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  1. Because I barely play Woodie in his Werebeaver form. Maybe it will be more after his rework
  2. My tier-list. Wormwood and Warly on the way up, other characters will be tried after rework. And yeah, I still have to play more Shipwrecked and Hamlet
  3. My idea for WX's refresh

    How about a battery for WX showing his battery stand? He could loose charge over time or by doing actions (moving, fighting, picking up, crafting) and when it is low, he could be weaker (and maybe slower), maybe even loosing health when the battery is very low (1%) or loosing sanity faster. And when the battery is full, he would be faster, harvesting/picking faster and he also could hit faster in fights. Charging could happen through several ways, like being struck by lightning, taking energy from loaded lightning rod, attacking voalt goats or through eating Volt Goat Chaud-Froid. Maybe give him a station collecting energy over time (must be placed on ground and be fueled, he could craft more stations). With this system also some further downsides could be added, like loosing more energy when prototyping a new recipe (like the amount of sanity you get) or eating food (because he has to process it). But he also could use the energy for optional things, like analyzing suspicious dirt piles to know what mob will be at the end or even analyzing mobs to see and track their health.
  4. It would only be a small area (with the portal in the way, they could even add some more undestructable structures around it), you wouldn't really be able to make a big base. And griefing (taking all the stuff out of the chests and ice boxes) would still be possible. So it still wouldn't be a good spot for a base (even if I had some good times in spawn bases on Klei Servers).
  5. Maybe Klei could implement a way for mobs not spawning in a certain radius of the portal (so no spiders, eyes or tentacles), maybe also no smoldering/burning.
  6. Wormwood could be able to took out the loot of the lureplant like from a chest.
  7. Just change the name of the game to "You Don't Starve (Together)" Starving isn't a thing, even with Warly. Food is easy to get, especially monster meat (you can cook and give to bird to get eggs). I only could see a change in the drop chance (and sources) of meat and in a change of recipes (like new, less hunger giving meals using ice as filler, as it's only frozen water).
  8. Right. That's how I see Woodie:
  9. I would like to see the new foods spawning in certain biomes or new set pieces (like Goose/Goose Nest). Maybe the updates in the future will add something like this.
  10. New ingredients

    Warly + Wormwood = Best friends
  11. My suggestion: losing more hunger when you do certain tasks (like fighting for example or carrying heave stuff). Maybe they also could add random events where you lose hunger fast or an event where certain food is spoling faster. Or characters could get ill so they only want to eat vegetables (dishes) until they are healthy again. And maybe ice as filler should be reworked. Maybe add some soup recipes, so you get meat soup instead of meatballs for example (it could give you warmth in winter when eating it, but it gives less hunger). And how about stone soup?
  12. A lot of plastic surgery would be needed there. Maybe she could have two forms - a beautiful one and an ugly one. But I don't have an idea for a mechanic for this yet.
  13. Give her the ability to make a special attack with right-click like in The Forge (and maybe some of the weapons, like Spiral Spear and Pith Pike).
  14. I think it's because it looks like he is wearing an ugly human wig, but his overall look is very similar to the default skin. Would be better if there would be a kind of dark green leaves on his head instead of hair.