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  1. Just don't join as Winona to turn all the grass into ropes (after the grass farm was burned down) xD
  2. So 90% of people don't want a new character port
  3. Better Starving?

    Maybe the hunger-modifier could be changed, so you loose hunger faster when doing certain actions (fighting, chopping, mining) or when you are in winter or summer. That would be the less uncomplicated way to make starvation a thing again.
  4. - Bunnymen Backpack - Birchnutter Backpack - Pog Backpack - Moleworm Backpack
  5. Or just put your items from hand and head slot in your inventory before transforming.
  6. Who broke the moon?

    Woodie broke it. He threw Lucy to the moon to destroy it and get rid of his curse, but instead only a part fell apart and this gave him 2 more curse forms. End of the story.
  7. Wardrobe idea

    But you can change your haircut, beard, fur, skin color and other things in Wardrobe too, so that's not really an argument. It's just a cosmetic thing, so I don't understand why it should be a problem to give the players one more option to handle skins. This would be a very small feature. A new structure and a bit of coding (change skin code/number of object x to the selected skin).
  8. I would also like bridges. For the boats: they should only stay in place in the long run, if there is a lowered anchor on them. If not, they should begin to move slowly after a while.
  9. DST Rewind 2019

    I think "charakter update" means an update of the game with a new charakter or a rework of a charakter. Video doesn't say fishing was introduced with Hallowed Nights. But it was an own update, not a part of Winter's Feast, so it's put between (also because of the beta). The video ends with Winter's Feast, the rest is just a joke/outro.
  10. I think because he can't shave his beard, he will overheat slightly faster in summer or near heat sources resp. cool down slower. He will also get more often interrupted by Treeguards when chopping trees (if you don't want to fight them, this can be annoying). If you turn into Moose at Full Moon and don't have something to fight near around you, you will just loose hunger and sanity (maybe health too) with no benefit. Same, if you are on a boat at full moon and turn into Beaver or Moose. Sure, most of these things are avoidable or useful for experienced players (like more Treeguard spawning for farming Living Logs), but there are actually downsides.
  11. Make some Goose Idols and explore the outer borders of the mainland. If you find a biome that looks like it is cut (has a suspicious flat site) look out for another biome near with a similar cut. In most cases Lunar Island is near these biomes (like between).
  12. I remember people were making this hint after the rework (or re-rework), also in other threads. But yeah, should be mentioned under "Tips" in the Wiki.
  13. Peter Fox, a german singer/composer, reminds me of Woodie:
  14. Quality of Life on Xbox One?

    Someone on the german Don't Starve Wiki asked the same for the PlayStation 3 version. Would be nice if Klei could post a statement like "We are planning to put the update on these consoles: ..." or "There won't be any updates on consoles/mobiles in the future". I can't even find a post to the Quality of Life update here on the forums.