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  1. Had a similar bug today. Someone made me a Walking Cane with a skin I don't own. Then I took the Clean Sweeper and was trying to reskin the Cane, but it only changed to the standard appearance, I couldn't reskin it with my own skins. But the person, who made the cane, and everyone else couldn't reskin the cane too. I didn't had problems to reskin other skinned items (like Backpacks, Football Helmets, Umbrellas), it was only the cane. The person, who made the cane, also made a second cane (with the same skin) and used the Sweeper on it, but it only changed to the standard appearance and he couldn't change it back to the skin he chosed on crafting.
  2. Yeah, from his short and his voice I would say from a caribbean island.
  3. Maybe an option for disconnecting players could be useful, where they can choose if the want to leave permanently (dropping all items) or if they want to come back. Like "Leave world" and "Taking a break".
  4. Hi, currently I'm helping working on the german translation mod. When I activate it, everything in the game is using the translated strings, only the character quotes aren't. Anyone have the same problems? For testing, this is the mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880105914
  5. It's an optional setting and just for the spawn. I don't see the problem. Just don't activate it.
  6. I did the same, but most with wormwood (together with a Wickerbottom). But now it is much nicer to do the farming together, like someone making the farm soil turfs, one tilling the fields, all planting the seeds and take care of the plants. And now you can also do this in winter. So I don't understand your problem. Before this update you could do much more food than you would ever need and you had to do always the same few steps again and again. Now it's more varied and more interesting. Should be the optimal update especially for you.
  7. Just equip the Gardeneers Hat and do right-click on it
  8. The Mush Gnome should be called Champignome.
  9. I thought "She Sells Seashells". So I think you can buy seashells for gems and use the seashells to craft some new things (like an armored boat).
  10. Spider critter incoming? Could have several skins (Spider Warrior, Cave Spider, Spitter, Dangling Depth Dweller, Shattered Spider).
  11. But in the end you still lost all your hunger (and some of your HP and sanity). As an experienced player every downside isn't a real downside (except maybe a lower damage modifier), as you can prepare and handle it. No healing through food with Wormwood? Just use one of the other healing items or sleep in tent. Sanity drain from chopping trees or digging plants? Just replant or plant crops (what you are doing anyways) or just eat one of the many sanity food (what also is working well with Wickerbottom). Low maximum health with Maxwell? Just make sure to heal yourself more frequently and make sure you always wear armor in fight and have enough armor in inventory. Etc... Treeguards are always interrupting the work, you wanted to do (gather wood), even if they are easy to fight. Yeah, they don't spawn when you are chopping as werebeaver, but this means you are forced to turn into werebeaver, if you want to avoid them. Could get boring to fight against treeguards repeatedly, if you don't need living logs (waving to Wormwood ). And nobody is technically forcing you to read books as Wickerbottom . So she ist just a better Wilson without being able to sleep, but being able to craft more things from the beginning and learning new recipes faster with just a science machine.