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  1. Weird Headcannons

    * Wormwood loves seeing Wickerbottom's horticulture magic ; and she is careful to not disrupt plantlife when he is near, leading to an almost entirely unblemished view of her. * Warly is easily exasperated by Wormwood and Wortox in their odd diets - to the point he now far better tolerates Wigfrid's strict carnivore diet. * WX78 detests Wormwood's organic nature but is very intrigued by his lunar origins. He believes Wormwood may be a messenger of the moon, or may even himself be the message. * Wilson died to Wormwood's bramble trap, not knowing of the AOE damage. His compiled deaths has now reached the billions. Maxwell is still keeping count. * Wormwood would likely have a complete psychological breakdown if introduced to the Volcano. * Webber goes out of his way to make Wormwood happy, as he knows how loneliness feels. * Wormwood tried making plant coats of papyrus to give the same protection of a bundle wrap to his friends. It was not to be. * Wes' Hallowed skin fooled Wormwood for a few minutes until he noticed Wes desperately miming who he was, followed by Wendy in her lureplant skin helping somberly explain what was going on, which helped distract him from tree-skin Woodie chopping away the nearby forest farm for wood. He now wants everyone to have plant friend skins. * Wormwood realizes that plants must be uprooted or chopped both to survive and have sustainable plant friends, but the anxiety of seeing and especially of committing it still weighs heavily on him. * Willow has been policed much more on her fiery tendencies than before, if only for management of Nightmares spawning. * Winona now has a deeper appreciation for the functions and defenses of plantlife, which she hadn't looked much into before beyond the Venus Flytap and Cactus. * Wickerbottom ensures that Wormwood washes his hands after dealing with plop, like every other survivor. He just needs more reminders than them.
  2. Wormwood is Now Live!

    No. Wormwood is NOT a "Nice Guy" or incel. Besides, he would say "M'petala" Need for Lunar Skin increases.
  3. Wormwood is Now Live!

    My baby! Aaaaaaah! Wormwood looks so darling! So precious!
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wish there was a fear emoji to react to this post . . .
  5. Is Warly the father of Webber?

    Whoever Webber's father was, Wilson is his father now. Sorry, I don't make the rules.
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wilbur is a King, and perpetuates Monarchy.
  7. The Cute Animal Thread

    2LJaAaG.mp4 4uiDEW9.mp4 bjZhmGQ.mp4 eer1JGK.mp4 YFYbMvg.mp4
  8. You can post the Winona pride pic in the 


  9. The Cute Animal Thread

  10. The Cute Animal Thread

    5ICtz93.mp4 5Q028qK.mp4 cABHgbk.mp4 CWh0t4w.mp4
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wes is protector of the environment, Woodie tries to be sustainable.
  12. Weird Headcannons

    * Webber almost ate a bath bomb, thinking it was candy. * Willow has roped Wilson into experimenting on lunar glass to make lunar fire. * Wigfrid despises carrats more than lureplants and grass geckos combined. However she has a slight respect for saladmanders, and agrees with Willow on their desirability as a pet. * Winona thinks the carrats are cute, as long as they don't nibble on her stations. * Wes tried making a giant balloon imitation of Bernie, but a nightmare popped it. * Wilson almost died the first time he faced lunar hounds, saved only by Willow's dark sword and Wes' large supply of honey. * Wolfgang wants to avoid the lunar island at all costs, especially after an encounter with mutant pengulls. He now greatly fears and distrusts all pengulls, like Woodie. * Wortox enjoys playing with the gestalts, seeing if he can dodge them quick enough. * Wilson has been testing differences between nightmare cycle insanity and lunacy. * WX78 has tried continuous ordering and petitioning for everyone to move to the lunar island indefinitely. So far he has managed a shovel base. * Mothling and Glomglom love to fly around each other in oddly specific patterns. * Wickerbottom has a caged puffin for egg and seed production. * Wolfgang has named his mothling "Mothgang". * Wendy tries to avoid looking at moon glass due to how reflective it is.
  13. On Examination Quotes

    "Speak, Comrade Elmo"
  14. [Game Update] - 335754

    The hat is gone? ;-;
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Is this a mod? Please tell me this is a mod . . . ** Is there a blank version of the house innards in the bottom left panel for meme/planning purposes? Pretty sure Wes and Webber main Kirby with Isabelle and Jigglypuff on the side.