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Don't Starve Together Roadmap 2022

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Thank you very much for this roadmap. Super excited that things are already getting planned for 2023. 2 Years of almost monthly updates it's huge.
Keep up the incredible work Klei team. I think DST will have his big time soon enough.

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Looks like the meta is going to change this year then. tbh I'm glad all the character re-refreshes are (mostly) going to be done this year. It will be good to get them out of the way so you all can focus on content.

Tbh, this roadmap has me more excited for 2023 than 2022 :wilson_curious:. I am excited there will be some significant QOL update tho (hope to see some dedicated hosting updates in there as always).

Tho I'm excited for this!

13 minutes ago, JoeW said:

More details on that as we get closer to those coming out to a test branch in February.


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I really don't mind waiting, DST is quite fun to play in its current state and i will prefer quality over quantity.

I love the QOL updates, so i am really happy that we are getting so many of them. Hopefully the weaker items that are rarely crafted will be the focus of one of these.

I would rather see DST slowly become better and better compared to rushed updates and people being disappointed with this roadmap, they need to think about the future of DST a bit more.


Thank you Klei and lets hope for another productive year.

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5 minutes ago, ADM said:

So that means two things... Wilson DO get a refresh (yas!)

And my patience for Maxwell's refresh will finally pay off (I'll have to wait one more year probably but wew, we're getting someone !)

Finally my Wilson boy is going to get something besides being a poster boy. Thank you Klei <3

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14 minutes ago, JoeW said:

We had SO much fun working with Re-logic for this fun little diversion that turned out to be not so little. I don't know if we'll ever have another awesome opportunity like that, but it was an absolute blast and we're thrilled everybody enjoyed it so much. 

if you could what game would you like to make crossover with


what does min- i mean klei team thinks?

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3 QoL updates + 3 “Setting the Stage” updates??

If this means what I THINK it means maybe there’s changes to existing biomes/new content coming for Ocean stuffs- Seems like they may spend this whole year to touch up existing areas before going into next story Arch.

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