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  1. Greaser anything is always a great thing in media. I'm glad to know the style isn't dead. Hell, I was out last week and I saw another greaser and we grinned and nodded at each other. Good stuff.
  2. Christ, dude! XD

    Your profile pic brought back some suppressed memories. 

  3. Please. Can we have this topic go back to discussing DST related things instead of a petty french flaming?
  4. Chester is missing

    Yikes. If it really is gone, I see nothing wrong with you -cough- fixing the issue. Don't feel guilty about it either, you are simply just giving yourself the item you rightfully earned.
  5. Haha? I don't know how to respond to this.
  6. Is this true?

    Um... It's past the 1st and tenth... I think that whole june 1/10 thing was a bust
  7. Charlie's Sister [Spoilers]

    Something big is coming.
  8. Remember Curator, you are a guest on this forum just like everyone else. And a guest doesn't act foolish now, does he? Keep your aggravations to yourself...
  9. Please. I don't know how many times people try to get you to behave like an adult but please, do not start something in this thread. Your point may be valid but just being rude about it is silly. If you want conflict you can head to 4chan, yeah?
  10. As funny as the Rose Collection memes are, like I mentioned before, it has literally been one entire year since a permanent skin collection has been released. We are all foaming at the mouth like a bunch of skin obsessed savages at the moment.
  11. As a Wilsonologist (PhD in Wilson skins and lore), I heavily agree. Rose Wilson or riot.
  12. My most current one. (Someone take my black, post their gold.)
  13. Take mine. http://imgur.com/a/lC3DD