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  1. Weird Headcannons

    I thought the amulet channeled necromantic energy through the gem which shatters it ; and the Meat Effigy works similarly but with added transmutation to hasten the process. *T-Bags killer in Trumpet* That would actually be amazing. I would die of joy. And meat hooks. But mostly joy.
  2. I here... ONI(RUSPHIL)

    To drink milk! EVIL Milk! >:3
  3. The more I look the funnier it gets. I keep hearing the "aaaaah" from the screaming mouse meme video. O--------O Well, these ones are cute. Especially the lightbug, you're doing amazing sweetie.
  4. Weird Headcannons

    Referring to the game "Dead By Daylight" where a bunch of survivors die and live at the whim of a demonic god and its similarly kidnapped killers. I like finding ways to cross universes and it would make sense that They would want to keep watch on their rivals and ensure it didn't take anyone that They wanted to have. I also like to think he peered into the universe of "Identity V". As for the flower . . . I headcanon that Wendy is keeping the grip on her sister's soul and uses the flower as a binding point. But an evil flower that's really evil sounds cool.
  5. 1. Fire Immunity. Absolutely integral to her character. 2. Immunity or Resistance to Overheating. 3. Loses sanity quicker when cold, maybe? 4. Bernie getting little accessory add-ons like a firelight or dragging a 4-slot pack behind him. or little teddy armor. 5. ?Profit???
  6. Weird Headcannons

    * Wortox can and will PVP slaughter anyone and anything that tries to harm a baby beefalo. * The other survivors originally presumed Wortox was Maxwell in his Winter's Feast reskin, then thought he was Krampus. He played along with those assumptions because they were hilarious. * Wes forgives Wortox, especially as the demon eventually made Wes a new flower crown. * Wortox fears the powers of Wigfrid and Wendy, as they involve souls in a way. * Webber was one of the few to not be pranked by Wortox. * Wortox keeps using up the brushes meant for Beefalo to tame his fur. * Maxwell has peered into the realm of The Entity, it makes him rather grateful to only have to deal with Them. * Wolfgang goes on supply binges to ensure Winona can build many lights and catapults. * As happy as Wortox seems he is mostly putting on a front to conceal his depression. * Webber loves it when Wortox rhymes. * Wortox has a slightly higher body temperature than humans. * Hurting Glommer or Glomglom is considered a most foul deed in his eyes. Worse than killing a baby beefalo. * Despite their aggression, Wortox adores catcoons and their kittykits. * Webber and Wendy decorated Wortox like a tree during his first Winter's Feast. He found it hilarious fun. * Wortox has a hard time understanding right from wrong. WX78 uses this to his advantage to get away with "playing" with mobs. * Though Wortox loves fire as much as the next imp, he doesn't find setting things on fire to be funny or fun. * Wortox loves Winter's Feast even more than Hallowed Nights. * The baby beefalo remembers Wortox and will happily nudge him.
  7. I want him to be able to get volt goat milk without killing the goats. And spider web turf / bedding.
  8. In terms of player characters? Accounting both playstyles and lore - Top Favorites: Webber, Wes, Wickerbottom, WX78, Wilson, Wormwood, Woodlegs, Maxwell, Wigfrid, Wilba, Wortox, Wilbur, Less Than Top Favorites: Winona, Warly, Wolfgang, Walani, Willow, Woodie. Least Favorite: [hOW DARE U!!!!][I Would never-][BabyRage] Warbucks Needless to say I have attachment issues. I love them all so much.
  9. OMG the Dupes - I get it now - they're Dense!
  10. New Area Ideas

    Shadow Magic or Science, take your pick. They just breathe and swim normally. WX would likely need an aquaphobic coating to prevent damage, which could double as adding speed in the water for other characters. I dunno. Fair enough.
  11. I managed to condense the name list down. Mainly for my own selfish needs. M: "Hugo"; "Jambell"; "Jamie"; "Jeff"; "Alia"; "Yog"; "Ju-Lian"; "Jarrett"; "Graham"; "Vince"; "Matt"; "Mike"; "Alex"; "Kevin"; "Ian"; "Vito"; "Corey"; "Jan"; "Mark"; "Charlie"; "Peter"; "Jason"; "Dany"; "Scott"; "Sloth"; "Eugene"; "May"; "Joe"; "Lou"; "Bryce"; "Travaldo"; "Wilson"; "Wolfgang"; "Webber"; "Maxwell"; "Warly"; "Woodie"; "Wes"; "Lawry"; "Stenlay"; "Marty"; "Hink";"Kernle"; "Redward". F: "Kelly"; "Toni"; "Nana"; "Dana"; "Nabie-Ah"; "Priscilla"; "Leira"; "Geneva"; "Anita"; "Jenna"; "Jade"; "Sarah"; "Kelsey"; "Jenny"; "Emily"; "Ashley"; "Lannie"; "Nasim"; "Lorna"; "Emma"; "Simone"; "Catie"; "Laura"; "Vivian"; "Rachel"; "Ariodne"; "Kiersten"; "Willow"; "Wendy"; "Walani"; "Charlie"; "Lucy"; "Abigail"; "Wickerbottom"; "Wigfrid"; "Lilah"; "Crandice"; "Elasebete"; "Rinaldine"; "Giselda"; "Grunktilda"; "Maha"; "Mozzarella". NB: "Brumble"; "Skidoosh"; "Frimble"; "Kris"; "Dumpling"; "Slab"; "Muscle"; "Axel"; "Ace"; "Crudmuffin"; "Greasy"; "Buddy"; "Babyface"; "Avery"; "Bailey"; "Paris"; "Scout"; "Brook"; "Kerry"; "Jude"; "Mason"; "Orion"; "Jupiter"; "Snort"; "Sunshine"; "Dancer"; "Campbell"; "Sadsack"; "Lee"; "Reese"; "Pat"; "Logan"; "Lovelace"; "Star"; "Anderson"; "Pearson"; "Tucker"; "Bao"; "Bobbie"; "Chan"; "Dar"; "Farah"; "Georgie"; "Truck"; "Crumb"; "Wemp"; "Lunk"; "Cromulus"; "Blump"; "Seldemer"; "Scrungo"; "Brumpo". Though Travaldo and Leira are already Dupes. Mozzarella / Maha / Eugene were early Dupes.
  12. *sees that Willebrord isn't on the name list* *but Sadsack is* *cries*
  13. Wortox ideas

    Hellboy Skin! Hellboy Skin! Hellboy Skin!
  14. New Area Ideas

    I know, but I kind of use biome and world interchangeably. Even though I shouldn't.