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  1. So now we have 2 versions of loyal skins, like Tragic Torch. Welp, I need a lot of points to get 'em all.
  2. Please make spoiled seeds not turn into rot. Like cookie crumbles.
  3. This short was absolutely uncanon. You can't make server with more than 6 players. (I know you can using extra settings, but don't ruin my joke.)
  4. Does Ancient Statues change gem during nightmare cycle in DST? Or is it DS-only feature?
  5. I can help with some rhyme if you get subtitles.
  6. Maybe if Terraria isn't got it's final update this year, there is some place for DST... Among Us just got viral, it's temporary. So I hope next year DST got nominated.
  7. Hopefully Watering Cans will got ability to refill during rain, snow, dripping water in caves while on the ground. But judging how items works in game, this will never happen.
  8. And then mob compendum, and then basic food compendum...
  9. I'm Warly, so I eat all my meat (dishes) before it got spoiled. Need a lot of eat, so meat is lit.