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  1. Leather Suit: a poll

    I'd call it a vest maybe.
  2. I think Them are more like cats batting around a mouse for fun. They don't really think about all the things they do, and that's what makes them terrifying.
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    willow has the same face as wilson and it makes me uncomfortable
  4. I don't know what you're talking about. Webber, WX-78, Wilbur, and Wortox were always in the files since the early Don't Starve Beta. This is the Don't Starve aesthetic.
  5. Wurt

    here's my rendition of what Wort might look like:
  6. Wurt

    I like Wurt already.
  7. Alright alright... it's a fantastic large thing.
  8. Secret Character

    Nah, check it out. It really is Wendy.
  9. I'm not sure I like the whole body thing. It seems like it'd just be super boring. Maybe you could make it so you spectated while you were dead, so you'd have something to look at other than an empty screen? I'd post this on the discord, but the link's expired...
  10. No, not literally. After reading a couple of threads, I saw that a big problem people had with DST was how eventually you could just lounge around after a certain period of building since nothing would ever force you to go out and fight the bosses. And since you had all the high end gear, the seasons wouldn't be a problem either. Even hound attacks would become trivial, as you could just retreat to a bundle of tooth traps. Some have had the idea of making tooth traps flammable to prevent this, but all it'd really do was require a couple flingos around your pen. So in the end, there's really nothing stopping you from lounging in your base forever. Except Antlion. Antlion is a fantastic little thing that requires players, even those in separate bases, to work together to stop everybody from suffering the consequences. To avoid the destruction of the sinkholes, players must send out parties to go out and feed or kill the antlion to calm her rage. In the end, I think it's a great way to have something unavoidable that players can work together to fix. I think the game could benefit from more of these. It'd be a nice way to get people to get out of the house and into the ocean with the new updates, after all. What are your thoughts? Have any ideas for stuff that could be implemented like this? Am I crazy for thinking the Antlion is good? All these questions and more answered below! By you guys!
  11. I like this idea. Though with them being refilled in time, of course.
  12. Give No Eye Deer babies so you can show us just the monster we are by making us kill Bambi's mom.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Somebody has probably made this joke hundreds of times, but...
  14. Those tallbirds are actually teenagers, so they aren’t hostile. The eggs you stole were probably from some other tallbird, since teenagers don’t have nests. Don’t know about the drum sound though.
  15. Eh, they do their job fine. Especially the moon glass axe. You don’t go to the lunar island to only craft one, do you? Plus, it’s not like it’s the only thing worth at the islands, so it’s more of a bonus if anything. I don’t get why weapons are here at all. Yeah, they get outclassed, but you still use them. Do you start out killing pigs with an axe? Plus, having cheap alternatives is always good so you don’t have to waste away your durability on low level threats like spiders. Hambats are again a different story, but as said before, it’s supposed to be an upgrade anyway. The last forager could use a bit of an upgrade, but it’s not all relegated to things you can only grab with your hands with those pedestal-items things in the ruins. It’s already cheap to begin with anyway. I don’t see what the problem is with the ice amulet not being all that spectacular. It’s a magical alternative to stuff like the ice cube and summer frest. What’s not to like? It’s not like those items really need any other use outside summer either. Those are only my thoughts though. Honestly, when I read the title, I thought it was gonna be another grass suit thread. It’s nice to delve into other things for a change, yeah?