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  1. This has been reported via some of the players on our servers. You're able to change characters via the wardrobe. I've also heard of players doing this on a Reforged mod server (so the bug is possibly more widespread than simply with just the wardrobe). Not sure how they accomplished that though.
  2. lol, check out this bug! https://clips.twitch.tv/CharmingCleanRavenAllenHuhu
  3. Wurt can’t eat any of the new foods .I really think leafy meat should not be counted as meat. It’s like the “beyond all meat burger.” Meat in the title, not actually meat.
  4. I think Webber needs a refresh. Beyond that though I would rather see content updates.
  5. Interesting, what lead you all to this decision? Considering a few weeks ago he was DLC:
  6. The other day I died to gunpowder... accidentally. I found a fire trap. I destroyed some of the wood walls around it so the fire wouldn't spread much. Opened the chest, it burst into flame. Stepped back to avoid fire damage. Went to grab the fire staff and the gunpowder blew up and killed me.. Not sure how I forgot about that, but I did.
  7. Yes, but then you have to use both your hand and your body section to keep dry. Raising the water resistance to 60-75% would make it as effective as an umbrella, give armor, and only take up one slot. It would make a good spring fighting item.
  8. Agreed, it's a ton of work and doesn't provide much benefit over a football helmet even without a farm. I think it's durability and water resistance should be increased. I think the protection level is fine. Its current benefit just isn't worth the time it takes to get.
  9. Hummm, this poll needs some non-gameplay QOL options. I think the games needs some QOL updates, but not any that you have listed so I couldn't complete the poll. I would like to see some optimizations. The biggest being able to host dedicated servers in 64 bit Also, adding in hyperthreading processes would be huge too!
  10. Especially seasonal skins. If I have the gingerbread chest and someone changes it I can't change it back easily.
  11. I was wondering if this was an issue. Currently DST streamers are playing on the latest hotfix, but they usually use client.
  12. Mine don't show up in the lobby either even after deleting the save files :'(