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  1. For some odd reason the server just got somehow disabled. The inventory went empty and everything got stuck.
  2. Console games are built differently though.
  3. From games i played loading screens had million of tips
  4. Would not work cause the loading screen is frozen while loading the game so you can have like one loading tip
  5. Sounds like something that could break the game.
  6. Dungeons, Ruins Interiors yes that would be amazing. but player houses would ruin the purpose of survival game
  7. When you wear the alter guardian hat on the lunar island during night and you add blue spores into it the screen becomes darker. I'm not sure if it's intentional
  8. Since DLC characters ain't part of the original survivors there is less chance for him to appear anywhere
  9. Well there can be mod for it but thats pointless half of people wont know about it
  10. You mean like a Forest icon over player on scoreboard when they are in overworld and a Cave icon when they are in Caves ?
  11. The shadow bosses were introduced before RoT even existed The SHADOW collision is commented out perhaps someone didnt thought of that DST would get the ocean
  12. I said it's a boss that can move so no deactivation needed