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  1. When I first got the game, i thought that walking canes were a pickaxe skin for far too long...
  2. While that does make sense, it looks really weird to stand in front of a campfire and see the fire on top of you
  3. There's a bug section on these forums. As long as it's not caused by mods then they can try to fix it
  4. heh... I'll fix it. I never would have noticed that
  5. Judging by Wortox's inspection quotes for the ancient LunaRune stones in the ancient archives, he seems to be fluent in the ancients language and knows exactly what's going on... He just won't say! The more I learn about this imp, the more questions i get about his past.
  6. So... WX-78... They've got teeth, They have a real human skeleton inside them, items like healing slaves and honey poultices work on them even though they do not have flesh that can heal over time, Cacti needles somehow penetrate their metal body, and much more. I don't have any genuine problems with any of these, but they're quite strange, aren't they?
  7. Yeah, you're definitely right... I'm going to stop commenting on these posts after this one
  8. Did... Did you just say that Kley modeled a character... off of LEAGUE OF LEGENDS?!
  9. I quite like that theory. I think i'll go off of that for now. Thanks for the input
  10. I like to assume that characters are "canon" once they get into the main game, or are referenced in the lore at some point. (Warly, Wormwood, Wagstaff)
  11. Wormwoods animated short takes place on the hamlet plateau. This basically proves that said plateau is a real thing that exists somewhere in the constant, and Wormwood somehow fell, or climbed down the side of it to get to the other survivors. Are there any Wormwood quotes that allude to this being true? I'm quite curious
  12. This is real, and my hopes are way too high. We must make this happen