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  1. my start of an art thread! (4Da LOLs)

    two things: 1: spider Queen Webber looks adorable 2: something something Door stuck
  2. Music thread

    did somebody say MUSIC THREAD?
  3. Unbelievable life stories page

    i sorta remember something my brother did, also yes, that's what i said, and that's what i did, i still condemn myself for not getting a few more quarters or dollars, but anyway, my middle/high school had a system where you could drive (i'm sure this was used to get a better parking spot or grab some food from a fast food joint for lunch if they didn't really care for the school's lunch, but i mean, i found it ok, but then again, i also practically lived off mostly the same stuff, 2 cookies, a cheeseburger, maybe bosco sticks/cheese filled breadsticks if they served it, at least a can of diet coke and a powerade, its like a 2-3 years since i graduated high school, memory's a bit fuzzy) but one of the times my brother (who is like 1-2 years him being 22 and me being 20) he sorta wanted to take his car for a spin, and decided he wanted to test how it preforms on hills, so he drives it up a large snowbank, and ends up sorta breaking the front bumper and a side mirror, i say sorta, because its not totally broken, like, its broken, but its not destroyed or anything, it could be used with minor difficulty added. also, i sorta felt like i spent my middle/high school life unwise, i mean, i've heard some stories about middle/high school that were kinda crazy, but to be honest, the only crazy thing i saw in my middle/high school was 2 students got into a fight in the middle of lunch, for god knows what, and the school police officer had to restrain them, but besides that, nothing else, mayhaps something else happened but i cant remember it, but eh, if i remember it, i remember it, if not, not gonna lose sleep over it.
  4. these are really adorable! absolutely adore the small Deerclops, Dragonfly and Bearger! also would there be a small Moose/Goose? or will it be replaced for one of the ducklings that M/G spawns but more Moosey/Goosey?
  5. What games have you been playing?

    Also, been recently playing some DST for the Year of the Carrat update, but alot of time was sunk into both Graveyard keeper, which in the chart of darkest "Valley" games it would be Stardew Valley < Graveyard Keeper < Lakeview Valley and The Legend Of Bum-Bo, which is actually a farcry from the gameplay of Binding Of Isaac, BOI: being a topdown dungeon crawler, and LOB: being a match 4 puzzle game, both are rougelikes tho, so its not that much of a farcry.
  6. well, i sorta wanted to see the sapiants, and how they would look, as for the video, its an experience.
  7. What games have you been playing?

    nice, i have yet to get Stardew Valley, but it seems like its a pretty cute and addictive game, As for me, I've been playing some GTFO, Moonlighter, Raft, Minecraft, along with Project Warlock, but i have a new game set onto my radar, besides Ready Or Not, Escape From Tarkov, honestly, seems like a pretty good game, and its still in beta, so im betting theres gonna be more content added
  8. *temporarily RIP Meep who got yeeted into space by Max, but came back in a piss comet.
  9. What games have you been playing?

    so its been a while, and i've been playing some more games, like Hades, which despite the whole Epic store deal thing, came out on steam to pretty much tremendous praise, Pistol Whip, which, i think, ranks higher than Beat Saber for vr rhythm games, Celeste, which i absolutely adore, Valfaris, which is pretty epic, and a bunch more, along with Mad Max and the complete pack for F.E.A.R which i havent played yet, but i bought them, just in case, also, i just got wind of this ladies, gentlemen, lets, freakin, go.
  10. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    hey, you gotta use whatever water you have when it be surfing time.
  11. ah yes, now i can experience a multitude of carbonated drinks both in real life, and in Oxygen Not Included, also, i'm not sure if this will confirm an Oxygen Not Included version of a shipwrecked-esq dlc/expansion (tropical, water based) but i'm just sayin, it would feel like it.
  12. Unbelievable life stories page

    i guess you could say that you accidently got into some crap? Oof, i know how stapling your fingers feels like, That sounds pretty radical, also, kinda expected that high school students would mosh, i mean, high school was pretty crazy,
  13. Unbelievable life stories page

    I sorta want to make a page on things that happened in life that, after a few weeks, months, or even years, just makes you go "Wow, What the hell was i thinking on doing THAT? I'd say my most "Why the heck did i do that" story has to be the time i went to six flags with my class, Now i was in a little bit of a prizey mood, you know, i actually brought my CS:GO wallet and got a bunch of Quarters for the arcade machines, Now, i'm sure it was like near the end of the school year, not sure if it was in high school or middle school, but i went to a school where its both middle and high school, so it isn't really the main point of this, The buses got to six flags, and it was fun-ish, now i remember what i got, I was also susceptible to peer pressure, but not the drug kind, just the questionable intellect kind as i got a bag of sour gummy rocks and a 5 hour energy, i remember it so much because of what happens further on, i was having an OK time, i played a few games, rode a few rides, but then, the adrenaline (or in this case) joy high ran off, i didn't really feel like riding other rides, and i didn't have any quarters left, heck, i didn't have any MONEY left, i think, and worst of all, i didn't really feel like riding any roller coasters, even though i went on what could be considered a roller coaster, but it spins, and another spinny ride that i cant really remember, long story short, i was kinda a hypocrite, and lunch was pretty eh, i mean, grilled chicken? not judging it too harshly but really? so i left six flags without getting my hand stamped... Without getting my hand stamped... WITHOUT GETTING MY HAND STAMPED i didn't get my hand stamped because i was thinking i was being edgy or something? but anyway, i had to survive on water and i even used the empty 5 hour energy bottle as a makeshift canteen, didn't hold that much water but still, better than nothing, Now while i was trying to survive, and eventually i got some shelter on the buses, What I didn't know was that the rest of the people were looking for me, but i could have sworn i thought i told someone, but then again it was kinda far back so idunno, long story short, they found me, and everything is still fine, as for recent stories, the most recent is that i tried to sign up for an account on the klei shop, but i accidentally put | in it, not sure how, but i did it, im hoping to get it fixed so i get the email to my original email but yeah, and for a not so recent but not so far back story, i was feeling hungry for something, so i decided to make 2 burritos with mozzarella cheese, only problem, my dad kinda broke the microwave trying to bake a potato with tinfoil on, Now i'm no Gordon Ramsey or Gordon Freeman. but im not sure you are supposed to microwave a potato with tinfoil in,
  14. What games have you been playing?

    recently got 2 games: Pathologic Classic HD: which i wanted for a p long time, even more that Pathologic 2 is out and Lakeview Valley: as i adore Lakeview Cabin Collection, it just feels like if Stardew Valley was made with the themes of 80's/90's horror films, and i adore the old horror vibe.