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  1. Wait, what happened to Brothgar?
  2. Dragonpie is only a good source of health if your playing wurt otherwise it's to hard to mass farm
  3. Moon Theory: Ancients

    Hence why I said seemingly benevolent. The hallowed in terraria also has things that try to kill you.
  4. I got a walking and it's blueprint within a fews seconds of each other once. The walking cane was next to the skeleton in the background.
  5. Moon Theory: Ancients

    I wonder if the moon is like the hallowed in terraria, seemingly benevolent but still spreading like the evil corruption/crimson
  6. We're did you get a quote for wheat?
  7. Webber pretty much always talks in 3rd person. Someone, I think it was zeklo, said this was likely a result of him being combined with a spider into the humanoid form he is currently in, it's like him and the spider talking.
  8. Hound fortress farm?

    It was an honest mistake
  9. Hound fortress farm?

    No it's not.
  10. My real life dragon pie

    I used sugar and a little bit of maple syrup to sweeten it.
  11. My real life dragon pie

    The dragonfruit i made this pie with tasted like beets, it was wasn't very good. The one i used had a red interior.
  12. My real life dragon pie

    It was made pretty much like any other fruit pie