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  1. Reading bad fanfiction is one of my occasional pastimes and it is always a wonderfully concerning experience. The type of story doesn't really matter for my personal enjoyment, and the only fan made DST story I've ever seen was a comic a while back but now I've been motivated to look into the horrifying minds at the back of this community through crossovers
  2. Ban NightfallsCurse because, Y'know what isn't responsible? Changing your forum name as a joke whilst knowing full well that you won't be able to change it back until at least 365 days later-- WELL IT HAS BEEN A YEAR! @ZTheNecromancer I have finally escaped! It has been a full year, but I AM BACK PROPERLY!
  3. I don't think any character is the main character of DST, since we're getting the story through all of the characters All of them are (arguably) important to the lore in some way, and there isn't just one perspective we're seeing
  4. Ban Zee for returning in perfectly uneventful fashion
  5. Ban Kawaii Angle because on the 19th, I'll have finally been able to change my username back to DrMcGillacactus, end that year-long joke, and spend the entire day banning people
  6. My priorities will of course always be Wagstaff first, But other than Wagstaff I really want to see the ocean get filled up so it feels less like the real ocean we deal with every day.
  7. Ban Z because I like my crust super crunchy but other than that I agree, it's pretty good
  8. ban kawaiiangel for getting isekai'd into the Klei forums
  9. I find them a bit more convenient as they steadily produce twigs over time without needing to harvest anything, plus they're an added source of wood, so I can slowly amass an area where I can get tons of twigs and wood at once. I don't prefer twiggy tree worlds, but I always keep them when I get them
  10. ᴵ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʷᶦᵍᵍʸ ᵗʳᵉᵉ ʷᵒʳˡᵈˢ
  11. Ban HellHeater because I've been calling them Z for a while now
  12. I recall there was a time people speculated him being removed for having problematic quotes/origins, but I don't know much about that whole thing. He's (to my knowledge) the only planned character that was actually in the game before being thrown away, so maybe they're just dramatizing the situation for fun, or want him in DST with reworked perks to actually be unique
  13. Klei didn't think he was fun or interesting, so they banished him never to return