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  1. no. just no. Klei, please don’t do this.
  2. well, the updates get worse and worse. that’s a disappointment.
  3. So... No new content today even in beta?..
  4. May be Warly is his uncle? That explains the connection, but doesn’t ruin quotes, that don’t pass very good with Warly’s personality.
  5. Chill out, mate, I just asked for a switch for generator, not for making Winona an OP-killing machine, there’s no reason to be toxic.
  6. Great! The single thing, that you shall add - the emergency mode for generators, or at least spotlights working only at night, then Winona’s rework will be absolutely perfect.
  7. pls remove wigfrid, her voice offends my music taste.
  8. I would like to see a real war between him with an army of robots and pig society
  9. guys, anyone ever mentioned, that name Warbucks itself is kinda edgy? like, war+bucks, making money on weaponized conflicts, eh?..
  10. Oh my, I love those concepts, especially underwater themed, like this diving-suit and magical glowing jellyfish.
  11. just imagine Edgy Rick after Wolfgang rework