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  1. [Game Update] - 327257

    He has same set of quotes for objects he don't see. If you get closer to object, he says normal quote.
  2. Trapped Wes has bonesaws

    Is this about that stripe in the right? This is how Steam makes screenshots. The game itself looks pretty good. IDK why, but every my Don't Starve screenshot has same stripe. Anyway, I attached my system stats and logs under this comment. No mods, just pure Don't Starve. DxDiag.txt log.txt
  3. Trapped Wes has bonesaws

    Uh... This topic is supposed to be in Don't Starve bug tracker... I sure I posted there...
  4. wilson rework?

    My ideas: Beard change skin if Wilson do. That's all. I'd appreciate if this Wilson rework will be released next April 1st.
  5. Really? I need about 7 fireballs to kill grass gekko.
  6. Portmanteau Thread

    PvZ made it.
  7. My ideas: When mighty, can attack foes with bare hands with same speed as with weapon. His punches can deal up to 30 damage (with full hunger). Wolfgang is stoopid: can't prototype more than one item per day.
  8. My ideas: Add near-fire immunity. Let her take halved fire damage if she burns (from lava pool, for example). Fires have sanity aura same as befriended pigman (and not bigger). Can extinguish fires with bare hands but loses 15 sanity per fire. And buff fire damage in entire game. Now we can't even kill rabbit with single fire dart/fireball.
  9. It is not my screenshot. Just same situation. And I believe there was no door in left.
  10. I know, but there were 5 vertical rooms with no path to exit. After earthquake only 2 rooms left. And I was killed by mants, so my in-game bug report meaningless.
  11. Earthquakes didn't help. It also happened with my friend. Her screenshot:
  12. Or you can pick up stunned bird. You can stun them with Eyeshot or Manure (if you playing Wilbur).
  13. I have same issue too. I made an in-game report.
  14. Profile Icons

    Profile icons and portraits were added in first Forge update. Before there was only character and item skins. And some emotes.