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  1. Time travelling character idea

    I like the forward travel part of this idea but not the backward travel part
  2. Is that a console command?
  3. Guess Who?

    I'm not particularly interested in playimg warbucks.
  4. Guess Who?

    I had the exp bar fill up to "at cap" then looked in the character selection, there was no warbucks.
  5. Bridges

    This is a great idea.
  6. This thread is getting pretty heated. I think they should just merge the worthies into one worthy if you have both sw and ham.
  7. Taking Back Main Menu

    I don't really like the sw theme but being able to play original or rog theme would be nice. This concept has been suggested so many times I'm suprised kleii hasn't implemented it yet.
  8. Silly Tier lists

    Riding the BFB...
  9. I have this tam and i were it almost every day.
  10. Communism for all!! Making the pigs communist would kind of ruin the concept of the shops though.
  11. I hope that get implemented to.
  12. Hamlet pond findings with SW mechanics

    I have a world where a sunken relic generated within a pitchfork tile of the edge a lilly pond that borders a wilds biome, so i can infinitely farm pikos from the tea trees because those annoying little guys will get suck a the edge of the pond trying to get the relic.