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  1. "Abigail you absolute piece of-" I think that younger audience could enjoy the game too (not that it's aimed at them, but with Gacha life kids nowadays....) and I do agree that it is less violent, but I don't really know what to say about it, they removed long meat but still added horror hounds and the penguin demon thing for example, something that even I was scared to see at first. So I guess 13+? Around teens and older maybe?
  2. Yes!!! When spring arrives, I absolutely need to hear spring cleaning! One of the best soundtracks! There’s even an acoustic version of it on YouTube! But most of the time I do, it kind of makes the environment feel better! The soundtracks are creative, and when fighting bosses it really sets the mood! Also, there should be more soundtracks when at sea, since I’m thinking of basing out in the ocean.
  3. I just started playing costume quest and I didn’t realize that he was the same guy from your profile pic O.O
  4. Just sailing and then, “Hey what’s that falling from the sky-“
  5. Make that villager Goldie, and I’ll be the happiest I’ve been in a while. But answering to the thread, I’d like to see bomb girl from Riverbond be added. I’m sure nobody knows what it is, but still, I think she’d be super cool! The skins would be adorable, and even tho she’s a “furry”/bunnywoman, c’mon we’ve got a Wortox so no big deal. She’d probably be able to craft various types of bombs and would have sassy quotes as she is like that in Riverbond itself. It would also be a great way to get more people into playing/advertising Riverbond, y’know being a collab between 2 companies. Lore wise, she wouldn’t be a great addition, I think that the characters that most likely would be added would be from other of Klei’s games like Hot Lava or ONI.
  6. OH IT WAS A VARGLING NOT VARG- Oops, I forgot that and asked for the Varg thing haha! Well now you animate it with a vargling- Okay I’ll stop
  7. Idiots, it is Wilson the mother is obviously the spider queen. That’s a pretty good theory though! I’m not 100% sure about it though. The evidence is okay, and it is pretty logical.
  8. What do you mean sad? I totally get it, it’s Woby and only Woby.
  9. Wilba is adorable!!! Love how you draw her! <3
  10. Does anyone have Walter’s sound files? I’m on console, so I can’t go to the files and download it. Even a little clip of his voice is okay.