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[Game Update] - 354959

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Return of Them Beta Update Changes:

  • Sailing has been revised
    • Hauling up an anchor takes more time, but multiple players can help.
    • Sails can be furled quickly with the right timing.
    • Steering must be maintained until the heading is set. 
    • Steering is faster with less speed.
  • Boat has been made more durable (small bumps do less or no damage, harder to spring a leak)
  • Ocean Biomes have new art
  • Seastacks can be broken and mined
  • Camera now follows the boat when the player is on a boat.
  • Can now drop things onto the water.

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It seems when I click on a boat kit in my inventory it crashes the game. This happening for anyone else?

EDIT: Happens with a mast too.

EDIT2: And an anchor kit. Looks like I'll have to spawn things in to test them out.

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see above
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oof lots of crashing. tried 3 times to open a server and it failed. finally got a server up, and it crashed as soon as I used the steering wheel on a boat. No mods turned on. Also I found the new mast is really glitchy when you place it on land. I think i got my boat to move as slow as possible and when I hit a seastack, I still took damage. Ocean looks really nice now.

Place mast on land, open mast, place steering wheel on boat, use steering wheel = crash.

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There's some plan to improve the fact of when a player disconnects in the boat he appears in florid postern insted of the boat?

 or maybe the player could appear in the nearest land's place

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  • Developer
2 hours ago, SplOrange said:

i can't load my survival world after this update 


2 hours ago, Maxil20 said:

Can’t load my default endless world either. Is this due to the new boat changes? I have a 1500+ day world I started in the turn of tides beta that I really don’t want to lose because of this.

If you can, posting your save files would help us find out what's going on there.

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