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DaZoul    1944
2 minutes ago, Blueleaf12 said:

Me: oh boy Klei merch!

The $80 Priority USPS International shipping cost:


  Reveal hidden contents

Yes I know there are cheaper shipping options but I just about spit out my water. 


Same :wilson_cry:. But I refuse. I'll buy that goddamn Chester Plush anyway. From the day I was conceived, I waited for this moment, and I won't let it pass by me like your friend's fart you don't want to point out

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DaZoul    1944
3 minutes ago, NinofanTOG said:

Wilson comissions artAuswahl_255.thumb.png.d36d02b90a7d516a66db490736ad3497.png

Oh, Wilson think of something more realistic. Like Cyberpunk coming out tomorrow.

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Pinegrove    1376
48 minutes ago, sinisterrkid said:

On related news, I've been growing dragonfuit plants in my home! Did you know they grow from cacti?

I didn't! But I could've guessed, with that spiky-scaly outer layer. Is it hard to grow them? I imagine not, since they apparently grow from cacti. 


List of things that feel like Christmas, but aren't:

  • Receiving a Krampus sack (bonus if it's on your first year)
  • Finding a ruins gem in a tumbleweed
  • Getting butter from a butterfly on your first try
  • Generating a developer's graveyard set piece, or a reed trap set piece
  • (Feel free to add on)
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