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  1. i thought that was part of the skin there using i'm just an idiot that doesn't pay attention though
  2. There is only one visible mod on screen, and what does that have to do with anything?
  3. I loved the last Q.O.L update, so i'm glad to hear that another is coming. Here are some requests from me: -add an option to unravel cosmetics in bulk, instead of one at a time -Allow us to set survivor exclusive cosmetic skins right on the character select screen, instead of having to make a clean sweeper. (Ex. Abigail skins) -Add a list of most played survivors in the compendium -Add the survivors favorite foods to the character select screen -Add a randomize option to the world settings when creating a new world -give different Wormwood skins different flower trails when blooming, to match the skin -allow us to delete custom world presets we have made If i think of more, I shall edit this post
  4. The Fashion Goggles are a craft that exist souly to add an extra step to making desert goggles, and thats unfortunate. Sure they give some sanity, but i have never seen or heard of anyone walking around with them to regain sanity... i really want to have more reasons to make them, so i think it would be cool if you could wear them at the same time as some other head items, to give them a small sanity boost on top of whatever they already do.
  5. The Fashion Goggles are a craft that exist souly to add an extra step to making desert goggles, and thats unfortunate. Sure they give some sanity, but i have never seen or heard of anyone walking around with them to regain sanity... i really want to have more reasons to make them, so i think it would be cool if you could wear them at the same time as some other head items, to give them a small sanity boost on top of whatever they already do. (P.S. I"m posting this on the suggestions and feedback page, but i"m keeping it here because i enjoy hearing peoples opinions on things. not many people respond to posts made in the Suggestions page)
  6. The game crashes sometimes when i open the Trade In menu. This has happened 3 times now
  7. everybody except Wilbur (because hes from the constant) and Wagstaff (Because he wants to be there)
  8. i like to think of it this way: Charlie only attacks the player characters and not mobs because she knows the playable characters can be a hindrance toward her power over the constant. A regular merm would never try to dethrone charlie, but Wurt is more intelligent, and has sided with the survivors. As for Wartox, he too has sided with the survivors and thus could become a threat to Charlie!
  9. I posted these in general discussions, and im re-posting them all in one post I made a possible WX rework. i would love to see everyone's opinions on it! Upsides: Not a picky eater- works the same Is charged by lightning- WX now has a “charge” meter (may or may not be visible) that increases when he is in contact with electricity. The more charge he has, the higher his stat increases would be. Charge would also decrease over time, and his stats would follow it. Different things would give him more/less charge. (Lightning is better than Electric darts and so on) Finally, he would be able to charge himself using lightning rods, which would give more charge the more times it was struck. Can upgrade with gears- Gives the same boosts, however now WX can take gears back out of him. New crafting tab- WX can now craft more parts (Arms, legs, eyes, etc.) that would give him partial buffs. These parts would stop working overtime, and can be swapped out anytime for new parts. Downsides: Damaged by water- This would generally work the same, however I would like to add a new mechanic, rusting Rusting- If WX remains wet for too long, he begins to rust. The higher his wetness, the faster he rusts. When WX is rusted he becomes slower, his parts become less effective and possibly a damage reduction etc. To solve his rusting problem, there will be another craft able item either in the parts menu, or the survival menu. (im just going to call it Rust-be-gone) Apon using Rust-be-gone WX will become nice, shiny, and un rusted, which sets his stats back to normal, and gives him some sanity. i didn't give any specific numbers because, obviously things like this would have to be balanced out, and i don't think im very qualified to make those decisions Webber rework idea Upsides: Is half spider- he can eat monster meat, and can now craft his own kind of turf using silk that goes above already existing turf. This turf will act exactly like spider webbing, however it can be stacked in one spot up to 3 levels, the higher the level, the more it slows down mobs. Can befriend monsters- If he gives meat to a spider, it and a few other spiders will now follow Webber. Spiders that have been befriended will no longer attack any players for a couple of days, even after they stop following a Webber. Webber can also soothe nearby spiders so they don’t attack other players. Friendly spiders would look a bit different from hostile spiders so players are aware if they are safe or not. Grows a silk beard- Can grow past stage 3, but as it grows it covers your body and slows you down a bit Downsides: Is a half spider- Pigmen, and bunnymen are always hostile to Webber, and now give a sanity drain to him. Is half spider… again- Now, if