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  1. She really needs something that brings value to all of the players. Her lighter and Bernie don't really add value to other players. Could be simple things to bigger things. Maybe if there is a firepit and she's standing by it she randomly adds fuel to it at no resoure cost. Maybe things like wood, grass, and sticks count as a bigger fuel count than other players do. I think fire immunity is a solid must
  2. Wortox and offline.

    I was really surprised the other day when my power went out and I went to play offline and couldn't pick Wortox. This needs to be added. We paid for him and should be able to use him offline.
  3. I think a shadow creature with a little bit of a range attack would be a good addition. Or maybe one that when you kill it it splits into two smaller faster creatures.
  4. Ya I thought 2700 was quite cheap too. I was expecting 3500. I guess he doesn't come with any of the skins which is the downside, but maybe they'll let you weave those for 1000 or something.
  5. Looks like I got lucky my first daily gift!
  6. I love the weekly increase from 4 to 8 gifts. That in itself is a nice touch. The daily bonus is awesome too!
  7. Interesting. I wonder what else her generator will power!
  8. I have a dedicated server set up on AWS. I use docker. A while ago for some reason docker stopped worked. Unable to solve the issues I created a new instance and copied over the DSTClusterConfig folder. I loaded up the instance, but I noticed that my mods were not working. I checked the two files and they were accurate. Looking at the logs during startup I am seeing. dst_caves | cp: cannot create regular file '/home/dst/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether/DSTWhalesCluster/Master/modoverrides.lua': Permission denied dst_caves | cp: cannot create regular file '/home/dst/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether/DSTWhalesCluster/Caves/modoverrides.lua': Permission denied I believe the files have the necessary permissions (I've never changed them). Here is the permissions of my mod files. If there is any other info I should post let me know.
  9. XD this happened to me once. I went back on and told them to set a password if they didn't want random people to join. For some reason they didn't want to... They kicked me agai. Lol
  10. I super excited for these updates. I'm surprised (but thankful) that mostly everything is free. Though I'm glad you're charging for the new characters. You need to make an income somehow. I'll gladly buy them. I had a question about the quote above. Will long term dedicated games receive these updates? For example, I know a few people that have servers that are well past 1000 days. I'm wondering how much of this new content will be pushed into existing games. Or will we have to start completely over if we want the new features?