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  1. Tbh I was sure Webber was going to be done before Wigfrid. He needs it a lot more. Maybe Klei didn’t know how to rework him yet? My guess is that Webber will be next. IMO he and Maxwell need it the most out of those who are left. Then Wes needs to be nurfed.
  2. Wwwwwaaaaaaaaa, thank you! Solid list of QoL chnges!
  3. Would be nice to have more of a magic focused Character.
  4. Yes, in my main world i use skins and labels and group them by skins. For basic resources (wood, grass, twigs, etc.) I use default skin. For rarer resources (gold, gems, gears, etc.) I use the gold skin. For things like pig skin, bunny puff, living logs I use the monster chest. I use the blue pattern chest for befall wool, silk, bone, shards, etc. Have the gingerbread chest by my Christmas tree to hold oradments and things. Not sure what I’m going to use the heart skin chest for yet.
  5. Well, Joe did say new soooo..... none of those..... I don't get people's obsession with bringing in Hamlet characters to DST.
  6. O interesting. I already had the clucky winter hat. Were the slippers only from a drop? I think the hat was given to everyone who logged in.
  7. Sweet! Also Clucky Slippers, when was that released? Must have been a long time ago.
  8. Hummm, this adds up to more than 12. Which month shall we receive multiple updates in? Also, can we please please get dedicated server hosting updates in on of the QOL updates?
  9. I’ve done it a handful of times. I usually just set up a basic base. I make sure I have two regular spider nests nearby as well as a number of stone fruit bushes. That usually covers food. Honestly, that’s about it. There’s not much else to do on the island thus far so making sure you have food is enough. I usually dig up the snappy things and plant them by the nests. I also bring some axes and a bunch of silk for butterfly nets. I cut down lunar trees and plant them by where I’ve based.
  10. Sounds like a dedicated server hosters nightmare. I also don’t think Klei should spend time or resources catering the game to people who are going to just give up easily and go play something else anyway.
  11. Ya yes, Mozart Requiem, a classic!
  12. I like how the “why you’re doing this” section doesn’t really explain why you’re doing this... F
  13. They have been adding new content, for quite a while. They did ROG, they did the Forge (round 1 and 2), the Gorge, and the last 2 years they've been working on ROT. They've also done character refreshes and added 4 new characters. The game's player base has been steadly growing https://steamcharts.com/app/322330#All. They are making money on it. They make money off skins. My guess is that it's been fairly profitable for them as the rate in which skins have been added has increase slightly over the years. Skins are a solid way for a Klei to make money and players who are able to can support them. Sure there's a large difference in the price, but I still know a number of people who couldn't afford to pay $10-$15 for the DLC. There's a number of member in the DST community I'm apart of who have not been able to try Wortox yet because they can't afford to purchase him. I don't want to stop gaming with them because I can afford something they can't at this point. I have nothing against DLC, I'm just against DLC (for DST) that would split the community. New game mods would do that. Different playable characters doesn't.
  14. “As we said before, we think it’s important that everyone can play together and we don’t segregate our audience, so all of this content will be available for free to everyone!” - Bigfoot 2019 Roadmap