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  1. That’s a tough line. He technically can be solo’d without it but it’s really difficult. I’d say it’s not an egregiously cheesy thing like ancient guardian into a pillar or lure plants with fuelweaver. Especially considering he feels like a truly multiplayer boss experience (which tbh I really like and would love to see more multiplayer mechanic fights but a lot of solo players on the forums seem to complain about that). I really enjoyed 2 person crab king without ice staffs
  2. Thanks for all the work on stuff! Although I guess we can still be surprised, I’m not gonna lie about being sad to see no Webber, but I digress—great update!
  3. Various things have been detaching themselves from the boat. Two masts came off of the boat and stayed floating in the ocean, but the boat was still behaving as if the masts were open on the boat. Similar things happened to other items such as a lightning rod. Not sure if it is due to the same bug, but Beefalo on the boat while unmoving can walk on water.
  4. Not quite sure if it's a bug, but since it doesn't sound right I will just bring it to attention if it has not already been. When you first login, or when you come back to the home screen from browsing collections or something of the sort, the music begins with an abrupt percussion sound that is at the end of the musical sequence and then it begins with the proper intro.
  5. @Sunset Skye what was your tactic for getting them to spawn together so well? That looks amazing!
  6. It’s small things like this that leave me with a big smile. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know if the spoiled fish can be turned into bone shards btw? Renewable source please please please...!
  8. It’s up to Microsoft how soon it will go out. Klei can’t provide this information because it literally isn’t up to them.
  9. Is the fix for Wurt temporary? While I appreciate that she doesn’t have infinite stats, this doesn’t seem like a good solution because the Merm King bonuses are so easily lost when traveling back and forth between shards.