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  1. I found this by accident: You can replicate the old lantern glitch with a webber's skull. Take a look here to understand:
  2. Bunny hutches take more space, are expensive in large numbers and they just die after some time, feel free to try your idea though, see how it goes. Btw how is it a waste of gems if you get 86 gems back from 3 gems used as fuel in just 12 minutes? Beats me.
  3. The new DST beta gave hounds the ability to spawn in the ocean, which murdered my old Varg gem farm design. I made this as a teaser to my alternative but now i'm laughing too much at my own creation and i think i'm insane D: Cheers!
  4. LOL yeah i noticed after i uploaded the video, woopsies. Can always fit a lightning rod on the utility boat and a flingo in the center boat
  5. I made this as a stationary sea base, although things might change if boat linking will be a thing in the future. The trick is also useful for getting boats as close to the land as possible when you want to make a nice looking bridge. Also, hi Zeklo, big fanboy :3
  6. This is it! Although boats have can only placed at a certain distance away from each other, and the wonky hitboxes might be bothersome, You can easily overcome these obstacles by using some anchors, an oar and a bit of elbow grease! check out this Timelapse of me building one step by step. Let me know your thoughts on it. Cheers <3