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  1. And Winona is Frankenstein's bride:
  2. You are using the "Where is my Beefalo" mod? For me it was this mod that crashed the game. After I deactivated it the crashes stopped.
  3. No, it's time to ignore the critisism, as this new crafting system with the new filter system will stay. People will get used to it (if they didn't already) and Klei won't put any work into programming an alternative for those few people, wo just refuse to get used to it. Sorry, but this is just bringing so much agitation in this forums, so please, just stop it. If you have found a mod for you, bringing the old crafting system or UI back, just use it, but please stop trying to force it on others.
  4. Maybe it is a drone WX-78 can switch to to explore the map fast. It could have some functions, like automatic exploring/revealing the map, observing a place, giving a notification when a specific mob, ressource or objekt is found and, yeah, providing light.
  5. Why should an item be harder to find? Most of the items are found behind the same icons like before, some items are under several filters and you can use the search to find them directly. Honestly, the old crafting UI was way more confusing and limited. It was like "Hmm... under which tab was this item again? Do I have to scroll a lot down to find it? Did I missed it while scrolling?" Now you have everything on one sight (+ way more functions).
  6. I really appreciate the changes on the crafting system and the option to choose a language mod. It works very well in the description field of the items, as the font size is changing when there are longer words or more text. But the name of the item is still in one line and the font size there is not changing, if the name is longer. As some languages have longer words, it can look like this: Would it be possible to split an item name on two lines, if it reaches a certain amount of letters, as there would be enough space? And as you added the language selection, would it be possible to make a small QOL update for translations soon? Problems are some buttons/fields with a fixed width and the missing translations in the character quotes (characters are only giving the original quotes, even if there are the translated strings in the PO-file). PS.: I'm working on a german translation mod having 23.496 subs, but it is not in the selection you have put into the beta branch for the german language. The two translation mods there aren't that up to date. If there aren't any problems with the mod, could you please add it (or message me): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880105914&searchtext=deutsch
  7. I think they made the description field bigger, so more text can fit in (especially for translations, because some languages have much longer words - currently the description is cut after two lines of text). That's because this layout is reasonable:
  8. I don't think the tab icons are temp art, they are very well done. I think it is good to have them in this style so they don't look like an item anymore. The temp art should be the frame and especially the background of the pinned favorites on the right sind (the squares).
  9. It's the opposite, especially because of the drawn look (the black lines) you can see the difference very easy - the lines in the old versions are looking very blurry, you can't even see some of them really. In the HD versions you can see every single line, even the smallest ones. You can see more details and it is much sharper.
  10. Isn't there a mod for this? If not, someone maybe will make one now.
  11. So like every seasonal event. The winter event also has no effect on winter. Like all seasonal events. So people don't like them all?
  12. Had a similar bug today. Someone made me a Walking Cane with a skin I don't own. Then I took the Clean Sweeper and was trying to reskin the Cane, but it only changed to the standard appearance, I couldn't reskin it with my own skins. But the person, who made the cane, and everyone else couldn't reskin the cane too. I didn't had problems to reskin other skinned items (like Backpacks, Football Helmets, Umbrellas), it was only the cane. The person, who made the cane, also made a second cane (with the same skin) and used the Sweeper on it, but it only changed to the standard appearance and he couldn't change it back to the skin he chosed on crafting.
  13. Maybe an option for disconnecting players could be useful, where they can choose if the want to leave permanently (dropping all items) or if they want to come back. Like "Leave world" and "Taking a break".
  14. Hi, currently I'm helping working on the german translation mod. When I activate it, everything in the game is using the translated strings, only the character quotes aren't. Anyone have the same problems? For testing, this is the mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880105914