What games have you been playing?

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nice, i have yet to get Stardew Valley, but it seems like its a pretty cute and addictive game,

As for me, I've been playing some GTFO, Moonlighter, Raft, Minecraft,


mostly Hypixel Skyblock tho, cause honestly, it hits differently

along with Project Warlock, but i have a new game set onto my radar, besides Ready Or Not, 
Escape From Tarkov,
honestly, seems like a pretty good game, and its still in beta, so im betting theres gonna be more content added

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Also, been recently playing some DST for the Year of the Carrat update,

but alot of time was sunk into both Graveyard keeper, which in the chart of darkest "Valley" games it would be

Stardew Valley < Graveyard Keeper < Lakeview Valley

and The Legend Of Bum-Bo, which is actually a farcry from the gameplay of Binding Of Isaac, BOI: being a topdown dungeon crawler, and LOB: being a match 4 puzzle game, both are rougelikes tho, so its not that much of a farcry.

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