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  1. Well... I did this: 






    ._. xD


    (I hope that someone can notice who is)

    1. minespatch



    2. AutumnsBeast


      It's supposed to be unicorn Wilson, but I understand if it's too messy sketch and It's hard to notice, it all started as a joke and ended with these drawings



  2. I want to say this before this thread is closed: You seem to keep desperately seeking for attention. I do not usually comment in post like these, because I know they are mostly trolls or people like you that doesn't understand that a game doesn't revolve around you. Don't Starve has their own meaning and its own way to be, the game serves its purpose, it doesn't matter if other sandboxes have achievements and endings, Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together are a different experiences, and comparing them with Factorio or other sandbox games is, as they already said, compare apples and oranges. I know there are things that are rusty and need to be fixed, but most of what you are saying is to change the bases of the game, and that is not what Don't Starve needs.
  3. I can't believe Steve is in Smash ... It sounds like something no one would think of, especially to people from five years ago or more. They've been announcing characters, and Mii skins like Sans, that I never thought I'd see in Smash.



    ... I want Wilson to be in Smash.

    Walking Alone GIFs | Tenor

    Since he is a 2D character, I thought he could have a render similar to Ness or something. I like to dream that I'll see him in Smash one day :wilson_resigned:

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    2. AutumnsBeast


      Yes, I took the time to write that

    3. DragonMage156



      Don't Stare, Hollow Knight, or Bendy

      Ok but can I just say, all of my yes to be added to Smash despite not owning the game myself (let's throw Ori in for good measure).

      But still, all the characters mentioned in this post/quote alone actually have some awesome fighting skills yet... they add Steve... a blocky boy... who has to start off with stone tools!

    4. AutumnsBeast


      At least he got an interesting moveset, I feared that if he was add in the game, he could be something like a mixture of the Villager and Link.

      I think that many indie videogames deserves to be represented in Smash, as fighters, Mii costumes or Assistant Trophy, but it's not just go and say "I want my character to be here".

      And talking about his fighting skills and that stuff, there are many ways to construct a good moveset that represents their habilities and universes, and to me that's was makes a character unique and special, even with limitations in movements or there are mechanic that some characters could share. If all of those characters mentioned are added to smash, the least I want to see it's they are a hecking clone of an exinsting character in Smash.

  4. Thank you, reading that makes me happy!!! To be honest, Warly was one of my options at the beginning, but I was a bit indecisive. I think that role would suit him well, even if it is not the instrument that serves as his voice. I hope to finish those pieces soon, I have more than one drawing in mind, hehehe.
  5. Yeeesssss I love how you drew him, aaaaahh! You have a great gallery here, I love all of your pieces
  6. I found this, man, this is so old


    And I did this today.


    That meme of Maxwell still makes me laugh to this day

  7. Hey, I would like to read your opinions about this:
  8. Everybody is like "Happy Autumn equinox", and I am "For me is Spring equinox... :(".

    I will have a good time with the Moose/Goose, for sure.


    I love when that thing happens in my servers, ahahahahhaa.

    1. minespatch


      Wormwood looks lost during this chaos.

  9. I've been playing this game called a lot these days and wanted to share some screenshots that I took.





    I put them as spoilers because I feel like I'm "off-topic" with this. :distant:

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    2. AutumnsBeast


      My alley? What does it mean?

    3. minespatch


      IT's a phrase. "Looks like it fits your style".

    4. AutumnsBeast


      Aaah, I see... Well, you got a point ^^"

  10. I wanted to draw two of my favs things: the sea and sea monsters. As a way to relax myself after a busy week. I love the sea and how mysterious and dark that can become. Click the spoiler for the initial sketch: I got the inspiration thanks to this song, It's a remix of Astral Fish from Night in The Woods
  11. Welcome to a new edition of "Doing sketches when I'm supposed to do my assignments". I will keep my sketches as "Spoilers", but I will put only one at the beginning.
  12. Nah, I save them for the occasion. Like 10-15 souls just for teleporting.
  13. You don't. Ok no. I had the same problem, but still I got the chills in that biome with the big blue mushrooms. I tend to go with my friends or try to have the best weapons and equipment... or use Wortox with some souls in case that you are in troubles and need to leave a bad situation with monkeys. Also trying to befriend bunnyman or rock lobsters to help you with anything that hide in that place. A little advice: If those worms are following you, do not try to go to the surface, when I used that entrance again, they were there waiting for my, and I obviously died... I don't know if that feature was removed. Try to go down in the way that you feel more comfortable, you can even turn on the godmode to explore the caves until you feel comfortable. I think that Klei did a pretty good job with the caves for the fact that they capture the terrifying essence of that place pretty well.
  14. Omg eres de chile!! Yo igual! <3 soy de Iqq
    Checked your insta and DA and saw it hehe <3 

    1. AutumnsBeast


      Soy venezolana en realidad, vivo en Valpo hace más de un año, ¡Saludos desde acá!

    2. BeroRoey


      Oh ya veo! Ojala te este gustando chile y valpo <3 cuidate!

    3. AutumnsBeast


      Claro que sí ^^ aunque aún no me acostumbro al frío, je, je, soy muy friolenta. ¡Usted también cuídese!