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  1. XD this happened to me once. I went back on and told them to set a password if they didn't want random people to join. For some reason they didn't want to... They kicked me agai. Lol
  2. I super excited for these updates. I'm surprised (but thankful) that mostly everything is free. Though I'm glad you're charging for the new characters. You need to make an income somehow. I'll gladly buy them. I had a question about the quote above. Will long term dedicated games receive these updates? For example, I know a few people that have servers that are well past 1000 days. I'm wondering how much of this new content will be pushed into existing games. Or will we have to start completely over if we want the new features?
  3. O that makes a lot more sense thank you! It also explains why sometimes commands have not been working for me
  4. Thank you for the help. I'm glad I decided to ask here before messing with that file. Can you explain this a little more so I understand. Normally I would enter this command by bringing up the in game console (hitting ~) or I would enter it into my server terminal that I've attached to the game. Would this be incorrect then?
  5. I created a dedicated server a few months ago. I added all the changes I wanted to the leveldataoverride.lue of both the over world and underworld. Later I realized I forgot to turn off diseases. So I went into the leveldataoverride.lue of both servers and set disease_delay="none". I also shutdown the servers and restarted them. However, today I noticed that all my twig bushes had diseases. Upon further research I found there is a file for each server called saveindex. Here the diseases are set to disease_delay="default". What is the difference between these two files? I'm assuming if I adjust the saveindex file it will accomplish what I want, yet I'm hesitant because I don't want to regenerate the world.