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  1. But 2017 and 2018 the event lasts much longer (about 5 weeks).
  2. There are a lot of mushrooms in caves -> Ratatouille or just eat raw blue mushrooms. You can also stock food before winter or eat cooked cactus flesh. Since the Warly update I mostly eat vegetable dishes during winter (Fancy Spiralled Tubers and Vegetable Stingers).
  3. I thought about all characters as Zombies
  4. Random event: Zombies coming out of the ground at dusk and attacking the players.
  5. There are many public servers where you can report griefers in the steam group, so they get banned. You just need some evidence (sreenshots) and the Steam ID. There is no such system on the official Klei servers. Just be careful to build the base far enough from spawn.
  6. Spider critter incoming? Could have several skins (Spider Warrior, Cave Spider, Spitter, Dangling Depth Dweller, Shattered Spider).
  7. I don't remember the server's name (I always just choose one with a low ping and don't even look really at the server's name), but thanks for the link to your thread. There have been two other players on the server (a Wicker and a WX), so it could be very possible they caused the rain. I just heard and saw the use of "The End is Nigh!" once, but I don't know what they were doing else all the time (saw the Wicker once in oasis base, filling the ice box with 70 morsel). Next time I will investigate
  8. I've played on a Klei server some days ago, joined just before start of summer and found an oasis base. It was raining a lot and all the days neither the lake was spawning nor the sandstorm was starting in the desert. I asked in chat and somebody told me it's because of the rain. Last day of summer the sandstorm suddenly started and the lake spawned. Did anyone ever had a similar experience? I didn't even know rain is preventing the summer mechanics in the oasis desert.
  9. I like Bernado's ideas, was thinking the same about Glomglom and Broodling. Some additional ideas: Kittykit: Catching butterflies and carrats (will put it in your inventory if catched alive), also will fish sometimes if near pond Vargling: Will hold rabbits and moles for a few seconds, will sometimes dig out a boneshard Ewelet: Could spit on mobs which are attacking you, causing them to pause for a few seconds (not working on bosses). They won't do these things when hungry.
  10. So, I Just Woke up...

    Good news: You can play as a plant character who can plant (crop) seeds without farms. Bad news: The other players will force you to plant thousands of seeds all the time, during winter most of this food will spoil.
  11. But in the end you still lost all your hunger (and some of your HP and sanity). As an experienced player every downside isn't a real downside (except maybe a lower damage modifier), as you can prepare and handle it. No healing through food with Wormwood? Just use one of the other healing items or sleep in tent. Sanity drain from chopping trees or digging plants? Just replant or plant crops (what you are doing anyways) or just eat one of the many sanity food (what also is working well with Wickerbottom). Low maximum health with Maxwell? Just make sure to heal yourself more frequently and make sure you always wear armor in fight and have enough armor in inventory. Etc... Treeguards are always interrupting the work, you wanted to do (gather wood), even if they are easy to fight. Yeah, they don't spawn when you are chopping as werebeaver, but this means you are forced to turn into werebeaver, if you want to avoid them. Could get boring to fight against treeguards repeatedly, if you don't need living logs (waving to Wormwood ). And nobody is technically forcing you to read books as Wickerbottom . So she ist just a better Wilson without being able to sleep, but being able to craft more things from the beginning and learning new recipes faster with just a science machine.
  12. What about the fact of the instant 0 hunger points when transforming back to woodie and loosing health instantly? Or the -20 health and -15 sanity when consuming idols? The -6 sanity while transformed? The loss of sanity gaining by planting pine cones? The doubled chance of spawning a treeguard?
  13. Or how about "Party-O-Poop"?