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Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

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8 hours ago, GetNerfedOn said:

Next up...

The Great Youtube Channel Tierlist!

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 - A successful channel with tons of content ranging from book reviews to homemaking to cooking to DIY


 - Successful Engineering and Math Guides (in the vein of Indians doing such)


 - Failing Engineering and Math Guides (think of ElectroBOOM)


 - a food channel primarily dedicated to cooking video game food, or challenges with the other survivors to eat particular strange foods. (He loses most of the time.)


 - Random Burning Object ASMR


 - it's either weightlifting/exercise videos or Life Of Boris style videos for his channel.


 - Either a philosophy channel or videos of her exploring haunted locations, while deadpan muttering "Yo demons its ya gorl!!!!"


 - Explicit content which shows fellow robots how to conquer the fleshlings; channel was eventually taken down


 - A troll magic show like Rick Lax's videos


 - a Wilderness survivor + tips and tricks channel and lumberjack competition videos


 - vlogs about their days with their respective creatures' communities


 - hate videos against each other. they get flagged and eventually resort to making toyset showcases and unboxings


 - a legit magic show but channel was taken down due to reports of epilepsy, missing spines, explosive diarrhoea and such. he eventually resorts to making videos stalking a company called Klei Entertainment during its' streams for fun.


 - videos of her exploring concrete jungles and urban cities as well as nature spots.


 - gun ownership and showcase videos. also, history lessons


 - videos of him sailing around the Caribbean; once already warned


 - surfing videos and vlogs about how lazy her days are


 - happy vlogs of her backstage out of character, working as an acclaimed successful actress

Image result for wigfrid

 - gardening videos




Reposting my meme from 5 pages ago due relevant

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