Webber eats regular meat of any kind, he loses a bit of health and sanity. Potential Wolfgang rework Upsides: His strength- He is stronger and faster at next to full hunger. When he is at full hunger, he chops and mines with less hits, but also breaks tools faster. Loves his comrades- Wolfgang gains sanity the more people are around him. (Players and followers) Downsides: Wimpy Wolfgang- When he has low hunger, he becomes slower and wimpy. He also takes more hits to chop/mine, whilst still taking up as much durability as usual. Cares for his comrades- he loses sanity when his followers/players are damaged Fearful- he loses 25% more sanity from monsters and the dark. Charlie also comes for him faster Potential Wicker rework Upsides: Knows many things- She knows all tier 1 science crafting when entering the constant Self publishes books- she can craft books in her own crafting tab. There are many possible book ideas, but I am only adding 1 specific, and special book. Said book- She can craft a blank book. You can add individual pieces of papyrus (up to 5) to add pages. These pages will be filled as you craft items. (if you craft a bee mine for instance, the book will now contain the knowledge of a bee mine) this book can then be given to any other character, and will act as a blueprint for all the items that the book contained the knowledge of! Downsides: Insomniac- she cannot sleep in any way, and if she eats a mandrake, she will be paralyzed and will lose sanity rapidly until she can move again Is quite old- she can’t handle spoilage, and will lose health and sanity upon eating it. Doesn’t hit as hard or run as fast as the average survivor. Wilson rework? Wilson is the neutral character of the constant, with no downside, but also no massive upside, so I don’t believe anything like this will ever come into the game. That said, this is fun, so I made one anyway! Upsides FABULOUS BEARD- He grows a beard that gives him insulation and can be shaved for beard hair. Alchemist- Wilson was an alchemist before coming into the constant, and he brought that knowledge with him! He can craft a variety of potions and elixirs, that would do a variety of things, such as a potion for each stat that slowly increases said stat (like jellybeans) or short increases in some things like damage and speed. Downsides: His elixirs are not work safe- He can mix elixirs together to combine their attributes, however they have a high chance to explode when doing so. Flammable- Wilsons beard is very flammable… He will stay on fire for longer, the larger his beard is, and his beard will burn to ash afterwards these next two were done by @Woloa I became inspired while talking to my half brother about the rework concepts he's making so its time to throw my hat into the ring. Pros: -Life and Sanity gain from combat remain the same -Flat bonuses stay the same, maybe up or down slightly -Is a method actor: Builds up expertise with a category of tools the longer its in her hands, allowing her to chop/mine faster, deal more damage and have an easier time fishing. Wigfrid loses expertise over time when he hand is empty or holds a different tool. The tool categories are: Melee weapon, Ranged Weapon, Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Light Source and Pitchfork. Pitchfork expertise allows her to scoop up terrain faster, light source expertise makes torches and lanterns burn out a little slower. Cons: -Can still only ear meat and animal products -Max hunger and sanity are still low -Is a bit clumsy: For the first half a day or so of building expertise with a tool she is worse with it than anyone else, weapons deal less damage (though still more than base thanks to her 25% bonus) it takes more swings to chop or mine, light sources burn out faster and fishing rods, shovels and pitchforks are slower. @DrMcGillacactus has been on a bit of a crusade today to draft reworks for all the characters who don't have one yet, and he has entrusted me with both Wigfrid (who I already did) and Maxwell. Pros: -Knows a lot about magic: As a former magician, and former ruler of the constant, Maxwell can craft level 1 magic items without need for a prestihatatator. -Magically Inclined: Takes 25% less sanity drain from use of magic items (aside from codex umbra crafting) -Still dapper! -Starts with the Codex Umbra, but using moon glass and papyrus can craft the Codex Luna. Creating copies using the Codex Luna costs health and moon glass, said coppies do more damage and harvest faster but shatter if attacked, having much less health than shadow copies, making them less suitable for combat. Cons: -Still Frail -Using the codex umbra still reduces max sanity for a bit -Using Codex Luna reduces max health for a bit Please give feedback, i would love to see evryones ideas
  10. i like that method acting thing. if she learned how to fight, then she can learn to do other things too
  11. When i made a campfire as Woodie, it gave me the option to tell a story, like Walter, and when i pressed it, it said Only_used_by_
  12. so, i was taking advantage of Bearger and using him to kill a very large group of spiders, (about 4 tier 3 nests and a queen). i had to continually trick Bearger into hitting the spiders so that they would stop going after me, which almost killed me multiple times, but i managed to survive, i then died from a meteor after all that...