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  1. Wilson should get some optional characterspecific content, that could have the up- and downsides. So he would stay easy for beginners, but could get more interesting to more experienced players, especially to the ones who like him as a character and would like to play him, if he just wasn't that boring to play. He could craft some experimental equipment, that could be very useful but also very painful in many different ways (because he isn't that good as a scientist - even if his ideas are good, they have undesirable side effects).
  2. Two weeks ago I've met 4 people using this bug/mod on a public server. Two of them played as Woodie (but with other appearance) and I couldn't really see them in their goose forms and they were pushing me out of the light at night, I couldn't move (I don't know what bug this is, not being able to move when someone pushes you) so I logged out and in to not die in the dark.
  3. Streamers are writing "!drops" in the title of their streams. Streams have to be live. When you are watching a DST stream with drops, there will be a green text "Drops enabled" under the title below the video.
  4. I think this problem will get solved automatically over time, as not everybody will always play Walter and even if they will be 2 or 3 Walters on a server, not everyone will be every night at camp or doing the storytelling at night. People are just hyped, because he got just released, and are making fun of this situation having so much Walters at a camp. (sorry, I was one of the Walters on the top screenshot doing the storytelling )
  5. Yeah, Warly counted as a character refresh, not as a DLC character. Walter is the 4th DLC character, but Klei decided to give this DLC free to all.
  6. Starvation is often my way to say "goodbye" when I'm leaving a public server, especially when a Warly is on this server. But I really don't remember ever been killed by a Depths Worm. I've met them maybe 2 or 3 times, always just leaving them behind.
  7. Maybe he will be able to analyze Suspicious Dirt Piles to tell, which creature it belongs to? And finding the creature faster?
  8. Maybe after the release of the last new character, because it wouldn't make sense to release a new event when a charakter is still missing. I think they will add the events as permanent game modes in the long term.
  9. I once saw a wormhole that leads to another wormhole next to it, like one ore two tiles between them. That was the closest wormholes I've ever seen.
  10. The griefer was active again an hour ago. I just visited the Wiki when he started to vandalize and started reverting his changes, some people joined in helping reverting until the griefer got banned like after 30 minutes. Is there a possibility to implement an edit timeout like 5 minutes for new accounts?
  11. So Fighting isn't fun too? Fight, take damage, eat pierogies, fight etc. Wormwood for example can't make living logs when he hasn't enough health for it (and making many living logs isn't really that important compared to the possibilites of using the books, maybe with even some more books in the future). Reading books is costing sanity, so not enough sanity -> no book reading. So if you want to use the books, you have to prepare with sanity food like you prepare with health food before a fight. This will make farming sanity food (mushroom planters) and crops for sanity crock pot recipes a thing again. My ideas for new books: - Wormhole Book: 2 x Papyrus, 30 x Hound Tooth, 4 x Tentacle Spot. Has 2 uses, each reading is spawning a wormhole, that ar connected with each other. - Map area revealing Book: 2 x Papyrus, 1 x Compass, 8 x Feather Pencil. Has 5 uses, reveals a big area of the map (a certain radius). - Object marking Book: 2 x Papyrus, 1 x Compass, 1 x any item. Has 1 use, marking all objects (items, structures, mobs) on the map, that are the selected item or are containing or (possibly) dropping this item. - Extinguishing Book: 2 x Papyrus, 15 x Ice, 2 x Blue Gem. Has 3 uses, extinguishing all fires in a certain area (Applied Horticulture range). - Moderate climate Book: 2 x Papyrus, 2 x Yellow Gem, 4 x Living Logs. Has 3 uses, sets worlds ambient temperature to 40° for 4 Minutes (useful in winter and summer, crops and plants can grow during this time). - Strength Book: 2 x Papyrus, 2 x Thulecite, 4 x Living Logs. Has 3 uses, sets Wickerbottoms damage modifier to 1.5 for some minutes and she needs less actions for chopping and mining.
  12. Oh, I'm playing a lot on public servers (survival vanilla) and I'm always seeing a lot of Wormwoods. I often choose Wormwood by myself, but often there are already 1, 2 or even 3 Wormwoods on a server, so I pick another character (like Wickerbottom, because there is sometimes no Wickerbottom). And I see Wes more often than Wolfgang. But yeah, Warly is picked very rarely, but also Wurt. Wormwood is more seen on servers with a higher player amount, as he can help a lot with food resources. But most people are playing alone or with 1 or 2 friends, so they choose an easier/stronger character, who works better in small teams.