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Who has the best voice in your opinion?

Who has the best voice?  

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  1. 1. Which voice is the best?

    • Wilson's harmon muted trumpet
    • Willow's flute
    • Wolfgang's tuba
    • Wendy's alto flute
    • WX-78's "crazy processed synth"
    • Wickerbottom's aboe
    • Woodie's cello
    • Wes's
    • Maxwell's harmonium
    • Wigfrid's brass horns
    • Webber's "synthesizer dropped down the stairs"
    • Winona's tubulum
    • Wortox's violin
    • Wormwood's didgeridoo
    • Warly's steel drum
    • Wurt's

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None of the voices really give me good vibes when I listen to it. Don't get me wrong, a lot of them are great. I just don't feel anything.

Except SCP-049 but that's a mod character so it doesn't count... and his voice is just an edited Maxwell. 049's carol is a godsend, ok?

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I chose Wortox because I like violins. There is no in depth or absurd reason to it, I just like hearing violin noises.

3 hours ago, GrandTardigrade said:

Exactly the same... Woodie's voice is so warm and chilling... Sadly, Lucy's voice is the exact opposite of it.

Its simular to a nagging wife tbh.

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6 hours ago, Kuba5565 said:

Poor Winona, nobody likes her voice. Even Wes has 3 votes.

Winona is still a character you don't see (and hear) that often on public servers. I see even more people playing Wes. I think the most people just don't remember her voice.

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