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  1. Yes,and you know why wes doesn’t say anything at all?The game doesn’t want the other to know THE SECRECT
  2. Ancient fuelweaver,if i didnt get striked first
  3. Oh,my bad.I mean,just keep her 1.25 dmg boost and have that 1.33 stat boost from food
  4. She doesn’t need a dmg bonus.What she need is a 1.33 stats modifier from food
  5. No but it made me a insomiac
  6. Inmagine these guys fight each other: An insaned willow with BERNIE! A wendy with abigail A webber with 50 spider as companion A wes with his balloon army A wolfgang with a meaty stew A woodie with a weremoose kitchys idol ready A wurt with 10 merm befriended Each will wield a ham bat and a marble suit Who will win?
  7. Don't Steal Together

    klei should add a karma counter which make the one that done bad things to suffer
  8. come on,you knew that a drum is so big for a crook pot
  9. I dont know if this was removed or not,but you can farm soul from wes and wortox .Just punch these ballon and get soul
  10. Me too ,but i love bacon and eggs the best Insulated pack SUCKS.Did you forget snow chester?
  11. I have store a lot of wobster in my frigde and a lot of ice and butter.So which should i place at higher piority,wobster dinner or wobster bisque?Which is more worthy or cheaper?
  12. Shadow chess pieces order?

    I always prefer rook or bishop first
  13. [Poll] On Caveless Worlds

    My computer always lag.I dont want it to surfer more
  14. What character will you choose

    Just hear me explain: 1,dragonfly can attack the wolfgang instead(u think 2 dragonfly will only targeting me?),making i only have 10 wounded wolfgang with ham bat instead 2,don’t you know that WES IS THE DEMON?
  15. What character will you choose

    You want to know,huh? WES