gathering, he's pretty useless. If they change his stats he's be less enjoyable overall. So it's pretty hard to change much about him. Maxwell has always been pretty connected to the fuel and is clearly accustomed to it and it's power. Giving Maxwell certain Magic crafts when he starts would be a fun little touch, or making him not lose sanity when using certain staffs. Maxwell's Puppets are his bread and butter, They define his role. The problem is expanding them, a lot of ideas are way to niche and would have very little practicality. (Sorry if this really poorly formatted, I have such a hard time putting my thoughts into words and I just really don't want Maxwell to be changed to much)
  2. Just Me Exploring the caves and having some Fun!
  3. FINALLY, FIXED BOATS Also ultra crab king cheese now with those spiders
  4. I like DST as a Survival game, this update did nothing but add three minigames and some cosmetics. Was overall very disappointing, and was upset when I couldn't burn it all down To those who say it can get better in the future, How? More prizes? For what? More Games? The games were beyond simple and laughably easy especially with more than 1 person Beyond disappointed with this one
  5. I do it all the time, it's super easy on controller. The only downside is when people give directions, because I have no clue which way "east" is.
  6. People seem to be forgetting that Maxwell made the constant we play in, and adding something to the extreme of Ancients that didn't go into the caves, completely ruins the established world building. Yes Charlie is on the throne, but I'd assume Charlie is very busy with whatever's going on with the moon to create an entire world under water The idea of a merm city or something to do with the Mactusks is a great idea, and builds on something pre established.
  7. I think most of the Characters are fine tbh, Winona Needs changes but the rest just need some simple changes and I think they'd be much better WINONA Never been a fan of her, Her perk should really just be permanent, having faster crafts is really all she has, and the 2 structures she has that do things could use another addition, A building to help with Farming would be a lot of fun, and her Duct tape should be able to repair just about anything (Except Magic crafts) WARLY Not much to add here, just a little boost for the hunger he gets from each dish, this would make him way more enjoyable and fun for Newer players trying to learn cooking. WES I think Wes should have his stats be brought up again, 113 was an Iconic Number to me, and having a total of 75 for each is more annoying than his faster hunger drain (Plus Maxwell imo should be the only one as 75 HP)
  8. Cooking is fine the way it is, It's the recipes that need changing. So many recipes are useless compared to few ones that just about every player uses. The amount of times I've put mostly random ingredients in a croc pot only for it to become meatballs or goop is way to high, Seriously why do some of these equal meatballs?
  9. What is with all these Malbatross spawning issues? It's really no wonder I only found them once.
  10. The worst part about Webber's story, is that not only is it all Maxwell's fault, It only gets worse from here.
  11. I understand everything, and with that Knowledge, I keep everyone around me safe and kept out of any danger I don't think they could handle. I tend to be the mom of the team
  12. Solo Maxwell main here to represent Playing this character is just what I do, I base most of the stuff I do around nightmare fuel, and my workers. Learning to handle bosses that all oneshot you, and learning to manage low Hp is super fun. I just kinda play the game solo, which I guess makes me good at him
  13. I just like, Bought the game for 6 friends while it was on sale, Haven't really spent much on skins