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  1. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    I fully agree with this. I'd like to see Warly more as a chef than a dispensary.
  2. Pengulls shouldn't spawn at "rivers"

    I thought they spawned at rivers already??
  3. Dumb as it is, this actually gives me an idea. I knew those memes would be useful someday. what if during winter there was a borealis you could sail to and collecting cool loot from?
  4. Bern_Baby_Bern or Disco_Inferno though that might be too obvious
  5. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    I think his crockpot might be one of those items only he can use, like Willow using Bernie for warmth or Wortox’s souls. Possibly the chef pouch too?
  6. I wonder if we’ll ever get to see the dark side of the moon.
  7. It’s a little late to release a skin given out to those who played during the beta. I’d understand if it was like a “last chance” sort of thing, but since it’s been so long it’s pretty much exactly as @Zeklo said. And what’s this about unnecessary exclusivity? What about it is unnecessary? Is there such a thing as necessary exclusives?
  8. EmiAlvi's art!

    These are amazingly charming! Well done!
  9. Alright, I getcha now. I’ll make things simpler when it comes to the actual voting options in the future, and maybe reserve the shenanigans for the posts themselves. ——— Anyway, I noticed a whole lot of people don’t seem to want you to drop your items when you sink. I could probably get some of the reasons for holding onto items as a ghost; you can recover quicker and you don’t have to sail out to your wrecked ship, but I really don’t see Don’t Starve being the type to pull punches. I’d get it a lot more if you still couldn’t repair a boats hull, since you’d be much more prone to sinking, but with the recent patch recovering from any accidental bumps is easy given you’ve packed enough logs or twigs. That being said, I’d still like to hear some arguments against dropping items. The feature is still something we’ve not seen at all in Don’t Starve, so maybe we need to handle it differently.
  10. EDIT: I've had a little time to think, so I'm going to try this out again. Personally, I think you could of really worded this a lot better. Trying to get a point across with things like "attempts at quirkiness" is a terrible way to go about things. I get you're frustrated, but come on man. Let's not be like this. I understand you might not agree 100% with what the actual poll answer has to say, but that's where you can come down and reply with your argument. This thread is here to get people's thoughts, after all. If you thought I poorly represented your choice, which I kinda agree on in retrospection, then I'd much rather prefer you bring that up instead of saying quirkiness is the issue.
  11. well i mean technically saladmanders are affected by heat.........
  12. Hey guys, so apparently not dropping your items was a bug. "Fixed a bug where players would not drop all their items when they died on a boat." What are your guys thoughts?
  13. They could probably swim, but I doubt you'd be able to ride them. See how only the head sticks out of the water?
  14. These are like way too clever. I’ll probably have to use that waiter one; it’s just too good.
  15. guys they removed the animal hat. we need to go back