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  1. I don't think DST is a game for everyone... but it sounds like you didn't actually play much and didn't watch any reviews/gameplay before purchasing. There's a lot more in the game than starvation and the darkness that will kill you. There are different seasons, bosses, mobs, etc. I feel like this can be said about every survival game. Ark, Terraria, Valheim. You just survive, build stuff, farm resources, fight bosses, get armor, tame stuff, etc. The end is kinda when you're done doing everything you want to do.
  2. That's not a hot take, that seems to be a pretty common desire on the forums.
  3. Wilba should not be brought into DST as a playable character (I would have also added Wagstaff, but now that he's an NPC it's not likely he will).
  4. Thanks for the hotfix also, go home Klei, it’s 6 PST. See you next week.
  5. I played Terraria last night. They’ve already been somewhat mixed. So…. Yes?
  6. I find the lack of pranks.... disturbing.
  7. lol, guess Klei has records of me spamming that for no reason
  8. Why would it be too much? You'd still be able to click and craft whatever you want. Having the search auto selected doesn't change your ability to craft stuff.
  9. Or maybe the text field should be auto selected when opening the craft menu? Then we don't need a separate hotkey for it.
  10. Serpentine Storm Skin, thanks to -Variant for sharing in the Discord Missed that ArubaroBeefalo just posted it.... Excited for this for sure!!