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  1. Love this! Also love the pins so you have a quick craft build slots without having to open the full tabs, well thats what it looks like to me! So excited for that. 8 pined items maybe? I would use them for !torch !campfire !spear/weapon !armor and I am not sure! Lore Nuggets!!!
  2. We found 8 but cant place them yet. Also I feel like we need #9.
  3. YES!!! THANK YOU!!! Excited! going to start streaming for 8 hours so I can get them!
  4. OMG OMG OMG! So excited! W character refresh!! AS in WURT? Need a station for crafts. For cool things. Pig glasses so I can finally trade with the fat one! A longer lasting fish mask for my non merm friends. Ability to set patrols for my merms, give them a weapon. Wurt is a merm, why shouldn't get Wet or get a speed boost in swamp when she is. She is a merm! they live in the swamp. Also, are we getting a pet update? Please ad the following Pet house - 4 boards and 4 grass - Allow you to drop off your pet prior to a boss battle as they only get in the way and eat your food. Allow us to send our pets out for a task, each pet can go collect things for you. Casts get grass, dogs get twigs, one could collect reeds, rocks, flint... wait no Never flint No one EVER NEEDS FLINT! So excited and thank you Klei! Its going to be a great year!
  5. @JanH Love the new Pause but when playing solo you have to turn it off to refill lanterns and multi craft. I want to be able to just hold down X so I can continue building the same item but with pause it takes 4x as long. Same with adding lightbulbs to refill. Might already be working on it but wanted to ask.
  6. This has happened to me on Console. you can decorate if no one is around but it another player is on screen it crashes the server and boots the host.
  7. Thank you again. The last two days have been a blast! The rework has been fun and I am excited that Webber has some new things to make him an even better player. Still a Wurt at heart but I enjoyed the last two days being a webber.
  8. Klei Thank you! So much cool new stuff. Also thanks for the continued work on skins. I love how they change the way your world looks and feels.
  9. So excited! We will be playing as Wes tonight for sure!
  10. I am on a early 2013 mac pro. Same issue. I have downloaded and installed the client updates each time on Steam. The controller works in steam but when I get to DST I am unable to change the input from Mouse and keyboard. I cant switch to the controller. I have spent 4 hours doing everything you have said too do please help.
  11. I know Steam players have geometric placement. Is there a way to make this just built into the game. Something we can turn on and off in settings? Its already built in so we don't place items on top of one another. Please just make it visible to we can place things in proper rows. I want things to look nice as well.
  12. Log in caves, walk into darkness or light equip my lantern and it crashes. I can drop it but that doesn't help when I am moving.
  13. Console has no privet server. - If i am not online they cant be in my world. Its called Don't Starve Together - I want to play with people. I have to open it up to have people join. Not to many friends play most have left for other games. After day 100 I have to deal with constant grievers or close the world. - DST more like DS. whats the point. Please add a lock to the game use flint or gold so I can allow people I trust to open. It would have to be on the DF chest so they dont burn. But might help keep my stuff and not start over.
  14. Duplication is bad I 100% get that but on console you people who steal stuff. I will play with friends mainly now but even they sometimes forget to drop something in their inventory. why don’t we have a way to use Flint which you always seem to have an abundance of to create a lock on a crate for the host. Even if it’s just the host. This would allow them to lock up at least nine items out of time so people don’t come in and just grieve. also you’re telling me to just play with friends on Consol. That can get very limited. And I’m gonna fall back to my argument of it’s completely different on steam where you can just re-create any item or re-create any boss and show up we don’t have that capability. If you’re a streamer and someone comes in burns down your place or grieves everything. On PC or Mac you can just immediately remake those items. On Consol you are limited to a five day rollback. It’s called don’t starve together I want to play with new people. So you’re telling me to basically play solo because I can’t trust the world which sucks. If it’s such an issue why do you guys play in the service that people are constantly rolling back why don’t you just leave? I play in a few servers every time the main post dies they roll back it’s a pain in the butt but I really enjoy the server so I stay.