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  1. ok and then i get doomed

  2. hm don't starve together, aground, terraria that's it
  3. Why is the oxygen not included...? 

    1. Rico0


      hmm what? my profile image?

    2. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      No no, I mean why isn't the oxygen included? do you have to build machines or something to get oxygen? how does it work?

    3. Rico0


      oh right, yes, it's possible to build an "Oxyger diffuser" and use algae for that, there also some plants that convert co2 into oxygen

  4. hm, light really helps for doing things like 15% faster? edits: now looks like i posted on the wrong topic sorry xD
  5. Charlie Dark was here...

  6. there will be frequent updates at oni normally?
  7. yes, but that was only avalaible at sandbox! and it helps very much
  8. a public testing feature, but i think it's gone..
  9. hey, where the dev generator? the dev generator is not done yet? because i don't found it on the sandbox
  10. i think the game is easy, let's make it harder for late game? =D Liam toxic pack presents: heavy metals! toxic to duplicants (like lead) that can contaminate water/food supply hunting creatures, which can also attack duplicants critters and plant diseases (like mad hatch disease, and plant diseases only affects the same species) pet for duplicant vitamins (that are also on the food) dirt and food particles on the floor to disturb duplicant day, and they would need sweeper help or a good janitor more diseases like covid-19 flu if the duplicant is affected by germs, it'll be easier to get infected by other germ disease duplicants would need to drink water, to not make it almost impossible, put water bottles at the beginning