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  1. I don’t know about that. Dark Souls is always quoted and memed about being a nightmarishly difficult game that requires “skill”, but after playing it for 300 hours I can look away from my screen for all the boss fights and not really even worry about getting hit and the same goes for all the other people who put time. Whether they shake things up and you have to relearn or not, you’re going to get good at it, and you’re going to find a reason to talk about this again. Sandbox games (and not even just sandbox) rely on you making your own fun after a certain point. You can’t just expect yourself to enjoy the experience of doing the same things over and over. Also as a small side, give yourself more credit for thinking kiting is easy, because with my friends I play with, they’ve encountered deerclops at least 18x+ and most of them still would be dead if I didn’t help them kill it. It’s harder than you think for a good chunk of people!
  2. I keep seeing the arguments being bolstered with “this is a survival game so...”. Have you all considered DST is its own game and not just another installment in a genre? There are some valid points made on both sides but, at the end of the day, changing the core gameplay loop is a fantasy that is tailored to the individual who is taking their turn at complaining. Your best bet is to try some other games and take a break or use some new mods when they come around if you can
  3. Login Screen Music

    Not quite sure if it's a bug, but since it doesn't sound right I will just bring it to attention if it has not already been. When you first login, or when you come back to the home screen from browsing collections or something of the sort, the music begins with an abrupt percussion sound that is at the end of the musical sequence and then it begins with the proper intro.
  4. Please Nerf Boat Kits

    I don’t understand why “griefers” would waste time gathering resources for a science machine, a seafaring machine, and 16 times X number of logs to jump gaps when they can easily walk wherever they’re trying to get lol.
  5. Don't Starve: A Starving Story

    Varg farms and the crazy people who want to dabble in Beefalo taming would be reasons to bump into them lol. You can go on a hunt for a “quick meat boost” but why? They’re great early because you can double up on discovering the map and getting a lot of food for a single person, but they take a while longer than any other option a person who’s established a base or the sorts would have, and the later you go the more likely you are to find surprises. And yeah, people don’t die often to starvation, but the other deaths are linked to it. They try to do things that prevent them from starving and then... I don’t typically join pubs, I play with my own friends, but I wanna say 15/20 of my public experiences are people joining and begging for directions to a base and pinging their hunger 24/7 lol. It’s especially prevalent on servers with 8+ people. But we’re both generalizing let’s be honest. We both say “I know X people who do this” when we both don’t have any real quantifiable evidence. The bottom line is food is definitely too abundant for a single or few people, but that is because it is a game designed with larger player counts in mind.
  6. Don't Starve: A Starving Story

    I feel like hunts are hardly a point of adjustment in this manner. They’re only a decent early game source and it’s already hard enough to find the Varg/Ewecus, so adding all those mobs would just turn them into a dream if you intentionally want to bump into them. Food is a hard place to balance not only because multiplayer, but because it is very well known the majority of the player base doesn’t find the game as easy as you do. So I’d say create your own challenges or use mods if you aren’t console.
  7. Warly and Winona both share an unfortunate fate. In late game worlds, they are both destined to be “swap characters” where one builds catapults and is dropped, and the other spices up a bunch of powder cakes and is dropped. While they have small gameplay elements that can make them fun to stay as, such as fast crafting with one and unique dishes with the other, they both need something to make them a more viable option to stay and play on indefinitely. While I don’t have suggestions for Winona, Warly has a very clear identity as a butcher which can play into his gameplay quite nicely. The idea is simple: Warly, as a butcher, has surgical precision in his work, and would never waste parts. Upon killing mobs, Warly has an increased chance of getting certain drops, and can get multiple drops. For example, upon killing a spider, you have a 50/25/25% chance of getting either monster meat/gland/silk. Warly, however, would be guaranteed a monster meat, and have a 30/30% chance of getting a silk/gland. This can also apply to any mobs that have a variable chance at dropping different things such as pigs. A guaranteed meat with a 30% chance of a skin to drop along with it up from 25%. This would be wonderful especially for mobs such as volt goats. He can just have an additional 5-10% chance of dropping a horn. One other potential idea would be for mobs that don’t have variable drops would be having a chance to drop an extra resource such as a koalefant with 9 meat instead of 8. That seems way less important than the chance at better drops though.
  8. [Game Update] - 388775

    @Sunset Skye what was your tactic for getting them to spawn together so well? That looks amazing!
  9. Question regarding boat bases

    I could be wrong but I am confident that it will behave similarly to how it would if you were in the caves. You can delay his spawn or unfortunately prevent it all together should winter cycle over. Though I suppose for a boat base with only 2 people, 2 eyes would really be all you need lol. Looks like you have a fun setup though! Nice progress!
  10. The theme of all the reworks to my understanding is that the cast is adapting to the environment and becoming better and stronger. So even if Wortox believed Maxwell didn’t know what he was doing, he still could learn right? I love the ideas of versatile shadows and especially the shadow meter with spells! A fragile character with interesting combat/utility capabilities would be great to diversify the gang.
  11. Question regarding boat bases

    Slightly off topic, but how do Gnarwails spawn anyways? Do you need to be on water for extended periods of time or?
  12. wurt loses more sanity?

    Well, some people actually view the health cost as a perk of wormwood since he can just sleep heal in a tent, and his ability to not have malleable health from food gives him some interesting food options. That aside, not every character has a harsh downside. Woodie is just a character with general perks in every region, and nothing truly negative about him, and I would argue he’s a wonderful character.
  13. Yeah I think the difficulty scales with player competence more than number lol. I love playing with my friends but I think it’s 300x easier playing solo than grouping with 5 of them. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t borderlands essentially just add more health for more players to “scale difficulty”? I don’t think spongier enemies are a solution. It would be cool if every here and there they include fights, puzzles, interactions, etc. that require multiple people. I’m thinking of Little Big Planet for instance where in the levels that were made for the base game they include co op only puzzles that are impossible to do solo. Gating things like that could be problematic in some people’s eyes though.
  14. Not to be rude, but using these things as a qualifier for your argument, especially as an opener, does make it infinitely harder to take this seriously. One thing I would say is to observe the game from the lens of the lesser experienced players which dominate the landscape compared to the veterans who can’t die if they tried. I think it would change your opinion about some of these things. Definitely feel like farms and blow darts can get some love though.
  15. Next Year's Hallowed Nights Idea

    I definitely appreciate the smaller things that they added for the events, but I definitely would argue that Klaus was the biggest thing to come from the feast, and the fact that Hallowed Nights got pushed a little to the wayside this year makes me feel like it getting something huge like a new hunt style optional raid boss would be pretty adequate to say the least. Either way, it’ll be cool to see what happens.