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  1. Wait, so theoretically you can survive till its end in 10k days?
  2. M is for Power?

    He’s a battlemaster, not a royal person. He’s just an officer.
  3. This is the best censorship I’ve ever seen.
  4. Community in nutshell 2017: Oh jeez, there is so many cool things in DST, why doesn’t Klei add them to singleplayer??7? 2019: OH JEEZ, THIS CONTENT MAKES SINGLEPLAYER SOOO EAAAASY, NO CHALLENGE AT ALL, WHAT THE HELL KLEIII????77 Just imagine devs right now. thanks for another good cool way pf using dem m8, I’ve never really thought about that
  5. 1) May be in future updates this content will be moved to single too? 2) Oh, come on, spider farm + bird in cage = infinite food. It’s very simple, bundling wraps can be used not for having a lot of food, but for saving the surplus.
  6. 1) Beefalo taming in DST is just for fun, or even fan-service, cuz a lot of people dreamed about this since single was launched. It’s very optional, because it’s more like a decor, you don’t blame, let’s say, Houndius Shootius for being pretty useless, do you? It’s just creates that feeling of accomplishment and looks cool. Although, Ewecus in single is such a bad idea, the only melee way to kill him is to hire some pigs, it’s kinda frustrating for me. 2) Bundle wrapping mechanic is for situations, when you have 100+ pieces of meat, for example, after deerclops+beefalo massacre, and you just can’t use all of that meat before it spoils. Also, it’s veru useful to store bulbs and glow-berries. You are bot suppised to use it every day, but in very particular situation it can help a lot.
  7. + to ones, who likes it. Old poisonous coloring kinda was one of the reasons, why I stopped playing Hamlet, it was causing some anxious feeling, like something bad is gonna happen, pretty much like midday horror. Now it’s more dark and calmer, so I’m ok with that.
  8. QOL update report

    by reminding people about timezones, you will not reduce their exitement and impatience, ya know
  9. we played it the way we wanted to. Klaus is an optional boss, that’s the idea - you can fight him whenever you want in winter. you now just want to protect your position by calling my playstyle not so good as yours or someone else’s just because you don’t like the idea, that fully upgraded WX-78 is good for this plystyle, making his max stats an actually good thing, which ruines your point of view. :/ you’re now just saying, that he should be nerfed because you don’t like him and he makes the game easier. well, game offers you a pretty big amount of characters, who don’t, so just play them and let other people have fun.
  10. Weird Headcannons

    - Wigfrid eventually breaks her character by getting pissed off. - Wes accidentally says something, revealing that he’s not actually silent. Everyone is mad cuz of how many times in the past he could save a hella lot of time just by communicating verbally. - Woodie is actually the nicest and most polite member of the crew.
  11. 1) it was already spring, so he would despawn 2) I couldn’t kite right - I had a very bad connection
  12. But fully upgraded WX can do it longer without armor. Again, the episode from my own experience - we fought Klaus, ran out of any armor, my friend is dead, Klaus has 900HP, and my connection is pretty bad, so I can’t kite well. The only way was to tank, and fortunately, I was fully upgraded and killed that bastard. and then died cuz of deer fire-attack