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Don't Starve Together Roadmap 2022

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Great news that Klei is continueing to push out new content, looking forward to it.

One thing I'd also like to see them do, is respond to the Wolfgang rework feedback. Might be just me, but i feel a little disappointed that all the posting that went on in the forums didnt get an acknowledgement. Makes me think that the rework date choice, coupled with the holiday break and the new roadmap launch was designed to just bury the issue. 

Nothing to see here, moving on...

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OMG OMG OMG! So excited! W character refresh!! AS in WURT? 

Need a station for crafts. For cool things. 

Pig glasses so I can finally trade with the fat one! 

A longer lasting fish mask for my non merm friends. 

Ability to set patrols for my merms, give them a weapon.  

Wurt is a merm, why shouldn't get Wet or get a speed boost in swamp when she is. She is a merm! they live in the swamp. 


Also, are we getting a pet update? Please ad the following

Pet house - 4 boards and 4 grass - Allow you to drop off your pet prior to a boss battle as they only get in the way and eat your food. 

Allow us to send our pets out for a task, each pet can go collect things for you. 

Casts get grass, dogs get twigs, one could collect reeds, rocks, flint... wait no Never flint No one EVER NEEDS FLINT! :) 


So excited and thank you Klei! Its going to be a great year! 

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5 hours ago, JoeW said:

This roadmap is actually going to stretch a little into 2023 as we finally refresh W... I mean.. the last character.  

Well at least Maxwell won't be the last one... Right? RIGHT?!


5 hours ago, JoeW said:

More Cawnival games and prizes

Nice! Thanks! I actually I'm missing this event and the decorative prizes! Yay!


I'm excited for all of the mystery of what's to come, thanks for the open letter klei. 

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Sweet, good to know content updates are still going to be coming strong.

On a sidenote, and I don't mean to be rude, but when are we going to get an update on the Wolfgang rework? There have been many feedback threads. For myself, he is definitely the more important issue, and it feels kind of bad we haven't had any kind of communication that the feedback has been received and things are being considered.

I don't even need to know what, I would just love some acknowledgement Wolfgang and the feedback is being looked at.

Is this something you're allowed to comment on @JoeW?

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Super excited for all of this new stuff coming this year!

...And here is my now-customary plea to Klei to not mess with Wilson's lore. Refresh the man if you feel the need, but please don't add anything to his backstory or anything like that. He already has an origin video, and new lore risks contradicting my headcanon.

My precious, precious headcanon...

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1 hour ago, KXWl1 said:

I'm glad they didn't mention anything about Single-Player, so I can never play this game and rest forever.:eagerness:

Single player as in Don't Starve or playing DST solo?

I play DST solo and every bit of content we get is doable and fun solo. Would I like a friend to experience it all with? For sure! But given the long session times, random times I play, trust required (coming up on day 9000 in my private world so a griefer would destroy my soul) and many other issues (Also I'm on console so smaller community) it's easier to just play solo. 

Also I'm in sandbox mode at this point and if everything has already been done who's going to want to join a world like that? 

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