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  1. I don't like summer wildfires. If you want to properly manage them, you either have to base in the Oasis biome, line your base in flingos (rip megabasers,) or just head down to the caves for a season. Even if you stay above ground, you risk burning stuff down just for walking out of your base. I've recently started disabling them in my solo worlds, and it makes summer less tedious and annoying for me at least.
  2. Even then, there's lots of other healing options just from farms alone. There isn't any reason to grow pomegranates unless you're using them for nutrients with another crop.
  3. Griefers would have a field day. I've experienced Springs with three frog rains in a row and I'm convinced it's the closest a living human can get to hell.
  4. I really love Wormwood. I've recently finished an attempt at a ruins rush with him, and trying to work around his downside and such in unique ways is definitely some of the most fun I've had playing a specific character. Also, I really like the farming system and he makes it even easier to be the team's designated farmer. In a recent world with other teammates I literally just farm all the time, and I'm definitely not complaining.
  5. I really like the flexibility it provides. I don't character swap often, but I still like the comfort of knowing that my decision isn't permanent.
  6. @creepywaffle Are you claiming the drops? This time around you have to claim the drops yourself instead of automatically getting them ingame. You can claim them here: https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory (forgot to quote lol)
  7. Lots of people have done full boss runs, at least before Eye of the Storm. I remember that Don Giani did a full boss rush with Wendy, it took around 130 days. Now this was before the Celestial Champion was added, but after Crab King, so I'd think that the moonstorm events and the fight itself would add even more time onto it. So pretty accurate judgment, it seems.
  8. The funcap looks a bit like a witch's hat, and the fashion goggles are, well, fashionable!
  9. Wortox can definitely trade with the pig king! It's a sorta common misconception that he can't, though. That makes Wurt the only character who can't trade with the PK, making her an outlier even among the monster characters.
  10. Tbh "eyes" are a pretty common leitmotif in DS/T, and have been for a long time, even before RoT. But if this was intentional foreshadowing, that would make things pretty interesting.
  11. I feel like being able to kill a boss in 2 minutes rather than 8 or so would be pretty important, as with the number of saved resources. Great post though, pretty interesting.
  12. I personally think that all the character sprites are fine as they are. But if Klei were to ever do redesigns, I'd only want them to be minor changes. Similarly to what The Binding of Issac: Repentance did with some of the original Rebirth character sprites.