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  1. Having a germ spawn every 600 cycles is not a good mechanic for this game, as germs do not function like recurring mobs. Perhaps having the germ lay within a risky but rewarding distant asteroid? If only Hatches and Sage Hatches can be infected, then the flu should be specialized to spreading and thriving in their habitats. It wouldn't be as versatile in temperature as your description. It would likely spread faster on critters and objects but barely along liquid and gasses. Why a hazmat suit? Why not the already implemented exosuit or an upgrade to a Medical Exosuit? The flu would not likely become airborne so quickly, nor would it speed up decomposition of meat to rot. It would simply be infected meat. Any disease has a weakness, a countermeasure. Balm Lily should be capable of countering Hatch Flu in some measure. It would also need a research section and the eventuality of a cure. There would need to not only be an immunity mechanic but a resistance mechanic and vulnerability mechanic as well to ensure balance. Adding this to hatches and then to the dupes could be tricky. Mostly a Hatch Flu would mean chlorine spam or avoiding use of Hatches.
  2. Online Codex

    A codex would be a really great idea. Maybe a "Kleidex". :3
  3. I here... ONI(RUSPHIL)

    Ooops. Sorry, Egor.
  4. Monoxide Memes

    Tried to use pics with the most accurate depiction of how'd they'd look as a reaction. Yes the art and critters are intentional additions. And yes, imagine them speaking. So, Hot Take:
  5. I here... ONI(RUSPHIL)

    Igor Egor looks so adorkable with those shades.
  6. Magma Memes

    This is exactly what I wanted there to be a meme of and it indeed exists. Pugna and Pyro raising their adorable and destructive child. I cannot unsee it as such.
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    He wants the trEasure.
  8. What would you add to the Aporkalipse?

    Hampires or Werepigs.
  9. Headcanons Not Included

    * Feeding people Meal Lice was considered criminally inhumane on Earth for many years. * Pacu and their variants were obscenely expensive luxury foods in the early days of their culinary usage. * Bristle Blossom had been dubbed "The Poor Man's Strawberry". In some rural areas this was shortened to "Poorberry". * Jodie and Jackie were deeply romantically involved at several points in their lives. * Stinky taught Harold how to dance. * Ellie had the worst temper of the entire Gravitas Facility. * Ari joined Gravitas after being caught perfectly forging priceless artworks. * Adas and Leiras have been known to bop buns together in greeting. * Otto was surprisingly physically strong. * Ruby was trained in the military as one of their best sharpshooters. * Hideki was among the most coffee-dependent of Gravitas staff. * Lenny was an expert at geology. And soduku puzzles. * Turners are often nonchalantly accepting of insults and critiques.
  10. Three OP things in Hamlet

    Wickerbottom has always been a fine, fine woman. But now people are going to cry and scream about nerfing her too . . .
  11. Three OP things in Hamlet

    Warbucks is meant to be an easy character for Hamlet so one could focus on adventure rather than fighting nightmares. Berries are meant to be an early leg up in the game - considering the weather and mobs one deals with. Instead of nerfing Warbucks, add in mobs and areas with sanity penalties. Instead of nerfing berries {again!}, have more items and more shops so accrued oincs don't spread as far. How?
  12. Exactly how I reacted to seeing the Griffin statues both on the Hamlet palace and in the ONI marble statues. Maybe we might get a griffin equivalent to the volt goats?
  13. Data Log A

    fanfic Is there a section for posting fanfiction on these forums, or can it simply be posted in the AML topic? I can't find anything of FF or AO3 for ONI. ;_;