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  1. why not? except the sound-effects that are indeed very unnerving insanity has absolutely zero negative effects and provides regular nightmare fuel.
  2. the thing with SW is that the seafaring there wasn’t actually something new - it was just the illusion of a new way of exploring things. the reason why people loved it or at least had strong impressions about it was the new theme - tropical islands, pirates and sea were very refreshing, and I think people were asking exactly for this feeling even if they haven’t known about that.
  3. so you say that one need to find a bottle, then swim to the other end of the map - I talk from my experience - to find a mob that can turn that bottle to a recipe, then you need to swim - again, not so fast and through the half-empty ocean for more ingredients, then create the mcguffin and all of this to make the seafaring interesting. noise one thing that I would like to is some kind of a pointer to lunar island, because right now finding it takes mundane exploring through the uninteresting ocean.
  4. it came out 1.5 years ago and still isn’t complete - why releasing something like that and then just letting it be? and instead of improving it we’ll just add some colourful fish and a giant crab with gems, perfect. and I beg your pardon, but practicing what? turning the steering wheel 5 seconds instead of 3?
  5. the ones that contain interesting items need you do find Pearl and get a rare recipe, if I’m not mistaken - it’s not something you can do instantly unless you are VERY lucky. the ones you can fish is mostly trash.
  6. the tediousness of controlling the boat using the sails isn’t balanced by the interesting content of the ocean. when you first set sail you have almost zero pointers that can help you find something interesting - the lunar island, because other than that you have only some fish and salt, but the sails make you choose the way you go pretty carefully, and it’s not like wherever you go you can find something to do.
  7. man, I use the sails and I have complaints about them and how they work.
  8. 1 - if you have feathered sails, you have definitely explored most of the map. 2 - the whole concept of sails is (for me personally) not something great, especially with the shape of the boat - it just looks and feels like a swimming piece of land. ships and boats are not swimming pieces of land.
  9. spending half an autumn swimming 1 m/p/h through the almost empty ocean need any practice?
  10. well, perhaps not exactly like in SW, but I think there are some alternative ideas - may be something fast, but almost impossible to turn left/right or smth like this. and also >real sailing - dude, really? is a possibility to carry 200+ stone walls in your pockets real? or cooking meatballs from spidermeat and ice? this game doesn’t need to be realistic.
  11. Please can we get small boats for fast water-exploring? seafaring in its current state is the most boring, frustrating, awful and senseless process in the game and it’s very weird, that for 1.5~ years of its existence nobody did anything to fix that.