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  1. Really? I haven’t personally seen it through the times I’ve done it normally and then a few solo sail test sessions, but I could just be lucky. Also hard agree it just seems like something tacked on just because why not lol.
  2. The setup is basically just one malb sail, one anchor, and a steering wheel. If you place them in order from the object that needs the most space to least (I can’t remember lol), you can keep them all in the center and the claws can’t reach them. I will say if you misplace them even just a little bit though the claws can reach them even when it looks like they can’t. I’ve definitely messed it up a few times lol.
  3. If you’re solo I don’t think it’s possible without damage modifiers. The problem is the claws soak too much damage so you don’t really get a chance to ever deal meaningful damage and you probably will get hit pretty quickly. But if you’re playing wolf/Wanda and or have buff food both the rowing strategy and the sail strategy should work. I haven’t compared the two against each other since I usually do the fight with my girlfriend everytime, but I actually think using one malbatross sail and an anchor is the best way to achieve the highest Dps you can. I basically leave the malb sail unfurled at all times and manipulate the anchor to move. A quick pump up will send you far enough for the dodge and then you just quickly adjust the steering wheel in the direction you want to go and you can keep swinging for a good while. If you overshoot it though you can be prone to slowly moving too far away even with anchor down. It works much better with two people obviously but I found that I could pull it off solo but I couldn’t do it without Wolfgang.
  4. At this point he desperately needs something to make himself stand out so big ups on this one.
  5. I quite enjoy everything except for the bosses which is a shame since that’s usually one of my favorite parts! They seem like a slightly more engaging ancient guardian I guess? Not a tremendous fan as it seems like the eye of terror is fine the way that it is, but the twins definitely are decently big let-down and don’t bring anything mechanically unique to fighting in terms of as an upgrade from the easier version of the fight and to DST combat/boss fights in general.
  6. I don’t want this to derail into a crab king discussion but I will point out that you can solo him without ice staves or various cheese methods (in a quite exciting manner might I add) but unfortunately you need to have Wolfgang damage to be able to pull it off. I wouldn’t want him to be nerfed in anyway as he’s quite well balanced for multiplayer, but perhaps there needs to be a better tool to help deal with him by yourself (namely the biggest crunch I’ve found is having the damage to take out the claws before you get overwhelmed by other mechanics). Perhaps the moon sword could offer a unique benefit in his fight as well to help with that (idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). I think it’s fair to say that more useful farmable rewards would be nice from him. I feel like he’s probably snapped at a passing gnarwail or two while sitting around just out of spite, so why doesn’t he drop some of their horns for starters?
  7. I mean I would be content if it were even just 1-2 fossils per deconstruct with the rest being bone shards and nightmare fuel but none just seems a bit off given that it literally looks like it’s made of fossil.
  8. I mean at this point I think the AI change on AG should be reverted and then just don’t touch him until it’s time for a rework because he reaaaaaallly needs one IMO.
  9. At least while on Wickerbottom, I noticed that while a friendly Webber was around with one friendly spider, I could not open my gift at an alchemy engine. As soon as the friendly spider was gone, the gift was able to be opened. Sorry if this is intended for any reason!
  10. The boat changes sound awesome! Here’s to still hoping we can get sea striders as ocean collectors for objects!
  11. Thanks for the quick work! It would be great if whenever there is time to get a fix on f still default attacking spiders at the least, but I also think an increase in how many doodles you get per craft and having allied spiders not immediately rush for food would be great changes as well!
  12. Thanks for all the work on stuff! Although I guess we can still be surprised, I’m not gonna lie about being sad to see no Webber, but I digress—great update!
  13. Various things have been detaching themselves from the boat. Two masts came off of the boat and stayed floating in the ocean, but the boat was still behaving as if the masts were open on the boat. Similar things happened to other items such as a lightning rod. Not sure if it is due to the same bug, but Beefalo on the boat while unmoving can walk on water.
  14. Not quite sure if it's a bug, but since it doesn't sound right I will just bring it to attention if it has not already been. When you first login, or when you come back to the home screen from browsing collections or something of the sort, the music begins with an abrupt percussion sound that is at the end of the musical sequence and then it begins with the proper intro.
  15. @Sunset Skye what was your tactic for getting them to spawn together so well? That looks amazing!