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  1. I also just want to say that Klei was super nice to give away 4 skins as a daily login! I'm still pretty new to DST so IDK if they did that much before but it was still really nice of them and they look awesome. The Curse of the Moon Quay update was awesome and I love the new base options, and with the Wicker rework (kinda) teased I can't wait for the future of DST!
  2. I dont think that should be a reason. Don't get me wrong that would be cool but if its in an animated short it doesn't mean it is part of the game. In animated shorts, we have pigmen with spears, balloon mechs and Wes doing something useful. And we know for a fact that there's no way thats possible.
  3. Every character got a rework. Only fair Wickerbottom gets the same treatment. Shes completely playable but she could use a rework
  4. I guess but isnt this kinda impossible? I mean Wilbur was in Shipwrecked. The portal and Wonkey came in later? Unless Shipwrecked was in an alternate timeline or something
  5. Well he knew how to make it. He probably just rebuilt it. His hologram can interact with the Constant IIRC
  6. Yes this would be awesome! However I can see Klei having some troubles developing it. Would love to see it anyways!
  7. Thanks a ton Klei! I really love the Shipwreckedy feel with this update, it adds more wacky ocean stuff and Wilbu- I mean Wonkey. The new story focusing on portals and dimensions is really cool and I cant wait to see what Wagstaffs gonna ruin next, keep up the good work! NOW BUFF THE CANNON
  8. I really like all these ideas! The clockwork bench is bit useless since we have Clockmakers tools and chests but I really like the rest!
  9. Wanda: The perks are nice but i like her character design more. Her quotes are charming for me and I like her design. Maxwell: His quotes and design is the best in the game fight me
  10. I would love it! Its not too major but also impactful so no matter there wont be much lost.
  11. Its fun! I have very fond memories of it and just dying a lot, plus DST is at its best with friends! Or at least randoms which I call friends to make me feel more social