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  1. "Hello, mah nayme is meep, an i leik to SPEEEEEEN"
  2. I'm not sure how telling it was that the first thing i gravitated to was the s p i d e r p o g
  3. i wasnt really expecting you to do it, but i mean, if you dont want to thats fine, but the screencaps you got now are p good, ngl, but i mean how about we bump it up to 65?
  4. i'm surprised that no one used this picture of wurt as a reaction image.
  5. i was sorta hoping someone like Dragonmage to do a screenshot thing for the Nowhere To Go short, but i guess i'll chip in with something that is guaranteed to be reaction material
  6. so as of the east coast, I'm officially the big ol' 9+10

    (and by that, i mean 21, sorry, had to reference the vine)

    im not officially 21 yet, but as soon as it hits midnight, i will be,

  7. it took me WAY too long to get this screenshot the way it is
  8. two things: 1: spider Queen Webber looks adorable 2: something something Door stuck
  9. did somebody say MUSIC THREAD?
  10. these are really adorable! absolutely adore the small Deerclops, Dragonfly and Bearger! also would there be a small Moose/Goose? or will it be replaced for one of the ducklings that M/G spawns but more Moosey/Goosey?
  11. well, i sorta wanted to see the sapiants, and how they would look, as for the video, its an experience.
  12. ah yes, now i can experience a multitude of carbonated drinks both in real life, and in Oxygen Not Included, also, i'm not sure if this will confirm an Oxygen Not Included version of a shipwrecked-esq dlc/expansion (tropical, water based) but i'm just sayin, it would feel like it.
  13. you know what, i can get behind cat wilson, he looks like hes vibin.