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  1. Wilson should be the tutorial character for beginners since the game lacks one. The Science Machine perks of Wickerbottom is perfect for this, being able to craft Backpack and other stuffs from the start. Maybe something to help with sanity as well, and not dropping items on death?
  2. Wasn't this fixed a long time ago? Along with the Bee Queen Crown and the Eyebrella.
  3. https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/forum/15-dont-starve-art-music-lore
  4. Do you have a Checkpoint or Finish Line in range of the Starting Line?
  5. Back to daily t-shirts and skirts. :')
  6. It should be able to soon. "As always, these items will be available as drops in game and are weaveable using spool."
  7. Pretty sure they can swallow everything else.
  8. You can sell the skin in steam market to buy other skins that you want ^^