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  1. Among us Wendy and Abigail. Thanks to @CottonFluffy36 for sacrificing her self to be a ghost
  2. OH IT WAS A VARGLING NOT VARG- Oops, I forgot that and asked for the Varg thing haha! Well now you animate it with a vargling- Okay I’ll stop
  3. What do you mean sad? I totally get it, it’s Woby and only Woby.
  4. Wilba is adorable!!! Love how you draw her! <3
  5. Does anyone have Walter’s sound files? I’m on console, so I can’t go to the files and download it. Even a little clip of his voice is okay.
  6. I’m happy of summoning this cursed gif Woby eating grass....? You heard them @watermelen671
  7. I love he’s not even amused. Like it’s normal, since y’know, the fearless
  8. Okay, this is for everyone with the Willow scouts theory. Also, the quote itself is pretty funny-
  9. Are we all forgetting the stats boost Wurt receives? Like, if you have 2 Merm houses next to the royal tapestry, and what, like a couple seeds, you’re basically op without having to eat everyone’s gears that others need to keep their base safe and food fresh, or having to go risk your life in the ruins, (looking at you WX-78)
  10. (Based from the meme above me) Walter: Minding his own business in the forest with Woby Woodie:
  11. This one has probably already been said, but drop your stuff before you leave! That way others can use it if you’re not joining again. And please read what the server says, if it says you need to use a microphone, if it says you need certain age, if it says it’s going to have a lot of swearing, make sure you meet those requirements!
  12. Even damn Bowser is better at Beefalo taming than me.
  13. Which is why basing at sea is awesome! They can't get to you if they don’t have a boat
  14. Thank you! I once joined a server where the host rollbacked the server a billion times, it was FRUSTRATING! And on top of that, when bearger came they said to deal it themselves because we were idiots....they died so I revived him and left. Yes! Always drop your items. I always make sure to do that, but since my internet SUCKS, sometimes I just leave and don’t leave anything and I have to rejoin to leave again- why?! And I agree with the mini base thing at base, since it does kinda suck to join a server and die.
  15. Minespatch’s hat: *is inside of ice cube* Literally everyone:
  16. @watermelen671 if you haven’t done it yet, have you already posted Wilson’s new beards with their according skins? (Any stage) I would myself but I don’t have many Wilson skins since I don’t main him