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  1. Voted other. Agree with the Revamped Abi statement, but I also really like the boosts you can give to Abi.
  2. You guys had one job for Wes' rework. Give him more balloon design and nerf him. Highly disappointing. Also, I knew it was a giant crab! Also also, this is an awesome skin (assuming it's real)!
  3. I had a world once without Glommer too. It was after all the RoG releases and before the RoT started. The PK dedidious biome was intermingled iwth the DF desert. Maybe that messed up the world gen. I took pictures and I'll post them later if I remember. Didn't know I could grab the world seed at the time so I don't have that on me.
  4. Yup! Have one of these on my personal server. They make an awesome pig skin farm.
  5. Thanks guys! We had a bunch of server crashes yesterday from that eye plant issue. Such a bizarre bug
  6. Point 1, awesome addition! Point 2, very thankful this was increased. They were much to short to be useful before. I'm half glad it has moved back to the day cycle damage modifier. I liked the risk/benefit of it being based on Wendy's health, but tbh the day cycle fits more with the character. Love and appreciate how you guys love and appreciate the feedback
  7. I voted Maxwell, but I think it will be Webber next.
  8. X-lem

    So yeah, discuss

    Exactly what I was thinking. Reminded me of this Pokemon.
  9. Seems to be. Looks like Abigail's damage output is controlled by Wendy's health level and how long she's been out. The update looks interesting. My only fear is that will Abigail's flower still take as long to bloom? If you have to wait several days to bring Abigail out then have to wait again for her to "power up" before she's even useful.. that could be a problem.
  10. Also 12 gears day 1. Also... I'm pretty sure he's playing Spiderman.
  11. Also has a billion inventory slots and Captain America's shield.
  12. I think a tamo blueprint drop from a boss would be cool. Would have to be semi rare I think.
  13. X-lem

    Antlion and orange gem

    Love the idea. Killing Antlion after getting the blueprint is basically only for avoiding the sinkhole and that's not much of a reward. The blueprint is useless after the first one or two. I have way to many sandstones and the amount of meat/trinkets it drops is sad. A single orange gem would be a perfect balance imo. I don't think this would take away from DF at all. DF drops a lot of good gems as well as scales.
  14. I would probably pick the Lazy Explorer. People would think I'm a wizard
  15. I like this idea. Maybe Wendy looses sanity slower when Abigail is out (or slightly faster when she's not). Maybe ghosts don't attack her when Abigail is out.
  16. Hey @CarlZalph, tried using your bash script. It's printing out {"error":"WRONG_TOKEN_PURPOSE"} in all the files. I'm just using one of my dedicated server tokens. Did you have to request a special one?
  17. Agreed. Tbh I'm hoping he gets a complete overhaul like Woodie did.
  18. @nome & @CarlZalph I appreciate the help a lot! I'll probably have more questions at some point but this should be good to start with! Nome, I'll pm you my Klei ID.
  19. Hey @nome, as requested I'm moving this to the public forums. I had a few more questions I'm hoping you would know the answers to. To bring others up to speed on what I'm doing. Basically I'm wanting to build my own version of https://dstserverlist.appspot.com/ except I want to enhance it a bit so I can do some analytics on the servers my friends and I host. 1. I can do a GET to https://s3.amazonaws.com/klei-lobby and it provides a list of lobbies. I can do a more specific GET such as https://s3.amazonaws.com/klei-lobby/US-Steam-noevent.json.gz and it provides a long list of servers. Is there a lobby that lists all of the servers? Taking a look at the lobbies: lobbyListings_all_1.json.gz lobbyListings_all_2.json.gz ... lobbyListings_all_9.json.gz They all return the same 5 servers. I don't want to iterate through all the lobbies and get a ton of duplicates so I'm hoping there's a lobby that just lists all of the servers. 2. Is there some ID that I can use to track a server? Something that will remain the same until the cluster_token is changed? When doing a GET requests I receive fields such as __rowId, guid, session, steamid. All of these change when the server shuts down and restarts with the exception of session which changes on world regen. You had mentioned I could send UDP packets to get more information on specific servers (I’m assuming it will give me players, mods, etc). I'm wondering if there will also be a permanent ID I can use. 3. Which ID's match up to which platform? I know steam = 1, but not sure about which ID xbox, ps4, etc use. Thank you for the help
  20. But you can spawn her from fishing... "The Malbatross also has a 10% to spawn when a player hooks a Deep Bass." https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Malbatross
  21. X-lem

    Carrat Racing cause crash

    I think they said they exchanged the carrat before the race started. Not during the race. Did you happen to try that as well?
  22. X-lem

    Carrat Racing cause crash

    @ScottHansen Not sure if this will help you guys (or if you have fixed it already). The error looks the same as cezarica's. One of my servers crashed during a carrot race. I wasn't there, but the situation was reported that people were going to start a race. One person removed their carrot and put in a new one. After the race was started the game crashed. Don't have any more information than that sadly tho. server_log_2020-01-31-15-08-36.txt