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  1. How old is Wigfrid? And how old is Webber? But it looks like the enlightment symbol. Maybe a hint of "them"?
  2. I think the time of starting the rollback vote is relevant, not the time the vote finishes. So it doesn't matter what the griefer is doing during the countdown, if you started the vote before the next day has started (this could also be in the last seconds of the day).
  3. That would be great. These skins also should stay black and white and they could add the typical dance from this time as an emote:
  4. Sorry, but I don't like the new reaction icons, because they look all awful when they are scaled to 18x18 pixels and they seem so random and pointless to me. I liked the clear, simple and consistent design of the old reactions (and that there were only very few of them). Maybe better add them as emojis for the use in text.
  5. Streamers are writing "!drops" in the title of their streams. Streams have to be live. When you are watching a DST stream with drops, there will be a green text "Drops enabled" under the title below the video.
  6. I thought "She Sells Seashells". So I think you can buy seashells for gems and use the seashells to craft some new things (like an armored boat).
  7. Spider critter incoming? Could have several skins (Spider Warrior, Cave Spider, Spitter, Dangling Depth Dweller, Shattered Spider).
  8. But in the end you still lost all your hunger (and some of your HP and sanity). As an experienced player every downside isn't a real downside (except maybe a lower damage modifier), as you can prepare and handle it. No healing through food with Wormwood? Just use one of the other healing items or sleep in tent. Sanity drain from chopping trees or digging plants? Just replant or plant crops (what you are doing anyways) or just eat one of the many sanity food (what also is working well with Wickerbottom). Low maximum health with Maxwell? Just make sure to heal yourself more frequently and make sure you always wear armor in fight and have enough armor in inventory. Etc... Treeguards are always interrupting the work, you wanted to do (gather wood), even if they are easy to fight. Yeah, they don't spawn when you are chopping as werebeaver, but this means you are forced to turn into werebeaver, if you want to avoid them. Could get boring to fight against treeguards repeatedly, if you don't need living logs (waving to Wormwood ). And nobody is technically forcing you to read books as Wickerbottom . So she ist just a better Wilson without being able to sleep, but being able to craft more things from the beginning and learning new recipes faster with just a science machine.
  9. What about the fact of the instant 0 hunger points when transforming back to woodie and loosing health instantly? Or the -20 health and -15 sanity when consuming idols? The -6 sanity while transformed? The loss of sanity gaining by planting pine cones? The doubled chance of spawning a treeguard?
  10. Thank you so much for all your work, Klei! Now the rework is perfect Have a good weekend!
  11. I would like to see the new foods spawning in certain biomes or new set pieces (like Goose/Goose Nest). Maybe the updates in the future will add something like this.
  12. Last beta branch they added the schedule editing system 8 days later, and that was a very huge gameplay change.
  13. Why not? None of us would like to work all day in an atmosphere, where we can not breath. So exosuits would be a good solution. Or a shorter work shift. Or a shorter work time in this area (break + setting door permission with automation). I really like this, will start to play the game again after I didn't really played it for like 10 months