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  1. Wish there was a fear emoji to react to this post . . .
  2. Wilbur is a King, and perpetuates Monarchy.
  3. 2LJaAaG.mp4 4uiDEW9.mp4 bjZhmGQ.mp4 eer1JGK.mp4 YFYbMvg.mp4
  4. You can post the Winona pride pic in the 


  5. 5ICtz93.mp4 5Q028qK.mp4 cABHgbk.mp4 CWh0t4w.mp4
  6. Wes is protector of the environment, Woodie tries to be sustainable.
  7. Is this a mod? Please tell me this is a mod . . . ** Is there a blank version of the house innards in the bottom left panel for meme/planning purposes? Pretty sure Wes and Webber main Kirby with Isabelle and Jigglypuff on the side.
  8. I hope so, they're gorgeous. If they aren't added canonically they need to be added to a mod of sorts. Seems borderline criminal to waste these. Where did you find them?
  9. Are there any other creature hats or is it just Frogs? Fingers crossed for a tiny Chester you can wear upon your head.
  10. Devi Mae are known for working themselves to exhaustion and eating entire pineapples at their workstations regardless of safety protocols.
  11. My sweet angel baby! <3 Could you imagine a Webber skin based on Lunar Mothling or Shattered Spider?
  12. I need 50 of these precious babbies! These sweet smols! Not gonna lie, the first thing that comes to mind are images of abused dogs forced to cagefights. It does the unsettling and sadly, pitifully grotesque very well in that aspect. I have a feeling this baby thirsts for my blood but I do not care. Bleed me dry, mothling. Just let me get huggles first. Yes! I love these birbs! I see them semi-frequently along my state. Giblet puffin reskin, maybe?
  13. OH! OH MY! That didn't occur to me before I read your comment! Oh please, gods, yes! Wormwood skins would make me weep in joy.Not just his character but item skins too. Like an umbrella based on his full flowering bloom, a full moon fat mandrake backpack, reskins of the green gem items based on his soul gem, or a thorny green spear. So many different plants one could base skins on. And plant mobs but I think the best skins would be botanical variants. [His awesome Beta skin? Roseate? Seaweed Skin? Accurate Wormwood Flower Skin? Frosted Flower Skin? Dandelion Puff Skin? Pumpkin Skin? Evil Flower and Nightmare Gem Skin? Tree Skin? Fungal Skin? Sugarplum Skin? Mechanical Flower Skin? Blooming Cactus Skin? Cornflower, Honeysuckle, Clover, Lily of The Valley, Bonsai, Sunflower, Hibiscus, Bluebell, Bleeding Hearts, Forget-Me-Not, Aconite, Hydrangea, Dragonsnap, Hot Pepper, Poinsettia, Rafflesia, Lotus, Crocus, Marigold, Squash Blossom, Sakura, Buttercup, Fiddlehead, Peony or Poppy skins?]
  14. I almost choked to death on my own saliva in glee - Wormwood AND Warly coming to DST! And new moon-based Them content! Is there any plans for adding Wilba, Woodlegs, Wilbur, and Wagstaff to DST in the future? Because Wormwood was always my top pick for DST introduction but those three are right behind. Though I'd hardly be upset if it was Walani or Amelia Steerheart Wheeler given priority. I love all my survivor babies. <3 You're all amazing and every update has been amazing.
  15. The more I look the funnier it gets. I keep hearing the "aaaaah" from the screaming mouse meme video. O--------O Well, these ones are cute. Especially the lightbug, you're doing amazing sweetie.
  16. I managed to condense the name list down. Mainly for my own selfish needs. M: "Hugo"; "Jambell"; "Jamie"; "Jeff"; "Alia"; "Yog"; "Ju-Lian"; "Jarrett"; "Graham"; "Vince"; "Matt"; "Mike"; "Alex"; "Kevin"; "Ian"; "Vito"; "Corey"; "Jan"; "Mark"; "Charlie"; "Peter"; "Jason"; "Dany"; "Scott"; "Sloth"; "Eugene"; "May"; "Joe"; "Lou"; "Bryce"; "Travaldo"; "Wilson"; "Wolfgang"; "Webber"; "Maxwell"; "Warly"; "Woodie"; "Wes"; "Lawry"; "Stenlay"; "Marty"; "Hink";"Kernle"; "Redward". F: "Kelly"; "Toni"; "Nana"; "Dana"; "Nabie-Ah"; "Priscilla"; "Leira"; "Geneva"; "Anita"; "Jenna"; "Jade"; "Sarah"; "Kelsey"; "Jenny"; "Emily"; "Ashley"; "Lannie"; "Nasim"; "Lorna"; "Emma"; "Simone"; "Catie"; "Laura"; "Vivian"; "Rachel"; "Ariodne"; "Kiersten"; "Willow"; "Wendy"; "Walani"; "Charlie"; "Lucy"; "Abigail"; "Wickerbottom"; "Wigfrid"; "Lilah"; "Crandice"; "Elasebete"; "Rinaldine"; "Giselda"; "Grunktilda"; "Maha"; "Mozzarella". NB: "Brumble"; "Skidoosh"; "Frimble"; "Kris"; "Dumpling"; "Slab"; "Muscle"; "Axel"; "Ace"; "Crudmuffin"; "Greasy"; "Buddy"; "Babyface"; "Avery"; "Bailey"; "Paris"; "Scout"; "Brook"; "Kerry"; "Jude"; "Mason"; "Orion"; "Jupiter"; "Snort"; "Sunshine"; "Dancer"; "Campbell"; "Sadsack"; "Lee"; "Reese"; "Pat"; "Logan"; "Lovelace"; "Star"; "Anderson"; "Pearson"; "Tucker"; "Bao"; "Bobbie"; "Chan"; "Dar"; "Farah"; "Georgie"; "Truck"; "Crumb"; "Wemp"; "Lunk"; "Cromulus"; "Blump"; "Seldemer"; "Scrungo"; "Brumpo". Though Travaldo and Leira are already Dupes. Mozzarella / Maha / Eugene were early Dupes.