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  1. Chill out, mate, I just asked for a switch for generator, not for making Winona an OP-killing machine, there’s no reason to be toxic.
  2. Great! The single thing, that you shall add - the emergency mode for generators, or at least spotlights working only at night, then Winona’s rework will be absolutely perfect.
  3. nabbit-dammit-naggid, I guess, they just forgot about us(
  4. Guys, I love playing Don’t Starve while being on the road, and playing it on Switch gives me the great opportunity, but in its current condition it’s almost impossible to play it for a long time. It has 4 main problems: 1. Freezes Sometimes game just freezes and you can’t do anything about it except force-quitting and re-logging. Sometimes you can live with that, but when it does that after a long boss-fight or a hard ruin-rush, and you realize, that you need to do everything all over again - it’s a big issue, ya know. 2. Music The same music doesn’t stop. The problem, as far I know, takes place only in SW, but it is still very frustrating, when the same track of the new dawn gets stuck on replay. Even at night, if you just hopped in from RoG. But the worst thing is the volcano erruption-track, that repeats after the erruption itself just ended, it’s not only annoying, it’s actually kinda scary. 3. TIME PARADOX It seems, that in Switch DS Wilson modified the Seaworthy to a time machine, that can go only in the past. Every travel from SW to RoG and vice versa takes you back for ~10 days, or just to the day you were at the moment of last use, but I’m not sure about the second option. Fortunately, mostly it - strangely - doesn’t affect the seasons-changing, so you can’t back from spring to winter, but your calender constantly going back is annoying as hell. Do something with it, please, or at least add Benjamin Button as a playable character. 4. Map fading away The strangest bug I’ve ever seen, that is also a sign of a soon crash - the world on the map just disappears. The objects, however, stay, but the map looks really weird, and after a couple of minutes game just crashes. So, that’s the list of main issues with Nintendo Switch Don’t Starve, and I really hope, that they will be fixed soon. Please, guys, I can’t believe, that you’ll just let it be this way and do nothing about it.
  5. he had IT-related quotes way long before Hamlet, for example, about some trinkets in SW, I think, that’s what his character is supposed to be.
  6. Its funny but sad...

    ya know, this whole situation is very much alike something that happened recently with Metro: Exodus, when it was removed from Steam, and people were blaming the devs for disrespect and started to give all Metro franchise games bad reviews and rates. the whole thing is not about quality of game/character/etc., it’s about human psychology and the feeling of the big nice full collection. warbucks was part of the crew, and it doesn’t matter, how imbalanced his perks were or how EVIL! his quotes are, he was there, and now devs took it away, leaving the emptiness not in the character selection screen, but in fanbase heart. +this was first character removal in the game for so long, of course it was frustrating for somebody.
  7. pls remove wigfrid, her voice offends my music taste.
  8. I would like to see a real war between him with an army of robots and pig society
  9. guys, anyone ever mentioned, that name Warbucks itself is kinda edgy? like, war+bucks, making money on weaponized conflicts, eh?..
  10. Oh my, I love those concepts, especially underwater themed, like this diving-suit and magical glowing jellyfish.
  11. in my current world me and my friend used rollback 2 times - when we died on the first Klaus cuz of lags, and when I went to WC straight before hounds started barking, so when I came back, I was ded, not big soup rice.
  12. just imagine Edgy Rick after Wolfgang rework
  13. Wait, so theoretically you can survive till its end in 10k days?