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  1. It's been a while since I posted something here... I did this video long time ago and never saw the light until today.
  2. At this point I'm not afraid of showing this AU thing, so enjoy:
  3. I'm always behind the ambulance... Anyway, It was refreshing to see your art thread again, I saw that you improved a lot! Great job! P.S: I love Wesley redesign.
  4. I have dreamed with Wilson like more than two time... I don't know what it means, lol.

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    2. AutumnsBeast


      Two of my friends told me that I have an obsession with Wilson... but if my real destiny is to be sent to the constant... I want to torture Maxwell singing Never Gonna Give You Up with my magpie voice.

    3. minespatch


      You need to make that into a comic. Wilson torturing Max with a rick roll.:wilson_ecstatic:

    4. AutumnsBeast


      Thanks for the idea of I don't know if Wilson is the type of person that likes to sing, but anything that upsets Maxwell is great.

      Imagine that you finally escape the constant but... You have been rick rolled.


  5. So, I decided to make a new Instagram account, I will try to follow my mutuals again, but will be slow because I don't want to look like a spam account.

    There is a reason for why I decided to create a new one, I will tell the story later because I'm kind of tired right now.

    1. minespatch


      Sorry I made that stress story.:wilson_ecstatic:

  6. My instagram account has been disabled.

    I'm already working to get it back. Hope for the best.


    1. minespatch


      Facebook owns them. They're going full on assault on accounts.:wilsondisappointed:

  7. Happy late Winter feast... I know I should be doing winter feast related drawings but... *Hands you these Wilsons with a Witch dagger cosplay!* Sorry, all I'm doing lately is crossover-related drawings Some tasty sketches:
  8. unknown.png?width=633&height=670

    Happy Winter's feast!

    My time has come.




    *Turns into this:*



    1. minespatch


      Eyebone seems to be staring at the tophat.

    2. AutumnsBeast


      It wants a top hat too


    3. DragonMage156


      I have the sudden urge to draw eyebone with a mini tophat >u<

  9. Well, I burned my right hand with the stove of the kitchen. I'm fine, I still have my right index finger working, so I can write on my pc :P but I think I won't be able to draw for a long time

    1. AutumnsBeast


      Apparently, stove is what we call in spanish Cocina/Estufa. Sorry for the typo

    2. minespatch


      I hope you'll be okay....

    3. AutumnsBeast


      Thanks, pal. I'm getting better ^^


    This was beautiful, god. This brought me a smile, it was great to see more than 3 characters interacting in a single scene, it was certainly great.
    My soul begs for more videos / trailers like this.

    1. minespatch


      No Maxwell with ptsd but enough characters.:wilson_smile:

  11. It's kind of sad when you're trying to have a good time in a public server and then some trolls burn your base... These people never change xD

  12. I have always theorized that Bernie and Ashley may be dolls possessed by beings (or just one that can control many bodies) with a nature similar to shadow creatures/ "them", but with a more protective or benevolent nature, that would explain why they become giants and come to life. I like to think that it is a being for each version: one for Bernie and one for Ashley, because I have the impression that both stuffed animals have a different personality, or at least it would be part of my headcanon. Perhaps these beings saw Willow and decided to take care of her for some reason or they have been living trapped inside the dolls for a long time and someone gave them to Willow knowing or not their true nature, or she just found them and decided to keep them.
  13. My new hobby is sketching things while I think of myself as Wilson writing and drawing things in his diary...Eh, I mean "Field Notes".





    I have a headcanon where Wilson writes all kinds of things in a notebook and calls it his Field Notes, even though it's actually a bunch of somewhat messy drawings full of not-so-intellectual annotations and puns. Some pages do have really scientific stuff, but most of it is full of pictures of frogs (?). I like to think that Wilson is not very good at drawing, but for himself those drawings are the best he has ever seen.


    Forgive my handwriting, at this time of night I forget how to write correctly. I should go to sleep.

    1. minespatch



      I used to do that too:wilson_ecstatic:

  14. I can't believe that I have more than 20 pages full of drawings in my sketchbook. Every page has more that 6 drawings inside them, so, I decided it was time to try to finish some of them. An average Wx player: Some people ask me about the story of this one so... This drawing is based in a experience that I had in a public pvp server where a Wx player killed me just for the gears that I got... That's all the story actually xD A cool Glommer : I don't know what else to say, I'm tired and I want to relax for a while but I can't until I finish my classes this semester, ah.