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  1. Dubloons bugs

    In the Hamlet DLC, dubloons cannot be given to Wishing Well.
  2. Just because it is a LUSH season
  3. Revived by Magic flower at (0,0,0)

    I think it happens if you're in other worlds
  4. Blueprint Bug

    Blueprint cannot be learned by selecting it and clicking on characters with it
  5. 1. Root Trunk drops items inside it when it is opened and destoryed by the player. 2. Eye Bone, Fishbone and Ro Bin Gizzard Stone can be put inside Root Trunk, thus making followers a mess.
  6. Thanks, could you give me some examples?
  7. I want to make a chracter who loses sanity per min when his temperature is low and gains sanity per min when his temperature is high, but I don't know what to do.
  8. Lush Season should make plant grow faster
  9. Tree seeds planted automatically when setting them on fire and extinguished by Ice Flingomatic on save/load
  10. Scorpions don't sleep during day.
  11. Snaptooth Seedlings don't wake up automatically after dusk comes.
  12. Cave and Ruins Earthquake still appear when the player is in an interiors
  13. Lamp Post doesn't light all day in cave
  14. Pig Skin ? lacks float animation