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  1. so as of the east coast, I'm officially the big ol' 9+10

    (and by that, i mean 21, sorry, had to reference the vine)

    im not officially 21 yet, but as soon as it hits midnight, i will be,

  2. cute! also the Heart Palpitations Liam will most likely get from all that coffee will be way more than a binch and a half,
  3. i say its pretty damn worth it, but keep in mind that 1: they are demos, and as such, they may be expanded on in the future as full fledged games, 2. its practically the gaming equivalent of V/H/S or ABCs of death, meaning you may prefer some games over others, but yeah, there's gonna be another Dread X coming in early August, im not sure how early, if its like August 1st early, i would take it as one hell of a birthday gift, also ive been playing some ShellShock Live and Golden Light, and i finally backed a kickstarter, Conscript, and it looks p cool.
  4. my two cents is that as long as theres no selling of data, then it will be something that exists, sure the whole "tencent" thing kinda gave me a frighten or two, but if its done right, then it could be a pretty solid alternative to DST, granted, its for mobile, and things can get a tad bit cluttered with a touch screen, but at best, if theres no extremely scummy mtx or any other scummy practices, and the gameplay is as good as ds mobile, then i will have as many complaints with it as will a mute nun, and at worst... Well, it will just exist. as long as its not another moba.
  5. his pose would perfectly fit Matt Watson's screams, like, the pose just speaks out that with enough intoxication, and even without any, Smith could pull some just feral shrieks. it's beautiful.
  6. ive been playing some more Depth, but its for the Mutiny event, but with Griftlands finally on steam, ive been playing it (along with Skelattack) as well as the Dread X collection, which all the playable teasers run pretty good on my system, with the exception of Outsiders(the pt made by the devs behind SCP: Blackout) (Before i realized that For some reason, Shadows in unreal or on Outsiders just makes the framerate **** the bed a bit), which for some reason runs on Unreal instead of Unity, personally the games that i liked from most to least is: The Pony Factory (David Szymanski) Summer Night (Airdorf) Shatter (LovelyHellPlace) Hand Of Doom (Torple Dook) Outsiders (Mahelyk) Carthanc (Scythe Dev Team) Dont Go Outside (Secret Cow Level) The Pay Is Nice (Oddbreeze Games) Mr. Bucket Told Me To (Strange Scaffold) Rotgut (Snowrunner Productions) but yea, most of it is either Terraria, Reciever 2, along with some new games like Observation and Gunfire Reborn, but ive also been trying to get fit with Synth Riders. also
  7. it took me WAY too long to get this screenshot the way it is
  8. so I've been playing some other games, and despite my last post, i don't dislike The Room VR A Dark Matter, i just think that its kinda asking too much for almost $30, mostly Reciever 2 and Get To The Orange Door, which both were blasts, Reciever 2 was not lying when Wolfire said they were gonna simulate "ALL" of the gun, it gets deep, both storywise and gameplaywise, let me tell you, theres a chance i shot myself more times than the turret has by not slowly holstering/unholstering the glock or if i forgot to put the safety on the m1911, only gripe is that if you close out of the game, it demotes you a level, unless if you are an initiate, in which case there's no level below 1, and then there's Get To The Orange Door, despite being in early access and the chance of bugs happening, its still fast-pased as hell and freakin amazing, i cant recommend it enough.
  9. been getting back into Depth with the Haywire 3.0 event, as well as some other games (ELDERBORN, Black Future 88, WORLD OF HORROR, Curse Of The Dead Gods, Exit The Gungeon) and FINALLY beat a Past in Enter The Gungeon, played the demos to Strobophagia, which is pretty good, adore the "Rave Horror" aesthetic going on there (deff recommend the updated demo on steam, maybe on Itch.io? last time i played the demo i got from itch, it just straight up chugged, but i'm not sure if the demo was optimized, but now its pretty good) and West of Dead, which is appealed to me, because its not only a rougelite, but its a rougelite who has the main character voiced by Ron friggen' Perlman, also, played The Room VR: A Dark Matter which... is a mixed bag, On the one hand, i adore The Room, pretty sure i beat all of them on IOS, not sure if i completely got all the endings on 3, but still, adored The Room Pocket, 2, 3, and Old Sins. and the way they handled the eyepiece in vr is pretty neat, (you have to go to inventory and slide the eyepiece lever down rather than tapping/clicking the eyepiece) But on the other hand, i would feel like its a tad too short for the price of $29.99 (excluding taxes) i mean, the other games in The Room series, even on pc, costs like $4.99-$5.99 and its like 6 levels, so i recommend it, but play the other The Room games to see if you enjoy the franchise before you get it,
