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  1. Skin Rarity Drop Rate

    Halloween and Cristmass Trade Inns, of course.
  2. Welp, I had my best year.
  3. Skin Rarity Drop Rate

    I burned most of my commons, classies and spiffies in Trade Inn. So these stats are not correct.
  4. You can get 4 skins for your main account and 4 for all sharing accounts. For example, if you get 2 skins with your 1st sharing account, then you can get only rest 2 skins with 2nd. So, 8 skins per DST copy. Good thing buying it give you 2 copies.
  5. Now how I supposed to get all skins? Without trading and Market. Family Sharing was just speeding the process.
  6. Thanks, Klei. Now I can't get x8 skins per week.
  7. That feeling when you bought game in May 19th...
  8. Sasiska))))

    1. sosiskaKi


      Just some trading...