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  1. It reskins the totem of undying, in case that wasn't obvious.
  2. I think it drops out of your inventory but I don't want to play through adventure mode twice to test it.
  3. With no command console no.
  4. It's amazing that your still doing these more than a year later, keep up the good work!
  5. My sister got one of the Wolfgang skins, I don't remember which one, literally her first time playing.
  6. I used sugar and a little bit of maple syrup to sweeten it.
  7. The dragonfruit i made this pie with tasted like beets, it was wasn't very good. The one i used had a red interior.
  8. It was made pretty much like any other fruit pie
  9. This is a dragon pie i made, i know it isn't as nice looking as some others that have been showcased on this forum.
  10. I just passed 1400, don't know the exact number.
  11. My sister was doodling in her notebook and made this and i thought looked kind of like a marble shrub so she said i could post it here. Sorry the image is so blurry, the camera on my phone sucks.
  12. I am offended by the fact that brought smash into this.