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  1. The Forge Has Ended

    Title screen is amazing! Good job guys!
  2. Polluted

    "SCREeechy noise. Big SCREeechy noise. Awawwauaa!" Durham explained, wincing as he replayed the moment in his head. Even in his head, the vile noise created by the chair was painful. It was just the right vibration to a lot of wrong to his beetle ears. Stuck in a endless groundhog day scenario where only the endless tournament of squeaky chairs stood to be replayed again and again in his head, Durham managed to hold his hands over his ears until he was able to snap out of the terrible trance. This took about ten seconds, but it seemed like forever for the poor beetle. He awoke from that illusion a changed bug, but immediately forgot about all the life lessons he learned and pointed at the lady who had asked him the question. "Sorry sorry! Didn't mean interruption! What have say?" He asked, slightly flustered, then remembering his manners, adding on a "Please?"
  3. Polluted

    “WHAT THIS VILE NOISE” Durham didn’t like the sound of the wooden chair squeaking along the equally wooden floor. The resulting groan from the slide of the chair sounded like a colossal giant like a mile away so utterly bored with themseld that they decided to try and destroy their own eardrums with the most sickenly annoying sound they could possibly conjure up in this mortal realm. It wasn’t pleasant, to Durham atleast. ”AUUAWWAAAAAAAAUUWWAA”
  4. Polluted

    Resting his head onto his arms and raising his legs from hanging off the edge of the stool into a squatting position, Durham looked up at the barkeep with a strange sense of distance, despite his home not actually being incredibly far away. He sat like this for a moment, occasionally shuffling and beginning sentences, who's ends were lost in the clutches of hesitation. Eventually, some words gave way. "Big cavern. Lotsa fun people, very nice. Many bad mans come though. Want gold." he said, trying to explain it as best he could. "Better now though."
  5. Make some cookies for him and leave them on the doorstep, it’s the only way!
  6. I’m confused, but real interested. I’ll have to study this for a bit.
  7. Could seasons work?

    i dont think asteroids have seasons
  8. Polluted

    "I no deal. None deal are mine. Do need deal?" Durham, curiosity twinkling in his eyes, leaned forward to hear more clearly on what the whole deal was about deals. What were deals anyway?
  9. WANT ART NOW DO YA OK dis 1 is my favorite here is sum art thx
  10. Polluted

    Durham nodded his head vigorously, his expression unchanging. He had decided that getting free things was always good, and that he probably had no control over where his luck built up to. Looking around, he observed the other customers in the tavern, listening into their senseless yelling and the hearty laughs. He quite liked this place. It was different.
  11. Polluted

    Durham had found it. He thought so, atleast. Turns out, he can't read very well, and the coupon was for some other tavern on the other side of town. In fact, he didn't read much beyond the words of "Free" and "Cheese sandwiches" and maybe some of the numbers, but that's being generous. Not to mention how it had already expired, so being redirected would prove useless. Durham didn't know though, so he strolled up to the bar anyway and slammed in on the table, like he had seen others do with money, and asked in his tough guy voice "May be having sandwiches, yes, please?"
  12. Polluted

    Durham, seeing a couple people enter the tavern, finally realized that it was probably the place he was after all along, so he dashed along through the streets, being extra careful not to bump into anybody, stopping at the entrance to brush himself off, then using it for it's designated purpose, entering.
  13. Polluted

    [here's a new picture the old one looks like trash] []
  14. Polluted

    Durham walked around the markets, now realizing he had no idea where the actual sandwich deal was going on. Looking among the various stalls, scanning for anything that might be a good mid-sandwich-search-snack, or anything that might come useful in later travels. He nibbled on the small amount of coins he'd managed to collect to test if they were still real. Honestly though, he just liked nibbling on them.
  15. Polluted

    (Shoot didn't read the thing) Durham ran on through and went searching for his beloved cheese sandwiches.