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  1. Now you can purchase new toys from Klei store and get Bug Net and Backpack skins.
  2. Don't Starve is about movin' stuff to some locations (your base, prototype machines etc.). So yes, storage space is important. And Wheeler is not perfect character. BTW I like usin' Dapper Vest and Belt of Hunger.
  3. Step one: build small base. Step two: gather resourses. Step three: get creative and make something pretty. Step four: if you run out resourses, repeat step two.
  4. No. They already buffed ThuleClub durability, Glass Cutter is better against shadow creatures. And now we have Wigfrid song.
  5. Animal must be ironic to character. Like intelligent Wilson and primal Pig Guard, clever Wickerbottom and stupid Volt Goat, silent Wes and annoyingly loud Mandrake... I think Warly will get Slurper costume. Similarities like firey Willow and Dragonfly is good too. So Wurt maybe will Bunnygirl... Because Merms and Bunnymen both vegeterians...
  6. I enjoy everything about Warly. I like his downside. Quite challenging but fun for experienced players with good recipe memory (that's me). Also he can provide more buffs to team than any other character. And he has good voice, I can just hear his french accent in his steel drum. About backstory, I always craft End Table just for his string about withered flower.
  7. These fish values are so frustrating. I can't even cook Ceviche without fishing in deep ocean.
  8. So I was tryin' to cook Seafood Gumbo... Please don't tell me big fist counts as 1 meat...