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  1. As I enjoyed this, main a wendy.
  2. New character this month

    Since this has sort of become a discussion thread on Wortox, I'd like to ask if anybody knows what sort of pose he's actually doing in his silhouette. I initially thought he had his hand on his chin, but the other arm still widely confused me. Like, does he have tufts of fur on his shoulders, or are those his hands? I'll put the photo here so you can judge for yourself without having to click the back button a bunch of times.
  3. R.Wagstaff abilities

    I wonder if there would be one at all. After all, unlike Wilson; Wagstaff wasn’t exactly dragged into the constant unwillingly.
  4. Yeah, but this is hamlet we're talking about. The things he said were on the hamlet road-map specifically Whatever's happening, I just hope we get some sort of update on the situation.
  5. I actually think the sideshow collection is my favorite bunch of skins. Nothing else can really transform a base like it can; especially if you go all out like @Geeris.
  6. New character this month

    Looks like we’re going to have a little more time to save up our spools. Still a little weird that you could potentially make people entirely out of pleated shirts, right?
  7. New character this month

    It’s a little strange that they haven’t announced the new twitch skins yet. Maybe they’re trying something different this time?
  8. C’mon now guys, let’s not fight over this.
  9. New character this month

    If I had to guess, I’d say like an hour or two. They usually give a days heads up on them.
  10. New character this month

    If it was to be released this week I’d guess it’d be announced around the same time as the new twitch drop. Klei usually likes to drop their news all at once.
  11. New Season Perk Speculations

    I’m guessing there will be quite a lot of focus on the aporkalypse. One thing I’d really like to see there would be changes to the enviroment. Most of the “end of times” stuff mostly affects animals, but I’d think it’d really add to feel like the world is crumbling around you. Trees slumping over. Water turning black. Maybe a variant of frog rain with rabid beetles like a plague of locusts. All that good “The world is clearly not happy about this” stuff. One idea I had was that the earth could start splitting apart, causing earthquakes and large holes on the surface. This could even be a benefit if the holes could be entered to reveal more caves or buried temples with special rewards. Perhaps you could end up finding a previously unearthed iron deposit? That’d solve the inevitable “I killed the iron hulk so now i have no source of iron” problem. Those are my ideas atleast. If something doesn’t make sense feel free to ask, as my phone doesn’t halfway inbetween writing this and I might of lost track of what I was typing.
  12. Will we be getting a preview post about Wortox like Winona got?
  13. Don’t you be taking my gloveless creed!