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  1. A pile of organs, the sign of true love!
  2. Is this the official end of the event?
  3. Wait, who's art thread?

    I sense trauma.
  4. It's not about how many people read it, it's about who reads it.
  5. If the idea was ever implemented, I think the memory-reset time would have to be increased to around four days. Yknow, enough to find your place and coordinate, but not enough to go out on large expeditions.
  6. Bearger is male

    I thought the reason Klei said deerclops was female was because it doesn’t shed its antlers during winter, something that male deers do due to a sudden drop in testosterone.
  7. is dst dead like tf2

    you don’t count new content as new content.
  8. I'm still icky on how item placement and things would work, but it's clear you put a tremendous amount of effort and thinking into this. Seriously well done!
  9. Deerclops is a she?

    Wow guys. Look at the fit everyone’s throwing over the gender of a fictional animal. Seriously, this is where you’re gonna put your foot down? Here? Of course there’s multiple deerclops, why do you think they come back after you kill them?
  10. What would you do?

    If there was a child right in front of you?
  11. as you can see, you can't see the beard from the back, despite it's size hinting that you should.
  12. Just as the title says, if you cast out a bobber, your friend can inspect it. As far as I know, all bobbers appear to be MISSING NAME, so I'm assuming the fact they can be inspected to be some sort of bug.
  13. Cuffs: The Spinoff

    Gotta say though: easily the best Maxwell skin.