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  1. I'm assuming that quite a good chunk of people (including myself) find the animated-ness of the floating heads of the survivors... uncanny.
  2. I've got double the amount of hours I do in DST to Terraria. So you could definitely get a lot of hours into the game if you really enjoy it. Although, even though the two are sandbox games, they're still fairly different in progression and such. Terraria is much more combat focused, and DST is much more focused on survival (although combat does play a role in that, but terraria does it better imo.)
  3. I'm pretty saddened by this, I've been around for a few years at this point and it would sting horribly to see anything terrible happen to a franchise that I hold close to my heart . But for now I guess I'll just have to wait and see what will happen next. Hopefully Klei really does retain all creative control, although that might just be my naivete speaking. Trying to stay positive, though.
  4. I usually try and map out at least the edges of the continent, amass as many resources as humanly possible
  5. Iirc the game gets the more major updates on Thursdays, not Tuesdays. Year of the Varg released in early February, so the event might not even release in January. Hopefully it releases soon, though.
  6. As someone who's played quite a lot of Wigfrid, I definitely agree that she's up there. Her helms, lifesteal, high HP, and natural damage resistance make her fairly easy to survive as, even for new players. I haven't really played Wendy, but from what I've seen she seems like a good candidate as well.
  7. From what I remember, it's a set piece. It's pretty much useless, but it's still pretty neat to see!
  8. I play Webber rather often, mostly because I think he's just adorable. I'm also pretty fond of other characters too, like Wigfrid or Maxwell.
  9. I often find that people that are fairly new to the game, and even some more experienced players, tend to just set up a base area fairly early after not exploring much (say around day 5 or so, give or take a few days) and just sit around their base, not going anywhere. They'd usually just die from a lack of food, resources, or both! To clarify, it's ok to set up a base early. If you're exploring, and you find a great place for a base, it's perfectly alright to set up some of the basic structures. But after you do that, you should definitely keep on exploring. Knowing where important areas and structures are is incredibly important. Touch stones, Pig King, the swamp/deserts, Mac Tusk camps, etc etc, are all very nice things to know the place of. Personally, I'm usually more nomadic in the first season, and take my time to map out most of the world (or at least the main land) and gather most of the resources and items I need for winter/a base. Around day 12-15, I set up a base area and spend the remaining days of Autum stockpiling resources and such. Of course, that's just my playstyle! As someone who's fallen victim to staying in base too long (many times, I'll admit) don't be afraid to take your time setting up a base or to venture out from your base. To add on to all of that, make sure to have some sort of armor and weapon on you at all times! Hounds attack usually one or two times in the first season, and you never know what other threat you might run into. Football helmets can be made with one pigskin and one rope. Pigskin can either be dropped by pigs or dropped from hammering pig heads found around touch stones or in the swamp. Log suits are more readily available, but are take up the much more important body slot, and can be made with some logs and rope. Spears, as a weapon, are fine for the early game. Also, make sure to learn some of the crockpot recipies! They're rather important to survival, making hunger much more easy to deal with. Welcome to the game, and have fun! Learning is all part of the experience.
  10. I think he's pretty alright. I've always loved the variety of all the crockpot dishes you could make, but in reality you only ever regularly use 4 or 5. Because of his penalty, it makes managing your hunger (imo) more fun and challenging, you have to actually put thought into what you're eating instead of just existing off of meatballs and pierogi. But like many others have mentioned, it's a shame he doesn't get the health or food benefit from dishes that he does from SW. He's also got a pretty neat design and personality, so that's a plus. Tier list wise, he likely isn't very high up, but that's alright. As long as you enjoy playing a character, do whatever.