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  1. How to reset the aporkalypse?

    This is an excellent idea! @JoeW
  2. How to reset the aporkalypse?

    Could i use the c_gonext command to teleport to the calender, reset it then, teleport back to the starting location?
  3. I would like to know if there is a console command to reset the 60 day timer on the aporkalypse, i prefer to start in rog and don't usually get around to going to hamlet until well after the 60 day timer runs and would rather not have to deal with the aporkalypse immediately upon getting to hamlet. I already tried this command but it didn't work: GetAporkalypse().begin_date = GetClock():GetTotalTime()+28800
  4. Please no. Smash i just stupid.
  5. My real life dragon pie

    I used sugar and a little bit of maple syrup to sweeten it.
  6. My real life dragon pie

    The dragonfruit i made this pie with tasted like beets, it was wasn't very good. The one i used had a red interior.
  7. Spiders in terraria are pretty dangerous if you aren't well equiped enough though
  8. My real life dragon pie

    It was made pretty much like any other fruit pie
  9. Wes James bucket is the best youtuber
  10. This is a dragon pie i made, i know it isn't as nice looking as some others that have been showcased on this forum.
  11. Hamlet is unfinished!

    Jason Garner and Vince de Vera are geniuses. They are the ones who wrote this right?
  12. who holds the record?

    I just passed 1400, don't know the exact number.
  13. My sister was doodling in her notebook and made this and i thought looked kind of like a marble shrub so she said i could post it here. Sorry the image is so blurry, the camera on my phone sucks.
  14. Silly Tier lists

    I am offended by the fact that brought smash into this.
  15. Weird Headcannons

    What does Wilson 2.0 mean?