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  1. [Poll] On Annoyances

    Doesn't make it any less annoying.
  2. Infinite boomerang Lucy sounds fun. I want to throw Lucy at birbs, rabbits, and poison birchnuts.
  3. How about make his suit an equipment (only he can wear), then give him a backpack puppet that acts like Chester.
  4. +1. No to the pouch, buff the Insulated Pack. Like Freya said, either make it cool thermal stones or remove the gear from the cost.
  5. The Gorge Recipe Book

    They like the game to be hard, same reason why people don't like mods like Combined Status, etc. Not me though, anything that gives the game clarity gets a yes from me. The nice design is a plus too.
  6. I hope there's a buff to farms now that there's more crops
  7. Closest Lunar Island Ever

    Webber mains: Yessssss!
  8. They say it's something we will all enjoy, especially console players. So it wouldn't make sense for it to be something just for console players.
  9. The last character?

    Maxwell will still be the faster wood gatherer since you need to wait for the trees to grow to use Thumper, and he can still mine rocks as well. Woodie on the other hand needs a character rework.
  10. The last character?

    Make his goggles only wearable by him, remove Fryfocals damage, and add fuel/durability to Thumper. Other than that I think he fits well in DST.
  11. Webber because "En Garde!"
  12. Still useful for farming nightmare fuel.
  13. Pretty sure it's the opposite lulw
  14. Yes he can I brought Chester to the lunar island to store me some carrats.