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  1. The real Crossover was the theories we made along the way
  2. Update?!? Sorry, update machine broke Understandable, have a Nice Day
  3. The Willow from the public server who dies in day 1 because she doesnt know about the lighter
  4. Everyday i look into my conspiracy board, looking for clues, conections, lore, character quotes, betas, trivia, deleted content. So yeah, i love the don't starve lore, i talk so much about the lore that My Friends use the "Honey, it's 3 AM, time to talk about why Wagstaff is going to be added theory for the 15th time" meme to annoy me. So yeah. I'm kinda mad about how eye of the storm left a cliffhanger... Please Klei! I'm a Valve fanboy! I know the pain of a cliffhanger! I don't want to Wait a whole year or more to see what is Wagstaff doing, at this point I just want Wagstaff as a playable character, i have 25K Spools thinking some day i'll use it to craft Wagstaff or his skins. The people that tell me "Just use mods" don't understand the fact that i'm incapable of hosting a server because my internet sucks. Also! I forgot to add! WARBUCKS IS DEAD! Why...?
  5. Shout out to my Wagstaff gang @LinknAllie @GrMcGillacactus
  6. This is literally me- I can't even imagine the amount of money i wasted with my friends thinking i'll be playing with them, but I end up in a server alone, My last megabase had 1500 days, while My friends who rarely play had like 27 days, sad
  7. My Friends don't want to play don't starve with me, so why not play with some Of You guys out there? Sounds Nice especially finaly having people as dedicated as me with ideas and Challenges!
  8. Catcoon dens respawn, but only after a few days, like 35 days or so. I read it in the wiki and I can Say that with confidence because i killed a Lot Of catcoons. But hammering the stumps Will efectively destroy their spawn
  9. Add a mob vote every month, because dividing the community and wasting good ideas that coud make the game even more interesting is always fun.