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  1. Critters are amazing just the way they are. Not everything in the game has to have a function. It's okay if some things are just there for fun. That's exactly the point of critters.
  2. Thanks for adding 64 bit!
  3. I was on a server with this one guy who died 2-3 times this way in less than ~2 hours. Lol, funniest thing.
  4. Woah, I've never seen the square one. What is that from?
  5. I liked the new music. I also like the old music. I hope you guys are able to reuse the new music still!
  6. So I'm not the only one wondering this... I never said anything, but I have started to wonder recently. And honestly it's not because of the reworks but because of the dev live streams. I have watched a couple of the dev live streams where two developers talk about some of the latest DST changes. There's been a number of times where they've done things that make me wonder if they actually play the game much. There has been a few times where they don't know console commands or can't remember facts about the game (things you would know if you played even semi-regularely). Maybe I'm being too critical. I understanding live-streaming and trying to explain things is different than just playing the game. I also understand DST is a pretty robust game and it's impossible to remember everything. I also understand that DST is their job and not necessarily their hobby like it is for us so they might not spend their extra time playing it much. But those types of things have happened enough times during livestreams to make me wonder if they play it beyond basic testing. All that said I love this game, love Klei as a company, have loved most of the reworks and new characters, and am excited for what comes next in RoT.
  7. ... sounds like a get gud problem. Honestly this is a survival game. So if that happens and you die you learn to better prepare in the future. That's the entire point to the game.
  8. I don't get the "we need Hamlet characters in DST" train. I would much rather new characters
  9. Salty Dog Spoilers

    Salt increases healing? That doesn't make any sense. Salt should make food last longer. Agreed, that would probably never get used because of bundling wraps, but I feel like the items need to make sense on some level.
  10. Salty Dog Spoilers

    The gems don't sink? Don't they usually?
  11. Wow. Wasn't expecting this at all. That's awesome! Thank you!
  12. I agree on many fronts. 30 seconds for 30 health is bogus. His transformation should last min 120 seconds (when transformed via an idol). I like your idea of having transformations shorter when he shoves his face with monster meat (here 30 seconds makes sense). Having the idols cost 1 living log and 15 health and 20 sanity makes much more sense. Also, the goose moving fast for 30 for 30 health is kinda… lame and broken. He should be able to swim 100%. If he just runs fast for a short while it's not worth 30 health. No one will ever use this intentionally. The moose should also not be so slow. You know how fast moose are in real life? Fast. Edit: After watching the Livestream yesterday and playing Woody more I have to add two things. Klei said they kept the time short for the transformation so you didn't get stuck in it if you wanted to get out. Which makes sense. I could see some situations where being stuck in the transformation would be frustrating. Second, the moose doesn't do near enough damage. Especially the charge. I charged a teir 3 spider nest thinking I would destroy it. I almost got destroyed by the spiders that came out. With the 30 health loss and the damage from the first spider bite I was basically dead. If I can't even destroy a spider nest while charging what good is it? It's too slow to use against bosses and if it's not strong enough to fight bigger things like a bunch of spiders or Beefalo what good is it? Kiting with a hambat would deal more damage in the long run. I feel like there's 0 reason to transform now. The moose needs bigger max health, at least 90% defence, and do more damage.
  13. ... I didn't know this. Honestly I never tried because it makes zero sense.
  14. My Varg Farm

    Ahhh, I had forgotten about this. Thanks! Although I think I like OP's method better. You don't have to be Winona in order to set it up.