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  1. Polluted

    "I no deal. None deal are mine. Do need deal?" Durham, curiosity twinkling in his eyes, leaned forward to hear more clearly on what the whole deal was about deals. What were deals anyway?
  2. WANT ART NOW DO YA OK dis 1 is my favorite here is sum art thx
  3. Polluted

    Durham nodded his head vigorously, his expression unchanging. He had decided that getting free things was always good, and that he probably had no control over where his luck built up to. Looking around, he observed the other customers in the tavern, listening into their senseless yelling and the hearty laughs. He quite liked this place. It was different.
  4. Polluted

    Durham had found it. He thought so, atleast. Turns out, he can't read very well, and the coupon was for some other tavern on the other side of town. In fact, he didn't read much beyond the words of "Free" and "Cheese sandwiches" and maybe some of the numbers, but that's being generous. Not to mention how it had already expired, so being redirected would prove useless. Durham didn't know though, so he strolled up to the bar anyway and slammed in on the table, like he had seen others do with money, and asked in his tough guy voice "May be having sandwiches, yes, please?"
  5. Polluted

    Durham, seeing a couple people enter the tavern, finally realized that it was probably the place he was after all along, so he dashed along through the streets, being extra careful not to bump into anybody, stopping at the entrance to brush himself off, then using it for it's designated purpose, entering.
  6. Polluted

    [here's a new picture the old one looks like trash] []
  7. Polluted

    Durham walked around the markets, now realizing he had no idea where the actual sandwich deal was going on. Looking among the various stalls, scanning for anything that might be a good mid-sandwich-search-snack, or anything that might come useful in later travels. He nibbled on the small amount of coins he'd managed to collect to test if they were still real. Honestly though, he just liked nibbling on them.
  8. Polluted

    (Shoot didn't read the thing) Durham ran on through and went searching for his beloved cheese sandwiches.
  9. Polluted

    "Ha ha!" Said Durham, a year ago.
  10. Polluted

    Durham didn't particularly know what age was. They didn't really have any way to track the days underground, that being said, they didn't know of the importance of tracking days either. You just did things, now, or later. Durham didn't want to be rude though, so he answered with the closest thing he could think of to age. "I am Durhams! I am much calm! I also be prince-y bear! Roy-al-ty! Is name, r-age, and race, yes? Good for gettings in?" He sat down on the floor to prove how he was bear royalty. Royalty always sat, so if he sat, there would be no argument!
  11. Polluted

    "No! You be doing the wrongs! Is line!" Durham pointed to the line he was currently in. "You be waiting for the sandwatches like the everybodys! No fair! No fair!" Durham, though only recently learning about them from his recent rise to the overworld, was real passionate about the rules he had learned, no matter how serious or not they would be. He was a guest here, a more permanent guest, but a guest neverless, and he would follow the rules like a good little bug!
  12. Polluted

    Durham was near the front of the line. He had camped out here for quite the long time, mostly because he didn't camp IN line, infact, he was camped a few blocks away from inside of a trashcan. It didn't have the best smell, but breakfast was free, and free breakfast always makes a bad place just that much better. Luckily, around day 3, he'd gotten lucky and managed to wake up at a reasonable time where the line wasn't too long. Now he could finally find out if that coupon he found for free cheese sandwiches at the bottom of the same trash can he slept in was really all it turned out to be. In retrospect, it was probably expired, but Durham didn't know about expiration dates, so it still seemed like a pretty sweet deal. “I am the excited! Criss is havings the yum yums inside! Be goings inside soon, yes?” he asked to nobody in particular.
  13. Polluted

    From the deep depths underground arises a small little beetle person. Hopefully it ain't all that bad.
  14. Polluted

    Yes. Just yes. I bloody hope this works out, I've missed having a ongoing story. Let me whip up something special...
  15. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    The situations getting a bit hairy