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  1. In my particular case I just wanted to get the Treeguards off my friend so they could continue chopping. I only mention Spider Queen because they're of similar power level and should be in the same hypothetical tag, if one were to be added for these lesser bosses. The funny thing about Vargs is that they're actually NOT under the boss tag, so you don't get the inspiration gain buff. This makes absolutely no sense. Vargs are much more deadly than Treeguards & Spider Queens. In fact, I'd much rather solo a Varg than a Deerclops. Since these classifications matter in how an in-game ability functions, I feel that they need to be looked at again, especially if they want to add more abilities like these in the future. Proper raid bosses cannot be lumped together with these clearly lesser bosses. It doesn't make sense.
  2. One of the main things I wanted out of the rework (as niche as it is) was for her to force aggro onto her somehow. We got it. Cool. The other day a friend of mine was chopping trees, summoned 3 Treeguards, and I was disappointed to find out that it's classified as a boss mob so the aggro songs have no effect. I understand that they're far stronger than regular mobs, but it's also clearly not a raid boss on par with Fuelweaver, so why classify it as such? Please allow us to use these songs on lesser boss mobs. They would have more practical use this way. Vargs, Spider Queens & Treeguards should have their own tag that grants Wigfrid extra inspiration gain without it being as much as actual bosses, but affect by aggro songs. Could also maybe include Deerclops, Bearger, Moose & Malbatross, but I'm on the fence about that.
  3. She refers to herself as a viking warrior many times, as does the rest of the cast.
  4. Regarding the Trident: There isn't one that I know of in Norse mythology. It simply IS the weapon of Poseiden. Simply replacing Poseiden with a Nordic god wouldn't make sense as they didn't wield such a weapon. I think the question at hand here is would she even know who Poseiden is? Perhaps the actress would, but would it be in-character for the viking to know of or value the weapon of a Greek god? I don't know. Perhaps she could simply say it grants her the powers of Ægir. I hope you don't mind, but there's a quote of hers I've also had a problem with that I also want to mention, though it's not exactly related to mythology. When examining the Gnarwail Horn she says "A fine horn, indeed!" I find this underwhelming as it's pretty much a unicorn horn. There may not be unicorns in Norse myth, but Vikings historically scammed Christians by selling narwhale horns at absurd prices by claiming they were unicorn horns. When examining the Deer Antler she says "The unicorn's horn, in the flesh!" And to a Volt Goat "May I call you Unicorn?" And when charged "The lightning has made you a unicorn warrior!" So, yea I'm just not buying her reaction to the Gnarwail Horn.
  5. A viking does not fear going to Valhalla. It is an honor granted to only the best of them, to fight alongside Odin in the final battle. They are not "failed vikings."
  6. This doesn't account for health recovered on hit via her life steal. I'm not really concerned with what's "better" so much that I prefer the playstyle that Wigfrid uniquely provides and making her more like Wolfgang simply because it's perceived to be "better" isn't the right way to go about a rework of an already fun character imo. I haven't prepped food-based healing for a boss fight other than Jellybeans on my world for hundreds of days. Her lifesteal + Jellybeans + Bat Bat is more than enough for anything in the game. I'd rather the devs lean in on what she does best instead of making her more like a character that already exists. I don't have a thematic problem with this, but I think any more damage multipliers like this would just be too much as Warly can already buff a whole team with peppers and Volt Goat Jelly.
  7. Just give it a unique /dance emote where it makes your character perform an endless guitar solo.
  8. Why try to make her more like Wolfgang? You already acknowledge that Wigfrid is the better tank. This is intentionally how the two fighter characters are balanced. One is a damage dealer and the other one is a tank. Shouldn't her rework focus on her intended role as the tank?
  9. they haven't lived to tell the tale.
  10. I kill fuelweaver on my server every summer and eventually accumulate too many Bone Armors and Helms to know what to do with them. I never need more than 2 armors and I only ever need another helm if it breaks because I'm careless. Being able to deconstruct these items even for resources less useful than fossils would be awesome because I'm just feeding them to an eyeplant to get rid of them anyway. Spider hats in particular are something I cannot find a good use for and they just pile up. This would be an amazing change.
  11. Why remove one of the things that makes her unique and interesting and buff something that's uninteresting?
  12. Wigfrid being a glass cannon fundamentally changes her character identity, though. The "damage" character is Wolfgang, not Wigfrid. With her passive damage mitigation, life steal, and starting off with a helmet, she's anything but easy to kill. The reworks haven't been aiming to 180 on a character's core design.
  13. I personally would like to see them lean further into her role in a group setting, which is the tank/blacksmith. As @x0-VERSUS-1y said, might as well give her the torso equivalent to her other 2 battle items. Don't see why not. I'd also like to see her be able to take aggro more easily. Allow her to throw her spear at something and instantly gain its attention, kind of like what Woodie's axe did in Forge. Allowing her to repair armor & weapons might be cool too. She could get an exclusive, stationary craft (Anvil) and use it to repair any armor, requiring that armor's main resource to do so (logs to fix log suit, thule to fix thule gear)
  14. It took nearly the entire event, but from day 1 of Winter's Feast my goal was to gather 8 of each boss ornament and make a boss shrine out of it: It's also the arena we use to fight Antlion and the Shadow Pieces And this is our Festive Tree area w/ every Winter's Feast dish and a Forge, Gorge & Klaus themed tree: