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  1. Thing is, the wording of your poll doesn't necessarily support the idea that those who want to see a Wigfrid voice rework want her voice lowered. A rework could also include a volume boost, with the addition of sinkholes spawning in every direction around her every time the glorious and powerful Valkyrie speaks.
  2. No. Her voice is loud and harsh because she IS loud and harsh. And if she makes you nervous, you oughta be. Because when you die she gets to decide whether your sorry, cowardly self gets to go to Valhalla to do nothing but drink and fight until the universe itself collapses and ceases to be. Best regards!
  3. [Game Update] - 345820

    For me personally, the issue has been happening during rain while in the deep rainforest biome.
  4. If you buy on Epic, you'll get it on Steam for free