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  1. Some of them is in the Don't Starve Soundtrack. Those what comes before Wendy's.
  2. So now we have 2 versions of loyal skins, like Tragic Torch. Welp, I need a lot of points to get 'em all.
  3. Please make spoiled seeds not turn into rot. Like cookie crumbles.
  4. Does Ancient Statues change gem during nightmare cycle in DST? Or is it DS-only feature?
  5. Now you can purchase new toys from Klei store and get Bug Net and Backpack skins.
  6. Gobblers are pretty stupid. They also ignore tentacles, maybe spiders, run away only from humanoids. We seriously need reworked mob AI.
  7. So, followers should be able to jump on boat with you? Smallbird can't.
  8. Crystalline Honeydome missing crystalline collection, although profile icon and background have it.
  9. Now I can't reproduce it too. This is fine, I guess.
  10. Remember not exploring map bug? Now it happens when you leave interior (bat cave, for example).
  11. When you die on boat, there is still boat meter when you on land.