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  1. Nice use of the seaweeds! I would think whether or not you call it cheese doesn’t matter. I love doing the fight the intended way - sailing around it with someone trying to fight it without ice staves, bees or anything - but if this becomes a boss with farmable loot, after a certain point it is nice to have something setup like a catapult farm for bee queen.
  2. Yeah that makes it kind of a gray area but it’s still like a living creature, which I think a vegan would just straight up avoid. So being a vegetarian you’d think Wurt would be ok with leafy meat being like the closest thing to going past her line. Idk I think I just really want her to have more reasons to use a crockpot lol.
  3. Considering she’s so violent towards pigs, you’d think she’d at least be able to stomach vegetarian meat substitutes. She’s definitely not vegan because she’ll kill and eat butterflies. I really think this should be reconsidered.
  4. I did some snooping and did not find any evidence of cross-save compatibility unfortunately. There may or may not be plans in the future but it may not work out as of now :(.
  5. Yeah I agree if we have to pick a side combat is way more interesting for a magician than resource gatherer. I’m sure there’s some middle line that exists that focuses on magic and shadows altogether as opposed to just combat and just utility.
  6. My friend that isn’t the point of the suggestion. There are archaic mechanics/elements that need refreshes. This isn’t about making the game harder.
  7. I don’t have the answer as to how farms should be changed, but it is a largely shared opinion by informed players that farms function horribly compared to every other food source in the game. Ancient Guardian is supposed to be a ruins (“end game”) type boss, and functions as a glorified seasonal giant that most people decide they would rather fight through an exploit. I understand the need for simpler bosses such as seasonal giants, but ancient guardian really doesn’t meet their quota for involved bosses. I don’t believe I or anyone suggested stop what they are doing and do this now, it’s more along the lines of assuming they don’t have everything exactly mapped out but rather they just have concepts (ex: September char refresh, October: RoT) but nothing actually set in stone with what changes they make, it could be potentially cool to see a focus on a game element other than the characters getting a refresh. But if they already have things for sure in the works, such as the confirmed troubled waters update and maybe they’ve already begun work on a char refresh for the month after, yeah for sure don’t stop working on that. However, just to further point out their flexibility, they did delay an update because they thought it needed more time and did do a small QoL update in its stead.
  8. I would actually argue that if they just focused on one thing such as farms or just ancient guardian, I think they could pull that off in a month or a little bit over that. Now, something like summer would probably be more of a multiple month update I could agree there, because it is broad and is just completely void of content atm and needs a lot of help. The refresh aspect of summer would probably just be a touch up on wildfires and etc to modernize the mechanic a bit, but yeah it needs a full rework tbh. But otherwise I get what you’re saying. Just keep in mind that we do not know what their scheduled workload looks like unless they directly tell us things so who is to say things are not more up in the air? All we know is that they are working on character refreshes, they are working on RoT. We can make assumptions about those and other things like events, but at this current moment, we can only confirm a new RoT update is coming next.
  9. I would believe QoL to be more like what we received recently such as things about the main menu, and fixing things such as the marble armor recipe. It could be similar though, regardless the question stays the same!
  10. While I have been enjoying the character refreshes and the pacing of the updates in general, someone got me thinking of a little bit of a new way Klei could spice up the pattern. While I eagerly await a Webber refresh, it could be interesting if for one month, instead of going to the next character after a content drop, if Klei took time to refresh archaic mechanics/content. For example, a refresh to farming, ancient guardian, summer, and/or the biome(s) in the caves (although they just need more content in general, kinda like summer, so that’s less of a refresh). Or this could be something that we move on to after the characters are refreshed? Thoughts?
  11. Warly is one of my personal favorites and I think he’s fine other than his switch off problem. That being said I haven’t really seen a suggestion for adequately solving that. I think something that would make him more of a mainstay is adding to his nature of being a butcher and giving him better ability to farm mobs (maaaaayyybeee bosses). An idea I’ve always had is that he gets increased drops/drop chances. The three examples are as follows: Spiders, who have multiple varieties of drops, would drop one of their three drops as normal, but then have a chance to drop one of the other two things as well (ex: gland and meat drop from one spider kill). Volt goats could have an increased chance of dropping their horns say by 20% for example. Koalefants, with a fixed drop, can just drop one extra meat when killed by Warly. This change alone gives him an excellent mainstay purpose and helps him have a little utility outside of strictly being support.
  12. I’d like to say that in terms of the monster meat supply, I found depth worms to be the best bet since you’ll usually bump into some on your way there. I didn’t usually find myself prepping much meat beforehand and would have a healthy amount.
  13. While I get that it personally ruined it for you and some others, he still is one of the most picked characters atm so I would imagine that it isn’t exactly a majority opinion that his rework wasn’t successful and saying he was annihilated is a bit of an overstatement. I do agree about the short though. I liked it a decent bit and thought it was fun, but it’s strange that he’s pretty much the only one who didn’t get lore attached. His whole story is being a magician and the theme of the reworks is the survivors fleshing out their abilities since they are adapting to the constant. A resource gatherer seems hardly fitting to be his main role whether or not it is functionally strong. He’s a good character just his identity is messed up and I personally think it could be so much more interesting and focus on his magic and manipulation of shadows.
  14. I would personally hope that Webber and Maxwell get something along the lines of Woody and the rest I’m not too sure about.
  15. Well to be fair, not “cheesing” crab king does involve dodging a projectile when he does his boiling water. I think when done with one boat and no freeze spamming/bees it’s an amazing fight and push more in that teamwork boat combat than Malbatross. The other points about it being expensive and dangerous are spot on though. More combat structures would be fun.