If one character would have to die, who would it be?

If one character would have to die, who'd it be?  

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  1. 1. Who would it be?

    • Wilson
    • Willow
    • Wolfgang
    • Wendy
    • Wx-78
    • Wickerbottom
    • Woody
    • Wes
    • Maxwell
    • Wigfrid
    • Webber
    • Winona
    • Wortox

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Mikeadatrix    2,029
Posted (edited)

Maxwell, although already dying in the past, would probably die in an attempt to save Charlie or his companions from Them one last time, thus serving as his true redemption for the tragic series of events that led to the events of Don’t Starve and Together. Wilson, like others have said, is the one with the most survival experience and is the incompetent yet somehow competent leader of the survivors. Plus, he’s the poster boy and the most recognizable face in the game, killing him off would be shocking and highly improbable. Also, him and Max did build the Portal and it was thanks to Wilson’s blueprints and Max’s magical knowledge and the Codex. Despite Wilson’s track record of being a crap scientist, he knows his stuff in certain places. Plus, like most geniuses that are lazy, when he applies himself, results happen.

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TurtleKitty    1,125
Posted (edited)

I wish Wagstaff was an option. I'd pick Wagstaff to die. 
Short of that, sorry Woodie, your ghost is going in Lucy and chopping up MooseGoosie. 

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CaptainChaotica    3,955
Posted (edited)

My serious vote:  Maxwell, for all the same reasons said here.  Former villian, dies heroically to save others and thereby PROVE, at the end, that he was indeed _truly_ reformed, etc.  It's also interesting to note that in the "Dark and Gritty Reboot" DST Trailer, Maxwell gets stabbed because he tried to BETRAY the group (and there goes my vote for the "Who's the most likely to betray them?" thread.)

As for Wilson dying for a "Chrono-Trigger-like" motivator thingie...well, he DOES kind of already have Chrono's hair... (well, spiky anime hair in general.  : P)

I can see WX dying in a sort of dark humour, karmic retribution way from a failed attempt to "KILL THE MEATBAGS".

Of course, we all know what the REAL "ending" to the story would be.  Willow would go nuts and just torch everything for funsies, including her own base*, none of the FAVOURITE characters would be in any real danger because that would be bad for ratings sales, and some completely nonsensical person would end up on the Nightmare Throne.



*Yes, I realise that visually, Wendy would work better for that, but, ya know...Willow, fire...

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GetNerfedOn    1,403

I would see Wickerbottom dying due to one of her plans backfiring horribly due to unforeseen circumstances, leaving her no choice but to deal with the consequences of her actions alone such that the rest of the survivors live to see the next days.

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