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  1. Maybe an option for disconnecting players could be useful, where they can choose if the want to leave permanently (dropping all items) or if they want to come back. Like "Leave world" and "Taking a break".
  2. Hi, currently I'm helping working on the german translation mod. When I activate it, everything in the game is using the translated strings, only the character quotes aren't. Anyone have the same problems? For testing, this is the mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880105914
  3. It doesn't bother me. Ok, maybe it's because I haven't played DST for at least 2 weeks, so I even wouldn't have noticed the difference, if I hadn't red it here ^^
  4. It's an optional setting and just for the spawn. I don't see the problem. Just don't activate it.
  5. You have read the Fire Nettle Fronds article in the wiki, informations about the Fire Nettles are in the Weeds article.
  6. @JoeW: Maybe one could stream from the office and another one could join with voice-chat (watching the stream). It doesn't need to be every week, just when there is a bigger update (like the "Year of the Beefalo").
  7. Okay, I change my suggestion from Honeycomb to Beeswax ^^
  8. They could add a chance to get Honeycombs when harvesting a full Bee Box (like 15% chance).
  9. Maybe if the bridges (or bridge tiles) could only been build 3 tiles away from land. So there is enough freedom to build some smaller bridges, but building across the ocean wouldn't be possible.
  10. I don't have any problems with Wormwood in this update. Are you using any mods that could cause this? Try it without mods again.
  11. I did the same, but most with wormwood (together with a Wickerbottom). But now it is much nicer to do the farming together, like someone making the farm soil turfs, one tilling the fields, all planting the seeds and take care of the plants. And now you can also do this in winter. So I don't understand your problem. Before this update you could do much more food than you would ever need and you had to do always the same few steps again and again. Now it's more varied and more interesting. Should be the optimal update especially for you.
  12. Maybe every tile has nutrients and you just can't see them and can't add any new nutrients.
  13. I have a crazy idea too: Spiny Bindweeds are protecting plants in a certain range, but not from Wormwood, because he is a plant too. So what if they protect Wormwood too if he get attacked by a creature in the plants range? So the Spiny Bindweeds could get a use.