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  1. Among us Wendy and Abigail. Thanks to @CottonFluffy36 for sacrificing her self to be a ghost
  2. OH IT WAS A VARGLING NOT VARG- Oops, I forgot that and asked for the Varg thing haha! Well now you animate it with a vargling- Okay I’ll stop
  3. What do you mean sad? I totally get it, it’s Woby and only Woby.
  4. Wilba is adorable!!! Love how you draw her! <3
  5. Does anyone have Walter’s sound files? I’m on console, so I can’t go to the files and download it. Even a little clip of his voice is okay.
  6. I’m happy of summoning this cursed gif Woby eating grass....? You heard them @watermelen671
  7. I love he’s not even amused. Like it’s normal, since y’know, the fearless
  8. Okay, this is for everyone with the Willow scouts theory. Also, the quote itself is pretty funny-