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  1. Sadly, Klei will not see this topic :<
  2. Are you kidding me? Clean Sweeper is not a magic item?
  3. if tiletype == GROUND.PLAINS or tiletype == GROUND.RAINFOREST or tiletype == GROUND.DEEPRAINFOREST or tiletype == GROUND.DEEPRAINFOREST_NOCANOPY then BTW, why is red insead of blue?
  4. When do we see that those unreasonable mods can be taken off the shelf directly, or at least hide them, so as not to pollute us? Is the single-player dont starve workshop also included? I hope Yiyu's and DYC's mod got removed.
  5. I'm glad they didn't mention anything about Single-Player, so I can never play this game and rest forever.
  6. I just find a mod called "Mouse Through [DS]"! It fixed this problem perfectly!
  7. Single-Player Don't Starve will no longer update, while the Don't Starve Together keep updating every month.
  8. Walking Cane and The Lazy Explorer floating on ocean cannot be changed skin by a Clean Sweeper.
  9. Craft a Clean Sweeper. Drop strew hat (and so on) on ocean. Using Clean Sweeper to change its skin, it disappears, but the water ripples still show.