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Don't Starve Together Roadmap 2022

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Hey everybody. It's Roadmap time again!

NOTE: Please remember that the roadmap is provided to give the community a sense of what we are working on and what is driving our decisions and what we are focused on in the coming year. None of this is a promise or a guarantee. We always prioritize quality over deadlines and all dates and timelines are estimated to the best of our current ability. Many long-time fans will know that we often add new things to these plans which often shifts things around a bit, so it is recommended that you avoid scheduling your vacation plans around our dates.

This roadmap is subject to change at any time, but as we have done in the past, we will let you know if any of these plans change significantly.

2021 Recap. 
For 2021 we aimed to "keep on keeping on". As we have previously seen our content schedule of character refreshes and occasional substantial content updates has continued to work out well for the team and players. 

In 2021 we released one new character, three character refreshes, two significant QOL updates, two major content updates. We brought Kleifest and the Summer Cawnival as well as our regular holiday events and a surprise content update with our Terraria collaboration. We had SO much fun working with Re-logic for this fun little diversion that turned out to be not so little. I don't know if we'll ever have another awesome opportunity like that, but it was an absolute blast and we're thrilled everybody enjoyed it so much. 

We did have to make room for the Terraria collaboration by shifting around updates, but frankly - the team really needed that time to do something different for a little while, and I think it was worth it. We're well on our way to some great content updates for 2022. 

We have four more character refreshes we need to get through this roadmap before we can move onto some more substantial plans we have for 2023. So our content updates this year will be mainly focused on setting the stage for what comes next.

However, it's worth noting that this roadmap is much more focused and established internally than previous years as we focus to prepare for the next content arc. 

What's Next?

We have a strong schedule ahead for 2022 that is intended on smoothing out the game in preparation for the next arc after finishing the next four character refreshes. This roadmap is actually going to stretch a little into 2023 as we finally refresh W... I mean.. the last character.  

In addition to this, the QOL updates are planned to be more significant in such a way that they will affect how you play the game a bit more than previously. More details on that as we get closer to the first of those coming out to a test branch in February.

The Plan for 2022

  • Year of the Catcoon + 2023 "Year of the...." event
  • Four Character refreshes ending in Q1 2023
  • Three QOL updates
  • More Cawnival games and prizes
  • Three "setting the stage" Content updates

As with previous updates we plan to have something out for players every month as well as streaming drops, Kleifest including significant additions to the Summer Cawnival as well as our regular holiday events. 

And that's it!
Oh, that's not entirely it - Get ready to meet the Kitcoons in The Year of the Catcoon event on January 27th!  


Till next time. Have fun out there everybody!

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 2021 was hard but still you made really good job. Looking at new shortcut of 2022 I feel bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong I'm happy that Klei want to finish refreshes, do some more work at summer event and few QOL updates but no new character this year, no new new content release for now. I hope summer event and QOL will bring changes to be enough for feed my desire.

1 minute ago, Eughstein said:

what does "in Q1 2023" means?

First quarter of 2023 (January, February and March).

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6 minutes ago, JoeW said:

This roadmap is actually going to stretch a little into 2023 as we finally refresh W... I mean.. the last character.  

So, Maxwell won't be the last one.

Unless, they refer him as William

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So that means two things... Wilson DO get a refresh (yas!)

And my patience for Maxwell's refresh will finally pay off (I'll have to wait one more year probably but wew, we're getting someone !)

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