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  1. Mena's Random Arts of Stuff and Things

    Here is the marker pun exposed get it it’s a marker brand ha ha
  2. Mena's Random Arts of Stuff and Things

    Is that a pun I don’t know if it’s a pun but I think it’s a pun
  3. A strange strange world

    Bob wonders why Whitney can still sleep in all this noise. The answer isn’t that hard, because soon Bob also falls asleep. Dialogue wasn’t ever his strong suit anyway.
  4. A strange strange world

    Suddenly, Xed is shoved towards the light by a not so sleepy anymore Bob with the most intimidating face that one can make without one. Secretly, he’s utterly terrified of whatever might be the cause of such a light, but if he’s learned anything from his master, it’s that you have to become the dominant one fast, or nothing’s gonna get done.
  5. A strange strange world

    Bob’s extreme campfire bonding session is sleeping. He is also sleeping in his dream, except the grass he’s sleeping on is a different shade of green.
  6. A strange strange world Though some parts of Bob don't agree with eachother on this, the majority decides it's time to go to sleep. Bob snuggles down next to the campfire as little bones in his body start developing small patches of moss. It's not nearly enough to do anything special though, so the big beefalo gets to snooze undisturbed.
  7. A strange strange world

    (Doesn’t like, another character mean you have to make another character sheet? You should seriously put these things at the beginning, and refrain from bringing in random characters without permission.)
  8. A strange strange world

    Bob was sincerely confused, as Whitney had somehow managed to miss the ground despite never actually leaving it. This thought had only a couple of seconds to get it's life together before it was replaced with another, more important one. Cookies. There weren't any cookies around, but Bob liked thinking about them, if only for the memory.
  9. A strange strange world

    Bob accidentally put out the previous fire with a sneeze. It was a big one. The shadowy substance currently inhabiting the area in which Bob's lungs had once been must of not had a very good grasp on how big sneezes should be, and it probably should be educated on the scale of sneezes. Quickly, it realized it was not meant for this job, and swirled its way downwards to the left foot like appendage.
  10. A strange strange world

    (Not you silly skeleton! Just everyone in general!) ....mmmgg... Bob had finished eating his meal, which had only been a handful, but eating without a complete understanding on the importance of fingers is pretty hard, especially without any sort of tongue to scoop up the loose bits of seed. Neverless, he felt a lot calmer now that he had his full of various non-grass foods. The large skeletal beefalo sat down in a way you’d typically see a dog sit, and looked around at the company he found himself with. He was particularly interested in the other skeletal fellow, even though Bob isn’t exactly aware of his condition. It was like a primal connection between spooky beings, or maybe he just saw how Whitney was pretty scared of both of them.
  11. A strange strange world

    (Also try to use parentheses making off topic comments so that it’s seperated from actual rp. It gets a bit confusing)
  12. A strange strange world

    (Don’t worry about it. Honestly, if people are going to start taking things to eleven on the first day and killing off characters that had a decent amount of work put into them without any sort of concern before any sort of development takes place, then I’m not sure I want to be apart of it. It takes a bit to think of a story for a character you know.)
  13. A strange strange world

    Oh, how brilliant! His spinal cord could save us all! Wait, no, spinal cords don’t have brain function. Ah well
  14. A strange strange world

    Oh god, it seems that Bob is completely dead. His last wish was that he had some sort of say in the matter so all the hard work his owner put into him wouldn't have been wasted. It's such a shame that the only thing keeping him alive was his torso. I mean, that's with most animals, but whatever.
  15. A strange strange world

    P̸l̸e̸a̷se̶//// The creature is unable to get a single bone down without immediately vomiting. The bone he’s grabbed is certainly not the freshest, though I doubt that matters with bones. The main factor here is how it’s coated with a wicked, volatile substance that the mouth of any creature would simply reject, like if you tried to eat a star, without the whole burning up thing that is. Bob didn't like the whole prospect of his arm being removed though, so he shoved his horns into the thing's ribs at a speed which the average bystander who hadn't thought about timing something for no reason would say was "Pretty fast."