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  1. If you meant whether they're still making content updates, then yes.
  2. Don't starve my art

  3. Not a skin but I always use the Cat Cap, although I also use a mod to make it's sanity as good as a Tam o Shanter.
  4. Metheus Puzzle question

    perhaps a forum section about character genders too.
  5. 10% reduction is next to nothing, still more hunger than Monster Tartare + Pierogi. Also, filler is easier than needing specific ingredients like egg and veggie. Monster Tartare is bad because it's just a meatball that damages you, eating a second or third meatballs still gives more nett value.
  6. Trees

    Pretty sure trees don't grow on rock turfs.
  7. Summer because there's just too many stuffs going on. Overheating, smoldering, Antlion, plants wilting, fire hounds, increased food spoilage...
  8. PogChamp I want a Blue Hound backpack or a Winterfeast Bearger backpack, though the latter could also be an Insulated Pack skin.
  9. Ground Item Removal Mod?

    The More Stack Size mod has the option to stack nearby items together, might help with the logs and similar situations.
  10. Your friend needs to create a world on his fifth slot first, then replace his cluster_5 with your cluster_5
  11. [Poll] Summer

    no notorious?