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  1. You could try what Jesse mentioned above or verifying game cache or in Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/yourid there is file called client.ini which stores the Refresh Rate try to check if the refresh_rate is set to your monitors
  2. This appears to happen when you attempt to pull the anchor while using controller Here is clip from a streamer.
  3. When you get to the screen where mod crashes and you are given choice to exit the game or disable mods and return to main menu. Picking disable mods will put the game into stage where it freezes the animations, attempting to launch a server or join game will result in softlock. Opening console and closing will do same thing.
  4. There will be fix on next hotfix When? No clue
  5. The game is hard codded to 60 FPS You can change your refresh rate but it will reset to the one you had before after playing unless you also change your Resolution at same time, changing it to 120 makes the gameplay smoother but still makes 60 FPS. I've attached video to show that 2022-04-23 17-31-42.mkv
  6. Testing on Windows 11 build 22598.200 (Nickel) Switching audio output now works correctly from in-game and even from main menu.
  7. Changing audio output while playing requires you to restart the game cause the output for the game doesnt switch to the new one.
  8. Changing refresh rate from the settings will result in the refresh rate resetting to the initial value it was on However you can change it if you change the Resolution and Refresh Rate at the same time. The game is capped to 60 Hz yes but if you set your Refresh Rate higher the mouse movement will become smoother. It would be nice if the refresh rate was possible to change without having to change the resolution as well.
  9. It was at this moment he knew.. He opsie daisied up..
  10. Kiss your bugs goodbye i say. I see the Bug Fixing Santa has been on a spree today. Gjob Scott & Klei Gang
  11. For some odd reason the server just got somehow disabled. The inventory went empty and everything got stuck.