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  1. I think Wurt being a vegetarian is more a biological thing than a personal choice
  2. Be that as it may seem, I find it just a bit too big of a leap in imagination personally. I'd say it's because the path is more or less transparent. Usually on paths of this sort, you'd see the grass wear into dirt, while on this it's just smudgy lines on perfectly intact turf. Less worn down, as you put it, then just plastered on there. It's why I have a hard time seeing it as something like this or this: Plus, it's just too dark to look natural. On savannah turf it's a little more forgivable, but on other turfs (or lack thereof) here it just looks awkward. And we've not even talked about it looping around on itself. It looks almost glitchy there, with how dark it ends up. Kind of takes me out of the world. With that being said, it's only a minor complaint. If it's really just me bothered by it then I guess I could always turn to modding.
  3. Mike was talking about the grass and dirt being smushed down. There isn't any grass on the rocky turf to be smushed, yeah? Even if you were to reach that there was some type of grass on the turf, it's still there if you dig it up too: thus producing the dark sticky label effect
  4. I mean, I get that, but it shows up on rocky turf too. Looks awkward.
  5. I think the paths in Don't Starve look real strange Not talking about the brick ones,mind you, I mean these things: It's almost impossibly difficult for me to imagine what it's supposed to even be. I've made this comparison with my friends before, but every time I look at it I keep seeing it as the weird dirty residue left by a sticker or label Now, this path has been in the game for quite a while, so it might be a little late for this, but I think it'd look better if it was given a tad of a redesign. Maybe something that evokes more of a dusty trail? I'm not ironclad on any ideas but I think something should be done. Does anyone else agree with me? Or am I just a dirty sticker residue obsessed freak? And, on the other hand, does anyone know what it's actually supposed to be?
  6. Sometimes I might have something else playing in the background but I never actually turn it off. Lots of bangers in the soundtrack I’d be remiss without.
  7. When me and my friend die we've made it a ritual to burn down our base On such occasion, we've encountered this. Needless to say, my friend found it quite shocking.
  8. Alright then, play the fool. Don't give any reasoning at all. Good job. If you're going to argue, atleast say something.
  9. I'm a little apprehensive, since I like Klei Don't Starve much more. This seems much more Fantasy inspired, which, y'know, is fine, but it's not really my cup of tea when it comes to surviving in the constant. I'll give it a chance, but I hope the game ends up separate from the rest of them.
  10. Ol' MacTusk has just been partying it up a little bit too much in the Walrus camp lately. Maybe he's regretting investing his life savings into blowdarts after seeing the slingshot.
  11. I mean, yeah. Having difficulty options that say no matter who you're gonna play you're likely gonna die is a joke. Is this a pun?
  12. This sounds more like a personal problem then something the game should be hard coded to revolve around.
  13. One thing I appreciate about Walter and Woby is they sort of incentivize you to wear body slot items, since to really take full advantage of Walter's hat you need to wear armor (otherwise you're just gonna be half sane and half dead) Usually, people are pretty attached to their backpacks, but having the extra inventory space always following you around makes the trade off much easier. Plus, you can't really utilize a football helm and the pioneer hat at the same time, which kind of makes my go-to backpack/helmet combo a bit unreliable. I think looking at things this way is a bit too self-contained. This is a multiplayer game after all, and one of the key factors of people working together is the ability to make up for the other's issues. That being said, when playing alone (which lots of people do, so it should be taken into account) these are valid points.