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  1. Agreed. Tbh I'm hoping he gets a complete overhaul like Woodie did.
  2. @nome & @CarlZalph I appreciate the help a lot! I'll probably have more questions at some point but this should be good to start with! Nome, I'll pm you my Klei ID.
  3. Hey @nome, as requested I'm moving this to the public forums. I had a few more questions I'm hoping you would know the answers to. To bring others up to speed on what I'm doing. Basically I'm wanting to build my own version of https://dstserverlist.appspot.com/ except I want to enhance it a bit so I can do some analytics on the servers my friends and I host. 1. I can do a GET to https://s3.amazonaws.com/klei-lobby and it provides a list of lobbies. I can do a more specific GET such as https://s3.amazonaws.com/klei-lobby/US-Steam-noevent.json.gz and it provides a long list of servers. Is there a lobby that lists all of the servers? Taking a look at the lobbies: lobbyListings_all_1.json.gz lobbyListings_all_2.json.gz ... lobbyListings_all_9.json.gz They all return the same 5 servers. I don't want to iterate through all the lobbies and get a ton of duplicates so I'm hoping there's a lobby that just lists all of the servers. 2. Is there some ID that I can use to track a server? Something that will remain the same until the cluster_token is changed? When doing a GET requests I receive fields such as __rowId, guid, session, steamid. All of these change when the server shuts down and restarts with the exception of session which changes on world regen. You had mentioned I could send UDP packets to get more information on specific servers (I’m assuming it will give me players, mods, etc). I'm wondering if there will also be a permanent ID I can use. 3. Which ID's match up to which platform? I know steam = 1, but not sure about which ID xbox, ps4, etc use. Thank you for the help
  4. But you can spawn her from fishing... "The Malbatross also has a 10% to spawn when a player hooks a Deep Bass." https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Malbatross
  5. Carrat Racing cause crash

    I think they said they exchanged the carrat before the race started. Not during the race. Did you happen to try that as well?
  6. Carrat Racing cause crash

    @ScottHansen Not sure if this will help you guys (or if you have fixed it already). The error looks the same as cezarica's. One of my servers crashed during a carrot race. I wasn't there, but the situation was reported that people were going to start a race. One person removed their carrot and put in a new one. After the race was started the game crashed. Don't have any more information than that sadly tho. server_log_2020-01-31-15-08-36.txt
  7. I like the idea of things being more random. I hate having to deal with the Antlion every summer. He's a fun boss, but I don't want to always have to fight him or appease him. Maybe have several summer bosses and each summer you get a different one. Make some optional and others not. Same could go for other seasons. I like the idea off a bit more randomness in world generation. We have a little bit of that in twiggy trees and juicy Berry bushes, but I would love to see more.
  8. Carrat Racing cause crash

    What caused the crash for you? I might be experiencing the same thing.
  9. I know this isn't content intensive, but me and my fellow server hosters have two hopes. 1. 64 bit 2. Improve the game engine to allow hyperthreading. Honestly, this would help a lot with server lag and allow us to host more than a Max of 20 players per sever (currently 18 reliably). It's going to be needed at some point if the content continues to expand. The more world objects there the harder it gets for the game engine to keep track of everything.
  10. I will kill you with the power of smoke!
  11. It looks like they accidentally swapped the image skins of the two skins. It'll get fixed.
  12. It looks like you guys accidentally overrided a Widgrid skin
  13. Their secret plan all along!