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  1. Maybe the real base was the friends we made along the way
  2. And a quote, so this isn't too off topic I've been playing Willow recently, haven't really played her at all before this, but I love her sass. This quote's for Walter, and I love it.
  3. Griefers would have a field day. I've experienced Springs with three frog rains in a row and I'm convinced it's the closest a living human can get to hell.
  4. Probably not unknown, but shadow creatures spawned from a nightmare fissure or a nightmare light are more opaque than normal shadow creatures spawned in from having low sanity. -------------------------------------------------------------- Insanity crawling horror and a nightmare light Nigtmarebeak. -------------------------------------------------------------- An insanity terrorbeak. -------------------------------------------------------------- A nightmare light crawling nightmare (left,) nightmarebeak, and an insanity crawling horror.
  5. Splumonkeys appear only in the village biome of the ruins, so you were indeed in the ruins proper! They're also by far the most annoying mob in the game, so thats pretty understandable
  6. I love it when Wendy's quotes aren't absolutely depressing. As eloquent and somber as most of her quotes might be, she's just a kid.
  7. Please rate my tier list. It took 11 hours to make
  8. Dear god. An endgame item that replaces at least two or three other items. Very cool design as well! Unfortunately thought it seems as though I'll never be able to actual get one myself through legitimate means because oh my this new boss seems hard