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  1. We don’t know much about what WX was like before the mind transfer, but I imagine they might’ve suffered from some kind of erratic behavior themselves and became obsessed over trying to engineer the problem away. It just strikes me as a bit strange that WX would even build an empathy module in the first place if their mindset was just a “robots rule humans drool” thing.
  2. A shipwrecked spyglass style item made from moonglass and naked nostrils. It’d give the moonglass you get from the grotto a use on the mainland outside of making shiny statues. Also it has a wicked name. I don’t know what else you want me to say.
  3. Doesn’t really work in a multiplayer game. Do the people in the caves just get booted out?
  4. This please. It’s very irksome having to hold onto all the low tier bobbers when you manage to get an upgrade.
  5. We got a rework for ancient guardian, so I'd not lose hope just yet
  6. I would absolutely love an update that went back and added small details like these. With all the little improvements and mechanics over the years, there’s so many new ways the familiar parts of the constant could spring to life Here’s just one idea: how about turf that changes appearance with the seasons? Like, maybe little flowers sprout on grassy turf in spring? or grow dry and patchy in summer?
  7. I experience quite the opposite, actually. Maybe it’s because I tend to play solo, but I tend to have most of my pigskin at the beginning of the game when i’ve just gone around hammering pig houses and touchstone heads. At that point, sacrificing one measly skin out of a stack of 28 seems like a much better option than going through the trouble to fight at the minimum 2 tier-1 spider dens. Especially it means I don’t have to worry about having it wear out before I’m bothered enough to collect rabbits. That being said, you do make a good point with the comparable recipes. Plus, from what others have pointed out, there’s the 20% rain resistance thing. I still think it’s better to use a football helmet instead, but there’s admittedly use cases where you’d want to be dry and also gaining sanity. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to getting the goggles much later in the game that makes me see them as more powerful than they are. I don’t know
  8. With some of the changes brought in during the crafting update, the noble top hat has now been outclassed by the fashion goggles in almost every way. While both restore the same amount of sanity, the goggles are far cheaper and actually last a whole two days longer than their contemporary. Some might argue that this is fine enough since you'll have to craft a top hat anyway for sake of utilizing dark magic, but I still think it's a bit of a shame. While these goggles are indeed quite the fashion statement, it's a pity that something so iconic should fall by the wayside. Plus, it has all those lovely skins! Here are a couple of ideas I could see to help alleviate the problem. Please, feel free to add some of your own below!
  9. We have jars. We have jam. Why not, say, combine the two for a form of long-term food storage?
  10. Seeing so many people stand together for the sake of goofiness brings a tear to my eye. As a show of goodwill, I decided to put things into a little more perspective by looking at how the old boy in-game rather than the grainy sprite rip from the wiki. ...okay, he's pretty charming at this higher resolution. Plus I like the disappointed goldfish eyes. Hmm.....
  11. Look at this goldfish of a man. My dude's pupils extend out halfway beyond the width of his face. It's funny, I'll admit, but it's pretty strange too. Any other time we've seen him he's been portrayed as a lot less cross-eyed. I think they should probably be given another run through the presses to make Wagstaff look a bit less like a goober, but I'd like to see what other people think about this. Maybe this is just how Wagstaff is supposed to look, I don't know.