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  1. maybe i'm not a cake, just maybe
  2. it should be very smart, the player could just drop an item to burn it and burn everything near
  3. well, my thread still alive so there's more cake egg cake cheesecake bean cake
  4. at discord every single time i show my light theme it looks like people eyes dry and burn out, for them it's like the gateway of hell's brightest and hottest fire

  5. wow it looks like the animation will be great! the cooking book is amazing also
  6. i'm a bit traumatized by that, but lol as Jrramon said, the reaction system should be for emotions only, i also found a bit strange with all these reaction together, they are not matching each other, and doesn't have very similar sizes, so it's a bit strange edit: emotions only, and maybe some exceptions
  8. i think the person should be free to express itself, it don't matter if some sensitive person found it offensive, Sticks and stones may break my bones, But words will never hurt me
  9. Ban zee_dragon because he's not a real dragon edit: ops someone already said that..
  10. because i'm drawing a lot recently and i want to put it somewhere Ice cream cake some random nonsense stuff my cat drawing
  11. i'm going to be insane but probably the only way to protect from radiation may be the lead suit wait, there will be automation that can do all this work at once, right?