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  1. Pretty simply, I'm seconding everything Mike just said. If none of that is the answer than it's either a bug or a problem with a mod
  2. Finally! My accidental spook world shall finally exit the eternal gloominess that has been tormenting me for months! Thank you. I mean... You could just turn it off..?
  3. Most of those problems can be fixed in a rework fashion, and the downside relating to hunger thing isn't entirely true. He can still eat everything, it just hurts him a bit. I feel they can work around all your problems with him to make him a good character, there would just have to be a bit of tweaking. I personally don't think he will get in any time soon, i just want him in because i love his character. He is also pretty important lore wise
  4. The new teaser image is labelled "Sillouette_5guys.png". Do any of you have an idea of what that might mean?
  5. I don't believe the server is even oficial, so i just stay away from it personally. If i want to find people to play with there are other options, and if i have a question i can just make a forum post.
  6. I believe it usually spawns close to flat edges, so i'd check in between the mosaic and grasslands on the bottom right
  7. I just opened up the game after the update, and the survivors heads in the compendium are animated now. Have any of you noticed any small little details like that?
  8. I hope you're right on that one. He's my favorite character
  9. Walter is a child fascinated with the monster that is attacking him, wormwood is a sad plant boi that is currently being torn apart by another plant
  10. I can see why this should be updated, so you get my vote. The only problem with this thread is that it's only a few people that directly support it, and Klei will likely not prioritize it higher that really anything else if only a couple people have the issue. So, if anybody also has a problem involving the issue, hopefully they will say so.