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  1. so an alternating bit of news, bad news, i cant do vr for a bit, good news, i got a new rift s more bad news, the problem was apperently the display port on my pc and not the display port connector on my rift s, more good news, with the VR only games uninstalled, theres more free space that i can use for currently Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts and Ghostrunner originally tried to get Zompiercer to run, but anything above very low and even a little bit on low makes the game absolutely release the brown Niagara falls on the bed, not sure if its a problem with my pc or the game, maybe i need better specs, maybe its not optimized, honestly either one is up, but yeah, sides the no vr thing, which, might i add, couldnt have any worse timing same old same old, new depth event, new games, yeah
  2. "Hello, mah nayme is meep, an i leik to SPEEEEEEN"
  3. I'm not sure how telling it was that the first thing i gravitated to was the s p i d e r p o g
  4. I've been getting myself into (guess what) another Depth event, this time its Hadal Horror for Spoopy month, and speaking of which, ive been playing some of the Puppet Combo/Torture Star games, specifics are Scary Tales Vol.1, which is Puppet Combo's own Dread x/ V/h/s /anthrology type things, but with P.C's own games that were originally only obtanible if you gave his Patreon like $5/10, but ever since Scary tales 1 came out, 4 patreon exclusive games (Riverside Incident, Spiders, Feed Me Billy, and Night Shift; or act 1 of Stay Out Of The House) became inclusive to those who had an Itch.io, The Enigma/Horror Of Salazar House, which is pretty great and unique, and im not even the biggest fans of point and click games, and Samhain, cuz it was not expensive with the bytes, unlike if you were to get it outside of the deal, ive also been playing Roboquest, Falcon Age, Going Under, Barotrauma, all of them are great, but the star, has to be Doom 2, moreso because of GZDoom, God damn its just beautiful, i just highly recommend Doom 2, ONLY FOR GZDOOM, its that good
  5. I've actually been meaning to get another storage drive for my pc, so I can perhaps have more at one time, but besides that, I've been playing... The Long Drive, which i like, despite not being interested in cars, Dread X 2, which I actually like more than Dread X 1 SCAR, which despite loving it, is far FAR from a finished game, which kinda makes sense, seeing as its in early access ULTRAKILL, which I cannot put into words, how much I love it. Factorio, which just grabs any point of free time from you BPM: Bullets Per Minute, which I found amazing Thief Sim, which is pretty nifty, I also tried Among Us which I found to be, kinda lackluster, don't get me wrong, its not bad by any chance, it's just that I feel like i was spoiled by games like Deceit and TTT, don't get me wrong, i adore the artstyle, its just that i might have been playing the game wrong or something.
  6. i wasnt really expecting you to do it, but i mean, if you dont want to thats fine, but the screencaps you got now are p good, ngl, but i mean how about we bump it up to 65?
  7. i'm surprised that no one used this picture of wurt as a reaction image.
  8. i was sorta hoping someone like Dragonmage to do a screenshot thing for the Nowhere To Go short, but i guess i'll chip in with something that is guaranteed to be reaction material
  9. i may check out if Flashpoint has Insectinator or The Gun Game on it, to relive my childhood, moreso with gungame, insectinator is more so early adulthood cuz i played it in highschool. as for other games, been playing Even MORE depth because of the Tales of the void event, which, to be fair, added in the big tail thresher, so its not just an event to build up tokens for skins, i've also been playing Grounded, Neon Abyss, Post Void (Which i recommend if you have no problems with flashing lights because it's got em in spades) Risk Of Rain 2 since it got its 1.0 update, i've been trying to play VTOL VR, but it seems to run kinda slow, also i got sucked into Fall Guys because it looks pretty goofy, and i'm not one to shy away from goofy games.
  10. so as of the east coast, I'm officially the big ol' 9+10

    (and by that, i mean 21, sorry, had to reference the vine)

    im not officially 21 yet, but as soon as it hits midnight, i will be,

  11. i say its pretty damn worth it, but keep in mind that 1: they are demos, and as such, they may be expanded on in the future as full fledged games, 2. its practically the gaming equivalent of V/H/S or ABCs of death, meaning you may prefer some games over others, but yeah, there's gonna be another Dread X coming in early August, im not sure how early, if its like August 1st early, i would take it as one hell of a birthday gift, also ive been playing some ShellShock Live and Golden Light, and i finally backed a kickstarter, Conscript, and it looks p cool.
  12. ive been playing some more Depth, but its for the Mutiny event, but with Griftlands finally on steam, ive been playing it (along with Skelattack) as well as the Dread X collection, which all the playable teasers run pretty good on my system, with the exception of Outsiders(the pt made by the devs behind SCP: Blackout) (Before i realized that For some reason, Shadows in unreal or on Outsiders just makes the framerate **** the bed a bit), which for some reason runs on Unreal instead of Unity, personally the games that i liked from most to least is: The Pony Factory (David Szymanski) Summer Night (Airdorf) Shatter (LovelyHellPlace) Hand Of Doom (Torple Dook) Outsiders (Mahelyk) Carthanc (Scythe Dev Team) Dont Go Outside (Secret Cow Level) The Pay Is Nice (Oddbreeze Games) Mr. Bucket Told Me To (Strange Scaffold) Rotgut (Snowrunner Productions) but yea, most of it is either Terraria, Reciever 2, along with some new games like Observation and Gunfire Reborn, but ive also been trying to get fit with Synth Riders. also
  13. it took me WAY too long to get this screenshot the way it is
  14. so I've been playing some other games, and despite my last post, i don't dislike The Room VR A Dark Matter, i just think that its kinda asking too much for almost $30, mostly Reciever 2 and Get To The Orange Door, which both were blasts, Reciever 2 was not lying when Wolfire said they were gonna simulate "ALL" of the gun, it gets deep, both storywise and gameplaywise, let me tell you, theres a chance i shot myself more times than the turret has by not slowly holstering/unholstering the glock or if i forgot to put the safety on the m1911, only gripe is that if you close out of the game, it demotes you a level, unless if you are an initiate, in which case there's no level below 1, and then there's Get To The Orange Door, despite being in early access and the chance of bugs happening, its still fast-pased as hell and freakin amazing, i cant recommend it enough.
  15. been getting back into Depth with the Haywire 3.0 event, as well as some other games (ELDERBORN, Black Future 88, WORLD OF HORROR, Curse Of The Dead Gods, Exit The Gungeon) and FINALLY beat a Past in Enter The Gungeon, played the demos to Strobophagia, which is pretty good, adore the "Rave Horror" aesthetic going on there (deff recommend the updated demo on steam, maybe on Itch.io? last time i played the demo i got from itch, it just straight up chugged, but i'm not sure if the demo was optimized, but now its pretty good) and West of Dead, which is appealed to me, because its not only a rougelite, but its a rougelite who has the main character voiced by Ron friggen' Perlman, also, played The Room VR: A Dark Matter which... is a mixed bag, On the one hand, i adore The Room, pretty sure i beat all of them on IOS, not sure if i completely got all the endings on 3, but still, adored The Room Pocket, 2, 3, and Old Sins. and the way they handled the eyepiece in vr is pretty neat, (you have to go to inventory and slide the eyepiece lever down rather than tapping/clicking the eyepiece) But on the other hand, i would feel like its a tad too short for the price of $29.99 (excluding taxes) i mean, the other games in The Room series, even on pc, costs like $4.99-$5.99 and its like 6 levels, so i recommend it, but play the other The Room games to see if you enjoy the franchise before you get it,