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  1. Monoxide Memes

  2. ngl, i could totally see someone using Minotaur Wormwood as a Stand to beat up a boss like the Bee Queen or Ancient Herald.it would be the hypest thing.
  3. VR Duplicant Simulator 2.0

    i could test it out! i have a reasonably fast pc, and an oculus.
  4. Monoxide Memes

    now, i like this, but one thing thats missing, more slicksters. also, REALLY want to isolate the Slickster going through the tube and do a gif of it just flying at a velocity.
  5. VR Duplicant Simulator 2.0

    i hope for the best for this project, it seems like its shaping up pretty good! also im wondering if its supported with oculus rift?
  6. Monoxide Memes

    Ok, first time posting to any of the Oxygen Not Included Forums, but i just wanted to know if anyone thought of this, The Oxygen Not Included animated shorts, but with the background music replaced with the background music from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.