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  1. Same thing happened to me! Can't attack red beehives and shadow clones.
  2. Does WX can still eat spoiled food as normal?
  3. Better Shadow Duelists. Let them have Night Armor protection and Dark Sword damage for more Nightmare Fuel cost (6). Can't regen health, you can fully heal them with Nightmare Fuel.
  4. You can also give hats to Pigmen and Splumonkeys.
  5. Why you souldn't have Science Machine for Cookbook? You already should have it for Crockpot.
  6. So now we have 2 versions of loyal skins, like Tragic Torch. Welp, I need a lot of points to get 'em all.
  7. Please make spoiled seeds not turn into rot. Like cookie crumbles.
  8. Does Ancient Statues change gem during nightmare cycle in DST? Or is it DS-only feature?
  9. Now you can purchase new toys from Klei store and get Bug Net and Backpack skins.