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  1. @JoeW its ok thanks for the heads up. We still have some amazing drops and can get those so its ok.
  2. Klei Thank you! So much cool new stuff. Also thanks for the continued work on skins. I love how they change the way your world looks and feels.
  3. Thank you happy to get them and be a part of the community. Excited to see what's next!
  4. Honestly this game has been so amazing for me. I started playing Don't Starve and fell in love with it. Then DST came out i got it right away but no one on PS was using mics. so i went back to Don't Starve. Missing playing with other a few years ago I tried again at Don't Starve together. It was a blast again and continued improvement in content. I want to say thank you for those who have joined my games and helped me along the way. I also want to thank Klei for all of the support, fixes, additions to this game. @Clifford W. I meet you and am so excited to continue our adventures together. Thank you for being a huge supporter of the players and the game. All of the added things you have made fro streamers have made it more exciting to play and watch.
  5. @JoeW Thanks Joe, we are a very strong community and most of us understand the large amount of effort you have put into moving drops, changing drops and making the system work better and right for everyone. The only feedback I would like to add is similar to what @ladylz had said. Can we have an area for people to watch some streams or even the Klei stream to still get the drops. I have seen multiple post from multiple users that the following happened: Error on twitch, unable to claim 2 or 3rd at any time. new system was confusing for some. Myself and others did our best to explain in each stream how the system works and that you had to claim them after you got the 1st one. I would just ask that you provide a way for those to get them until the next one is out. This way you will have continued viewership over the whole time. If you offer for 2 weeks and then not for 2 weeks you will see a dip in the community because if someone missed one or all of them they will be disinterested and wait for the next set of drops. I am also asking because I am on Console and I have only a few options to get drops for console and steam. 1. I can get them on one system unlink then re link my account to my steam account then get them again thats 12 hours 2. I can make a second account and use a secondary device to get them thats 6 hours if I am in the streams and paying attention. The 1st option is the honest option but I will say after trying it I had to reset all the passcodes and was just a pain to get done. The second option is inflating the numbers and I don't even know if you're ok with it. I know the why behind why I cant get drops on both a company lets just call them _ONY probably missing a letter there or something. I know they want all the $$$$ for skins. I am not afraid to say it i have been playing DST since it came out and I love supporting you its a game i truly love. I have spent over $200 on skins. I have spent countless hours playing your games. They have gotten me the much needed selfcare from my work. I just would like to slowly start building my skins on Steam because I will want them when I start playing on there. I am giving you more information than you need but I want you to know it because the community loves your drops you can see with the amount of disappointment some have when they are gone. Also I share because I want to be honest and see if you have a better solution for someone like me. If I had the ability to link both accounts and get them on both I would be more than willing to use one account to get drops even if it took me 12 hours. Because I want them. Again thank you for all that you do I know you have so much to do and have so much work ahead of you. This community is the reason I will never leave. Also your game is pretty amazing. Have a great day and good luck. Thank you for providing more specifics.
  6. @JoeW Will we need to re-apply to get drops again? Will the drop we just finished continue? It they need to be monthly drops again thats fine. Its just a bummer if someone didn't get during the time allowed then has to wait 2 weeks for the next one. I know this is disappointing for a lot of people but I do still want to say thank you for providing drops and skins.
  7. So excited! We will be playing as Wes tonight for sure!
  8. @JoeW Everything NaNdagos said. Also thank you in advance for continuing to build on the game I love. Thank you FTLAK
  9. Had a streamer tell me and that made this post even more special thank you!!!
  10. Thanks for the update. Happy to hear any news. Any reason its not everyone who streams on Twitch? DST or DS or Hamelet?
  11. I am on a early 2013 mac pro. Same issue. I have downloaded and installed the client updates each time on Steam. The controller works in steam but when I get to DST I am unable to change the input from Mouse and keyboard. I cant switch to the controller. I have spent 4 hours doing everything you have said too do please help.
  12. I know Steam players have geometric placement. Is there a way to make this just built into the game. Something we can turn on and off in settings? Its already built in so we don't place items on top of one another. Please just make it visible to we can place things in proper rows. I want things to look nice as well.