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  1. Scorpions don't sleep during day.
  2. Snaptooth Seedlings don't wake up automatically after dusk comes.
  3. Cave and Ruins Earthquake still appear when the player is in an interiors
  4. Lamp Post doesn't light all day in cave
  5. Pig Skin ? lacks float animation
  6. Pig Skin ? becomes Pig Skin on shelf
  7. Small textures +Chinese = ?????
  8. Spiky Bush doesn't have a icon on minimap.
  9. Pigman, Bunnyman, Bottlenose Ballphin, Elder Mandrake and Mant don't refuse to accept wood roughage (such as Gold Nugget, Rocks, Palm Leaf, Gems, Oincs). These things are hid in their inventory, and only drop when they are killed.
  10. Wormwood won't gain any sanity from planting Seaweed Stalks.
  11. Wormwood lose sanity when being near Snaptooth Seedlings and Snaptooth Flytrap.
  12. When wearing Bramble Husk, Wormwood still take damage from Spiky Bushes in a world compatibled Hamlet.
  13. Firecrackers crashes the game.
  14. 1. Irrreplaceable items can be put into Bundle Supplies, so that if the Bundled Supplies is stolen by Krampus or eaten by Eye Plants, the irreplaceable items will disappear along with Bundled Supplies. 2. If the palyer saves the game and reloads, the Bundled Supplies in water will lack floating anim (it will neither sink nor float).
  15. bat_hide and pig_scepter lack floating anim.