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  1. I really like it too, very lore accurate and fits great with who Wilson is.
  2. This. No-hitting a Deerclops wasn't very hard before but now it's extremely forgiving if you mess up the timing a little. I'd love to see "New" Walter against Dragonfly.
  3. Oh my god, this might be my new favorite character, next to Wilson of course. I'm blown away, Klei, you guys outdid yourselves again!
  4. And since Wilson was shown to have been the one to visit all three lands in the Constant, that makes him the only survivor to have experience in all places. Dude, the L O R E .
  5. The headband and hair give me more Joseph vibes than Josuke but the pose in on point... A mixture of the two?
  6. The free weekend all but confirms it. Glad to see this forum so lively again!
  7. Here's my two cents: Klei is usually very careful about leaks. Besides skins, everything is usually under lock and key. This is the first time something like this has happened and it occurred during a content drought. Everyone is practically starving (pun intended) on the forums and boom: a leak. A leak to sate us until the event drops. Klei, hats off to you.

  8. I wonder if each character will have unique stats for Hamlet, ala the Forge. Wilson being the base but experienced adventurer, Wes being the glass cannon, Webber being the "outlaw"-ish character, etc.
  9. Well well well! Glad to know they exist!
  10. Yeah that's what has been thinking they haven't been toggled for wide release yet. Within 24 hours of dropping, every skin (doesn't mean they were for sale) had a page on the market. The Spear just doesn't exist outside the curio cabinet (to my knowledge). I hope someone proves me wrong though!
  11. Tad bit curious, is the Rose Spear dropping? The Rose Collection has been out for 3 weeks (I think) now and the market has yet to see it even be graced with it's existence. Is it out there somewhere @PeterA?
  12. I can't believe after a whole darn year of rose hype shenanigans I get it on my first Trade Inn. God, I love Klei.
  13. Probably some sort of rebel Piglet. Might be a tomb raider for all we know...
  14. Since the Forge does happen to be an arena, I say within a year we're gonna get a Shadow Arena. PERFECT alternative to an adventure mode rescue for Charlie.
  16. Christ, dude! XD

    Your profile pic brought back some suppressed memories. 

  17. Please. Can we have this topic go back to discussing DST related things instead of a petty french flaming?
  18. Remember Curator, you are a guest on this forum just like everyone else. And a guest doesn't act foolish now, does he? Keep your aggravations to yourself...
  19. Please. I don't know how many times people try to get you to behave like an adult but please, do not start something in this thread. Your point may be valid but just being rude about it is silly. If you want conflict you can head to 4chan, yeah?
  20. As funny as the Rose Collection memes are, like I mentioned before, it has literally been one entire year since a permanent skin collection has been released. We are all foaming at the mouth like a bunch of skin obsessed savages at the moment.