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  1. Since DLC characters ain't part of the original survivors there is less chance for him to appear anywhere
  2. I don't think that mod would be necessary in Vanilla it just gives out more info. Geometric Placement should be the one in vanilla
  3. Well there can be mod for it but thats pointless half of people wont know about it
  4. You mean like a Forest icon over player on scoreboard when they are in overworld and a Cave icon when they are in Caves ?
  5. The shadow bosses were introduced before RoT even existed The SHADOW collision is commented out perhaps someone didnt thought of that DST would get the ocean
  7. I recall correctly the game was meant to be played by more people not solo. It'd be rather nice to scale the boss HP based on if you play solo or with players
  8. I said it's a boss that can move so no deactivation needed
  9. No crabking is stationary boss he does not move and i don't count in antlion
  10. If i were to fix this i'd forcefully disable the flingos during the boss fight
  11. i stick to full resolution i think Klei never thought of testing the game on low resolutions the game is a bit outdated and might get fixed but who knows.
  12. Yet he's still unable to do a normal fight
  13. Shadow Piece bosses being unable to enter water or land is a bug since normal shadows able to traverse through water and land and the shadow bosses are still considered a shadow. Crabking and Flingomatic is a Cheese The pathfinding that fixes players and other enemies not getting stuck in a gap filled with statue or any other blocking object is considered bug which would make a lot of people mad since it's been there since start and was never fixed. Those ain't strategies but rather way to cheat on bosses that are MEANT to be killed by multiple people