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  1. Both of these really outline Wicker. Wicker is a great character but after a hundred or so days, the books become irrelevant (I mean, you could still use then but by them you probably have a ton of food and a Krampus Sack.) and the no sleeping starts to creep into play. I really love what Klei did with her as most people just gloss over the no sleep thing but like Freya said, when you can't sleep in the caves/ruins, things go from a breeze to hard mode real fast. Relating back to my first post, characters should be well thought out and be double edged swords. Woody and Willow have way too much of a bite, Wilson has none (Like seriously he has none, hell, even 200 sanity is just silly for a reclusive loner scientist. Especially after his time on the throne.) and Winona is just... Meh.
  2. So what's good what the forge?

    What's good about it or what's the current state of it coming back?
  3. I guess I always assumed she was. Didn't know they replaced the strings... I wonder why,,,
  4. Hidden power is so strong it's the only thing going for him... Wait a second... on the Hambat I have seen this power once before... It didn't scare me then... But it scares me now.
  5. Besides beard hair (which is pointless late game, c'mon now), Wilson is genuinely a bland character. Why do I main him? I like his personality and the lore behind him. Yeah, he needs a revision. Badly. Willow, Woodie, Winona, Max, and Wilson are the 5 that need examination because they all have pretty large flaws. Willow: The lighter is important, make it last a hell of a lot longer or make it infinite. Anything else added to the lighter is a bit unnecessary due to people rarely using it after Day 10. Fire resistance is a must. I mean. C'mon. This one is obvious. Woodie: The Beaver needs to be sated somehow. Wood amulet like someone suggested above is a great idea! Also, going into Werebeaver mode shouldn't absolutely murder your sanity. Winona: sigh She's a mechanic. An engineer. A factory worker. She has duct tape. What? Seriously that is just lame. Like KoS has stated many times before, give her the ability to use Clockworks to her advantage. Let her make her own versions. If the duct tape seriously has to stay, make it so you can fix anything with it. Max: Not gonna talk much on Max, fix the Puppet's AI and we should be good to go. Wilson: Just because he's the starter character doesn't mean he has to suck royally (For the OW crowd, S:76 is the starter *tutorial character* but he isn't heinous, is he?). In the Forge he rezzed people, he has to have some kind of medical knowledge tucked away in his head. Maybe make him have some healing stuff, I dunno. Conceptually, Wicker does everything better. Science Machine recipes unlocked from the get-go and reading books of power. Since Max can read her books as well, I think it's best we move away from book reading for a 3rd character. Give Wilson a better beard growth rate, first off. AND, give Wilson new items to craft. He's a reclusive scientist who failed at basically everything so he's smart but not a genius like he says (arrogance is his key trait). So, let him make some weird hodge podge machines (the first portal was made by him and Max, everyone forgets that it was Wilson who had blueprints for the creation but Max had the resources) and creations that push the boundaries of sane science. (I mean, he made it to the throne and spent some time on it, he had to have learned... something...) TL;DR: Revamp these 5 characters and DST would be so much better and diverse. I'm sick of seeing the same team in every d a r n server.
  6. Newb Need Help

    Honestly in the same boat. I've got one Fuelweaver kill on my belt and don't plan to do it again. Clarification: I over prepared to the point that I fumbled up my strategy to a stupid extent. Surprisingly, I beat him but I am still mentally exhausted.
  7. I wonder if each character will have unique stats for Hamlet, ala the Forge. Wilson being the base but experienced adventurer, Wes being the glass cannon, Webber being the "outlaw"-ish character, etc.
  8. Well well well! Glad to know they exist!
  9. Yeah that's what has been thinking they haven't been toggled for wide release yet. Within 24 hours of dropping, every skin (doesn't mean they were for sale) had a page on the market. The Spear just doesn't exist outside the curio cabinet (to my knowledge). I hope someone proves me wrong though!
  10. [Upcoming] Skin Essentials

  11. Tad bit curious, is the Rose Spear dropping? The Rose Collection has been out for 3 weeks (I think) now and the market has yet to see it even be graced with it's existence. Is it out there somewhere @PeterA?
  12. Next html fasioned puzzle

    As do I. Klei doesn't use buzzwords. Ever. Everything has a meaning. Symbolism exists, yknow.
  13. Next html fasioned puzzle

    Sigh... The Dev Stream that dropped with the update gave us more information than the entirety of the Metheus puzzle. For a good 5 years (cheeky new year ploy) we have just assumed that the DS realm is like a stage for Them. Now we know that there are multiple realms scattered everywhere with the DS realm being one of the most... pure (untainted to an extent, leaves room for growth and isn't just a molten hell hole)? The Hub most likely refers to the Throne Room, aka Their realm. Finally, the Forge in itself is a huge lore based event. What did Pugna mean by lapdogs of the throne? The survivors came there on their own. Could there be a war brewing in the background? Will the curiosity of our dear survivors actually cause them to obliterate multiple realms across many layers of dimensions all for Charlie? If you really think there was no lore from the Forge, you really didn't bother to look...
  14. Feastclops is incredible. I genuinely will be sad when he goes back to normal.
  15. A ton of spiffies and a ton of luck.