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  1. I actually was mentioning some boat-cannons and rifles. Also in that case it would be nice to change the gunpowder recipe, cuz rotten eggs are not the easiest thing to obtain. May be adding some source of brimstone would be great.
  2. How am I gonna stop some big mean Mother-Hound from tearin' me a structurally superflouous new behind? The answer, is a gun. And if that don't work, use more gun.
  3. Wait, even if she had Alzheimer, wouldn’t it just fade away after reviving via M-E, Telltale Heart, Altar or Life-giving Amulet?
  4. Woodie in Werebeaver-form gets shot by Warbucks in some Canadian woods.
  5. HYPE

    Jeez, I wasn’t aware of that, I’m so sorry. That’s a pity actually, I was looking forward for a new cyber-guy in the crew, and this... this is a big disappointment.
  6. HYPE

    HYPE HYPE HYPE upd: not hype, just a new armor
  7. More Willow!!!!!

    I think that proper name for the topic is More Willow Rule34 Fanart!!!

    Don’t be upset, nobody’s mad at you, it’s just some innocent CYBERBULLING Just kiddin. Your ideas are quite interesting, keep it up.

    Don’t know what you’re talking about.
  10. I like clicking those two buttons, it satisfies me. At first I loved clicking M2, but then I accidentally ate some monster meat a couple of times, so now I just rotate my camera 24/7.
  11. WINNIE

  12. Lack of lore. And item balance, yes, as Viktor said. Especially the head slot, we need more interesting helmets and armor-stuff.
  13. Last Speculations

    I actually would like to see some new mechanics of biome-exploration, like some new lands that can be opened only by fighting some very tough raid-boss, or after certain amount of time. It would encourage exploration even in late-game.
  14. I don’t think, that the whole triad was tricked the same way. Fuelweaver actually tries to save us, cuz he(she?) thinks, that death is better than anything that They would do to us. Pugna possibly was tricked, as he thinks that the Crew works with Them to destroy his realm. And Hulk just wants to kill everything that moves. And what doesn’t - it moves it and kills it.
  15. btw, @Poebus, great nickname, hope you will do what it means soon