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  1. Forgotten knowledge 100%. It was a super active beta. Was really hoping that the betas after this were going to build upon this. Was really sad when they didn’t.
  2. Just tried the new event and I'm having a hard time saying it, but I dislike it. I know the devs/designers put a lot of work into it and love the work they do for DST overall, but I just can't get on board with this event. I also was expecting it to be more like winter's feast, though maybe not in the way OP was. I feel like winter's feast come's alongside the game while this event is more like the year of the ____ events. In-game mini-games you play once and will probably never play again. Anyone done carrot races recently? This was my favorite YoT mini-game and I have not done it since the event. The reason I say winter's feast comes along side the game is because I would use it year around (and some servers do) if it was part of the vanilla setup. Sleeping under the tree to get good items, the winter's feast to help with bosses, harder deerclops. These are all things that can actually help you in the game while adding a little themed festivity. This is was I was expecting out of the summer event. While the carnival games are fun a few times I don't find they add any real value to the overall gameplay and thus I will probably never do them again. The prizes are, well, again they don't do anything relevant for the game. They're just kinda there. While they said they want to add to it every year I'm not sure what they can add besides a few more carnival games, unless they add something completely different (I guess we'll have to see). The event itself really has nothing to do with summer other than IRL carnivals are in summer. Personally I would prefer the dev's time be spent on character refreshes, new characters, or QoL updates. I realize they are doing lots of these this year, but I think I would rather even one more QoL update than another in-game mini-game. There seems to be so many of them now and in a lot of ways they are the same. Do this mini game, get prizes (that are also very similar), forget about it and never do them again. I think at this point I would be okay if Klei dropped the year of the events if it meant one more regular content updates that I will use and enjoy for more than a week or two. Unless they found a way to do the event that would be relevant afterwards.
  3. Hummm, naaaa. I think it’s [retracted] that has the worst rep.
  4. I’d like to see a Mothling skin. Only critter that doesn’t have a skin. Also, it’s ugly XD. I would have previously said Chester, but he just got one! So possibly hutch. The moon-fountain for sure.
  5. I never said upgrade or replacement, I said a sort of upgrade. Sure, one of it's downsides is that it can't hold some kinds of foods or cooked food, but it does have advantages over the icebox.
  6. I agree I am glad Klei has avoided the power creep. Though I do think it makes sense to add items that replace/upgrade others late game. In fact we already have a few of these. Salt box is a sort of upgrade to the fridge Waterflowl can is an upgrade to the watering can The Lazy Explorer is an upgrade to the Walking Cane Winged Sale is an upgrade to the Mast Scaled chest is an upgrade to the regular chests All of these upgrades can be obtained after defeating a boss or doing some late game activity. I think crab king needs a drop like this. He's a late game boss and is pretty difficult. Maybe the trident will be more useful in the next two content updates this year (assuming they are sea related, fingers crossed). Maybe he drops a blueprint for an upgraded ice staff (1.5-2x freezing power)? Another random idea I had that's probably terrible. The CK drops his shell. Maybe you could use the shell for different things. Only semi-good idea I could come up with is maybe placing it on a tier-3 spider nest that prevents it from becoming a spider queen shrug. I changed my mind on the Malbatross. I think it's drops are decent enough for the difficultly. It gives two drops that allow you to upgrade fairly simple things (watering can & mast). I think the drop (Enlightened Crown) for the Celestial Champion is awesome. It's a good late game item and I think is fairly balanced. One thing that I would like to see buffed is the Cookie Cutter Cap (CCC). The Football helmet has 315 durability and 80% protection. The CCC has 525 durability and 70% protection. Seeing how easy it is to farm pig skins there's really never a reason to use the CCC. The cookie cutters are not easy to farm, require a lot of time to get, and is more of a late game thing. The cookie cutter only has a 25% chance to drop a cookie cutter shell (and you need 4 to make the CCC) as opposed to only needing 1 pig skin for a football helm. Granted, cookie cutters have a lot less health, but as I previously stated it's very easy to farm pig skin and I don't think there's a way to farm cookie cutters. For these reasons I think the CCC should be buffed. Maybe make it 80% protection and/or increase the durability to 600. This way it's an actual upgrade to the football helm that's worth the effort.
  7. You said you tried running a dedicated server on a mac? Honestly I've never tried running a dedicated server on a mac so I have no frame of reference for that. Also not sure if it would even be a Klei issue or just a MacOS issue so I can't advice much on if a support ticket would result in anything, though it might not hurt to ask.
  8. Not really sure what that has to do with running a server. The 60 FPS is mainly going to be handled by your integrated graphics while the server/other players is handled by your CPU. If you can all play with with no caves, but can’t play when you enable caves I think it’s pretty obvious your computer can’t handle the load.
  9. If this is the case it’s likely your computer can’t handle running two servers, three friends, and you playing. I’d recommend not using caves or have one of your friends host the server.
  10. What model of MacBook Pro do you have? How many people are on the server when you start to have issues?
  11. I really want to like ROT and in some ways do, but am also pretty surprised it’s finished. In many ways it feels like a bunch of incomplete parts that are laying the foundation for something else. Lunar Ruins, Ocean, Lunar Islands all seem in their infancy. Like they stated a bunch of new plot lines, but didn’t actually complete any of them. It would have been nice to complete at least one of them. Storyline wise just adding more plot lines and not actually completing anything doesn’t make a good story. For me I’m still going, “who the heck are them?” Maybe this was answered and I just missed it? If not then that honestly really disappointing because that was the whole point of the beta… I have to agree with others that besides the celestial champion all of the boss drops are kinda useless. Edit: Changed my mind on the boss drops. I think the drops for Malbatross are fine. I still think the Crab King drops are lame tho.
  12. Technically I didn’t say there wouldn’t be two. I just said the third would be completely new haha, but thank you for the correction. Ya that change is weird. My assumption is it’s Twitch’s update. Twitch is weird sometimes.
  13. Three Content Updates Don't Starve Together Roadmap 2021 - [Don't Starve Together] General Discussion - Klei Entertainment Forums Interesting. So the third content update will be something completely new.