  10. im just making this post, because i was playing some Blade & Sorcery, waiting for the new update for H3, i was gettin real into it, slicin, stabbing, bashing people. and i had the Ost to Domina on, (More specifically, the more aggressive songs) when suddenly, IT happened, now, if you haven't played vr, or even if you have played vr, You have a headset on, and you can make a guardian, so what happened would be a lesser probability, and you know, thats cool and all, but there's one problem... i dont have a dedicated vr room, and to compound it, the room i played it in, was far from VR safe, There's a coat rack near the windows, west of me, and there's some cabinets to both the south and the east, now i was stupid, but not completely brain-dead, so i made sure that i didn't really have a high chance of doing something spoons for trousers moronic (i.e. breaking the window, or one of the doors, now two obstacles stayed in, the upper lamp/fan combo, and the cabinets, but i just pinned that on lady lucks tab, i mean, whats the worst that can happen, so anyways back to b&s i was being an absolute madman in vr, with the tunes of bignic in my head, when all of a sudden... *THUNK* now i wasn't a stranger to hitting the cabinets, but thing is,before, it was in H3vr, you know, the GUN simulator, thats mostly with GUNS, What i'm getting at is that while i was in rottweiners, it wasn't that bad, also i think i had the cv1, as opposed to the rift s and the high level of movement that b&s utilizes if you want to know how much it hurt, i would give it a "HOLY **** ADN ALL THAT IS FUCCIN ABOVE THIS SHID STINGS" out of, whatever the max is for a scale of pain
  11. "Boom, big reveal, i turned myself into a fruitcake. IM FRUITCAKE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" Sorry, the joke was too tempting.
  12. looks amazing! also, I wanna say that the style reminds me of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, but i may be completely off.
  13. two things: 1: spider Queen Webber looks adorable 2: something something Door stuck
  14. did somebody say MUSIC THREAD?
  15. these are really adorable! absolutely adore the small Deerclops, Dragonfly and Bearger! also would there be a small Moose/Goose? or will it be replaced for one of the ducklings that M/G spawns but more Moosey/Goosey?
  16. Also, been recently playing some DST for the Year of the Carrat update, but alot of time was sunk into both Graveyard keeper, which in the chart of darkest "Valley" games it would be Stardew Valley < Graveyard Keeper < Lakeview Valley and The Legend Of Bum-Bo, which is actually a farcry from the gameplay of Binding Of Isaac, BOI: being a topdown dungeon crawler, and LOB: being a match 4 puzzle game, both are rougelikes tho, so its not that much of a farcry.
  17. well, i sorta wanted to see the sapiants, and how they would look, as for the video, its an experience.
  18. nice, i have yet to get Stardew Valley, but it seems like its a pretty cute and addictive game, As for me, I've been playing some GTFO, Moonlighter, Raft, Minecraft, along with Project Warlock, but i have a new game set onto my radar, besides Ready Or Not, Escape From Tarkov, honestly, seems like a pretty good game, and its still in beta, so im betting theres gonna be more content added
  19. so its been a while, and i've been playing some more games, like Hades, which despite the whole Epic store deal thing, came out on steam to pretty much tremendous praise, Pistol Whip, which, i think, ranks higher than Beat Saber for vr rhythm games, Celeste, which i absolutely adore, Valfaris, which is pretty epic, and a bunch more, along with Mad Max and the complete pack for F.E.A.R which i havent played yet, but i bought them, just in case, also, i just got wind of this ladies, gentlemen, lets, freakin, go.
  20. ah yes, now i can experience a multitude of carbonated drinks both in real life, and in Oxygen Not Included, also, i'm not sure if this will confirm an Oxygen Not Included version of a shipwrecked-esq dlc/expansion (tropical, water based) but i'm just sayin, it would feel like it.