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  1. starting/trying to plant tomatoes lol
  2. unknown.png
    chocolate cake day

    1. Serena Tsukino

      Serena Tsukino

      Oh please, don't tell me that it's a lie.

  3. well yes but it's really a small food, and most food also can transform into rot but cookie crumbles don't, nor transform into manure. maybe it's possible to transform into ashes but i don't know, so maybe it's not designed to be able to farm rot, manure, and i think it shouldn't be able to farm compost and ashes
  4. not sure if this is intended or not, because cookie crumbles don't leave rot after perishing, and pigs don't poop after eating it
  5. at discord every single time i show my light theme it looks like people eyes dry and burn out, for them it's like the gateway of hell's brightest and hottest fire

  6. wow it looks like the animation will be great! the cooking book is amazing also
  7. Ban zee_dragon because he's not a real dragon edit: ops someone already said that..
  8. i'm going to be insane but probably the only way to protect from radiation may be the lead suit wait, there will be automation that can do all this work at once, right?