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  1. like this. You can pay attention to both the real piggy hoof and the idol one.
  2. The picture you used as an example is facing forward when I think you should of used one viewed from the side.
  3. Today we figure out what’s gonna go on with the twitch skins. Personally, I think they’re going to repeat since there hasn’t been a patch adding anything new into the game; though it could possibly be added later in the day. Who knows though? There’s always a chance that they just stop or take a break. Hope not, but it’s possible. Here’s to the very near future!
  4. Oh, cause the file name has “yotp” at the end of it. Unless it’s some secret swine code, we’ve got ourselves some year of the pig dishware
  5. more importantly, are they telling me your supposed to eat a turkey dinner with a spoon?!? Jokes aside, I'm really curious as what this could actually mean. Like, would it be a limited time thing? Would it repeat or be a once-in-a-lifetime celebration? It's got me itching for answers.
  6. Disease Mechanics.

    Nice research! It’s pretty interesting to see everything going on under the hood in a way that doesn’t immediately fly over my head. What’d you think could make it better?
  7. Unpig Academy

    I’d suggest sprinkling some screenshots in to get the point a little more across. Still, fantastic job!
  8. Save The Pigs Initiative

    No worries, it’s just a law and order reference
  9. Save The Pigs Initiative

    (double quote woah) In doth criminal justice system, the people art represent'd by two separateth but equally imp'rtant groups: the police, who is't investigateth crime, and the district att'rneys, who is't prosecute doth offendeth'rs. These art their stories.
  10. Some men hunt for sport Others hunt for food The only thing I'm hunting for is an outfit that looks good Red Scientist Wilson Fight for your life! Tinker Tailor Soldier Scientist S.T.P.I Field Gear (i like the mourning shoes, okay?) Trainhand Willow This one doesn't have a clever name it's just cute The Big Man Commander WX Mad Robot The Leaf Man World Premiere Wigfrid That's all I was able to manage this time around. Happy hunting folks!
  11. Actually, I don't think it'd be too much of a problem. There's that one steam guide on making sky bases, so getting higher than the ground is already pretty possible. The animations are another thing though: that'd require some major modding mumbo jumbo. Still, I can imagine a little guy just flapping ever so slowly across a wall. Oh, and there would probably have to be a limit to how long you can fly so you don't just go soaring into the ocean void. And maybe a "washing up" mechanic to help those who try. Overall, it'd be a pretty large amount of effort, but maybe somebody out there would be willing to give it a shot.
  12. Save The Pigs Initiative

    Wish granted! I’m going to put an interesting little tidbit here for those of who who want to recruit swine armies of your very own. I actually didn’t know this before I started this thread, so I hope it helps out many of you too. Did you know that pigs are actually 4 times better at restoring sanity than glommer? Infact, any bipedal ally is considered more comforting than the fuzzy little bug (not counting rock lobsters that is.) A single one restores 25 sanity per minute, while glommer only gives you 6.25; provided you’ve gotten up close and snug that is. An important fact is they generally try to keep themselves at a respectable distance during the day, so the best time to use this is at night. The easiest way is to wait until they’ve fallen asleep beside a campfire, but the distance from the light of a torch should be enough to reap a nice enough reward With nights in the very early game being a minute long, even a single pig can provide you with a ten point sanity increase (counting in the penalties from dusk too.) With this out of the way, it’s pretty clear that it’s a pretty easy job navigating sanity problems when you’ve got your own personal hunting party. If you don't think that low sanity is all that big of a problem, it would still be a nice idea to have a couple swine to tag along in-case you ever start having the heebie-geebies in the middle of a fight. You can focus on your inner demons while your friends have the big baddie distracted, thus making maintaining control all that much easier. This tip was brought to you by the Save The Pigs Initative.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    you've heard of wigfridge but have you heard of
  14. Save The Pigs Initiative

    Dude. Why would you apologize if you’re just going to keep doing it. Like, come on. Really. Once again, I’d like to empathize this isn’t an actual debate. It’s more of a joke thread if anything; it’s why I keep bringing up dumb points that the game doesn’t even have: like indigestion (The hunger penalty in bile covered slop might count, but that’s really besides the point.) Though I do like your point about female pigs. Where the heck did they all go? I personally think pigs are made of black magic. Or they’re aliens. Or they’re made of aliens. It’s the only possible explanation. How else would they set up their farms without thumbs?