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  1. yep, accepted to betas, i have same screen, still cant play closed beta
  2. I am following closed Hamlet beta installation instructions, closed beta shows up properly in DS>Properties>Betas tab, after that steam shows that something is being downloaded, but it wont show up in Steam DLC list and upon start of the game shows shipwrecked DLC without Hamlet. tried: - restarting steam - nothing - deleting and redownloading entire game - nothing - changing installation location - nothing any ideas????
  3. Instructions

    I have same problem as other people installing the beta: i follow instructions to the tea as said, steam shows the download, but it wont show up in DLC list and upon start shows shipwrecked DLC without Hamlet. tried: - restarting steam - nothing - deleting and redownloading entire game - nothing - changing installation location - nothing any ideas????
  4. Any game that lasts over 30 minutes gets randomly disconnected for everyone. You cant do plateless run or barely any recipe discoveries, forget about xp farming. Over last 7-8 games I played at last 5 got disconnected this way. And its not only me, everyone on our discord gets disconnected at about same times. Let me dedi host my own gorge games! I cant deal with these connection bs. This really makes me not want to play event ever again. Please look into your stuff Klei, this is ruining the fun for everyone.
  5. One of my regular players had this situation: He was running in caves with 0 sanity with bunch of nightmares after him. He put on bone helmet and used cave stairs to go up. At that point Cave Shard crashed and created me logs attached related to game not being able to find player's location for Terrobreak spawning (i think) please see logs.
  6. nice update! People are still abusing structure placements to get "off bounds", is there any eta on looking into it?
  7. I'm very happy with this update, as a server owner and willow hater, this pleases me. A lot. I wont be nagging, but long-term server performance improvements would be a good next step!
  8. hello bizziboi, i just noticed your thread on running profile simulator for dedicated servers (

    to locate and reduce lag, I have several servers (about 5 now) running on linux and usually 2-3 of them always go above 1000 days, with considerable amount of lag.

    I ran the profiler on Strictly Unprofessional Public server running on day 1567 with 12 people right now. If you still review the files like this I would love to submit more for other 2 severs if needed.

    I really appreciate devs actually helping the main backbone of DST life - dedicated servers and would love to help in any way possible to have long servers sustainable and lag-free!


  9. Deciduous Tree Bug Strikes Back?

    just noticed log refers to growing animation for a Birchnutter, thats where problem might be: Could not find anim [grow_normal_to_tall] in bank [tree_leaf_monster]
  10. I was wondering if this is related to bug that was supposedly patched with previous update, or something new. Not sure what exactly happened but it has to do with scripts/components/deciduoustreeupdater.lua and it just crashed one of my servers. please see attached server log,
  11. Unable to Remove Dead Body

    I was able to move dead body once I removed tiles below and it fell down one level
  12. One of my deceased duplicates has been laying on the floor for at least 10 cycles. I have enough gravestones (see picture). Others were transported to them eventually but it never took that long... Usually sweep command on bodies with priority 9 works instantly but in this case sweeping does nothing and in the dead body info box there is no sweep option either. I am unsure if this is related to "where" he died, it seems he died on Manual Generator, so maybe it is a conflict with machine but machine still works. I have restarted several times but still nothing. Last thing I can try is to remove tiles below him and drop him down one level just to see if his location is the problem.
  13. Ok so I've had many Stress-Vomit dupes and open body of water below my base, here is what happened: Before any of them started vomiting out of stress everything was honky-dory - pump would pump water at it's usual pace to water-using machines, get soiled and go back to water purifier, in turn it would return water to same utilities and dump overflow back to the pond. It drained some water, but pace of water drainage was minuscule. Until dupes started stressing out and vomiting in the water my initial reaction was: Nice, free contaminated water to refine and re-use in plumbing! but nooo.... vomit does not combine in a big pond, it seems like once dupes vomit, their vomit replaces liquid that was on floor already and fresh water gets consumed in that process (if in contact) vomit, it seems, "sucks up" fresh water in contact - so after couple day cycles all of my water in pond was magically GONE. I really doubt it is an intended mechanic, or maybe I'm not getting something?
  14. can confirm same behaviour for me - first they destroy algae gens, then small batteries, but not much else, although they would go and destroy all of them, not only 2, but only those 2 types of buildings 90% of times
  15. accept the gift and delete it. done.