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If one character would have to die, who would it be?

If one character would have to die, who'd it be?  

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  1. 1. Who would it be?

    • Wilson
    • Willow
    • Wolfgang
    • Wendy
    • Wx-78
    • Wickerbottom
    • Woody
    • Wes
    • Maxwell
    • Wigfrid
    • Webber
    • Winona
    • Wortox

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If one character would have to die for the story to move on, who do you think it'd be? They'd still be playable. They'd just be dead in the lore. Also how would they have died?

Warly and Wormwood doesn't count since they're not out yet.

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Tough choice. I can see Wigfrid dying in battle as the most likely, but Maxwell would be more dramatic, since he’s deeply important in the lore, unlike Wigfrid, whos only canon accomplishment is dragging everyone into The Forge. Ended up going with Wigfrid because I was thinking of the most likely, but perhaps I should’ve picked Maxwell.

I could also see Winona dying, but only in a dramatic event involving saving Charlie.

Unlike some other people here, I think Wilson would be the least likely one.

No, wait, make that the second least likely. There’s no way they could kill Webber. They’re just a kid. 

Ms Wicker, I don’t feel so good...

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I think if Maxwell died, his narrative cycle would have a worthy conclusion. I imagine him dying torn apart by a pack of dogs, a rather brutal and grotesque way of dying, especially for what he was king and divinity of the Constant.
I imagine him dying not by chance, but allowing someone else to save himself. A final act of redemption for all the suffering it has caused, for all the lives that it has indiscriminately ruined, for having exhumed ancestral horrors that should have been buried in the mists of time.
I think the only person that Maxwell would like to save at all costs would be Wendy: his last relative and nephew, the only family left to him.
Maxwell's death would be a kind of passing witness: the old occultist, now  tired and mentally destroyed, sacrifices himself so that the young occultist can live. To her now bring the untold knowledge of the Constant.
And while Wendy will have to face the umpteenth mourning, finding in herself the strength to face "them", William Carter looks at the veil of the celestial portal now, clutching the hand of another child also dead years before.
"Lead me," the man says.
"With pleasure. Three generations of Carter are waiting for you" she replies.
"I'm anxious to meet them!" he answers.
And the two go beyond the veil.


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Charlie has many quotes hidden in Maxwell's lines, all hinting that something bad is coming for him. Maybe he won't die since death is meaningless in the constant, but more of being punished somehow, perhaps exiled to another realm, or trapped yet again somewhere.

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Wilson because of the potential for a *Chrono Trigger-esque motivation moment for the survivors that further encourages all of them to stop Them from possibly taking over their world (could happen at some point in result of Wagstaff's interference) and/or others, or maybe just general motivation to go on considering that to me at least Wilson appears to come off as a sort of unspoken leader despite his incompetency in many regards among the survivors at least from how I interpret things. Maxwell already died to progress the story, so in my opinion him dying again I don't think would come off as major as someone like Wilson, who being the main character and also the second though short-lived heir to the throne would likely be more substantial.

*Those of you who've played Chrono Trigger will know exactly what I'm talking about.


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