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  1. It's simple, and I like it that. I totally understand why someone would find it boring, but I think it's fitting of DST.
  2. The characters have not been designed for PVP, at all. Most of the characters just came over from singleplayer DS, and DST was designed to be a co-op game, not centered around PvP. It'd be kinda neat to have the option but it's not really important.
  3. I'm glad more content was added to the caves. Also, the ability to craft turf in DST is way overdue.
  4. I'd like to know more of the survivor's backstories. The animated shorts showing them are pretty much one of, if not my favorite parts of the character updates. Charlie/Them lore is also pretty cool though.
  5. I think he's pretty alright. I've always loved the variety of all the crockpot dishes you could make, but in reality you only ever regularly use 4 or 5. Because of his penalty, it makes managing your hunger (imo) more fun and challenging, you have to actually put thought into what you're eating instead of just existing off of meatballs and pierogi. But like many others have mentioned, it's a shame he doesn't get the health or food benefit from dishes that he does from SW. He's also got a pretty neat design and personality, so that's a plus. Tier list wise, he likely isn't very high up, but that's alright. As long as you enjoy playing a character, do whatever.
  6. I hope that awhile after this RoT update's official launch that they'll work on Webber for the next rework. After his rework I could die happy
  7. Before Walter I'd always thought it'd be super cool to have Wheeler in DST, but now it'd be pointless. I'd say most of the characters that would fit into DST easily are in, save for Wagstaff. But he's from the base game so I don't think that counts.
  8. Sorry for your loss, I feel for you. Awhile back (a little before the first RoT official update) I had a 300 something day world that got inexplicably deleted. It was the longest world I've had so I was pretty upset. I hope that your new world will be great!
  9. It's late at night and I'm just curious. I'm not including any of the newer characters, like Wortox, Wormwood, Warly, Wurt, or Walter as their fairly new to DST as so don't have many skins for now. Feel free to reply why you chose your answer, I and others would like to know! I know it's hard to single out one character out of many, as many different characters all have great skins, but oh well. So I decided to determine how much I like each character's skin sets, and tallying every skin I didn't quite like for each character. Based on the raw numbers, Wendy's skins would be my favorite, followed by Webber, and an equal part for Wigfrid and Wes. My least liked characters would be Wolfgang, followed by Woodie, Winona and Willow. Now this is all fine and dandy, but I decided to factor how much I liked each skin that I did, and subtracting one digit for each skin that I really, really liked. I only did this for my top liked characters, because I'm lazy. Taking this into account, my most liked characters would be Webber, with two skins I disliked and three skins I liked quite a lot, giving him a score of -1. It would be followed by Wendy, with total score of 1. Wigfrid and Wes are still tied, with a final score of two, with having three skins I dislike and one skin each I like very much. TL;DR: cute spider child wins once again
  10. I recall many others saying that they haven't had any of the drops you've mentioned, and I can say that I haven't had any of those drops either. Like you've mentioned, it's likely why they're so dang expensive. Which is a shame, Guest of Honor Wilson is likely one of my favorite skin sets. I doubt the Wilson rework is coming anytime soon, and unless I become a millionaire with loads of money to burn, I'm not spending 50 dollars on a skin.
  11. I've tried doing a few caves only runs recently, and they're painful great if you're too used to the typical early-game shenanigans. It's simple to get started: Using console commands, teleport to any sinkhole, spawn yourself a pickaxe, mine open the sinkhole, and jump right in. Obviously, the rules are simple. Once you go into the caves, there's no going back out. The only time you're allowed om the surface is to go into the caves is when you've just spawned in, and have yet to go into the caves. During that time period on the surface, you can't take a single item down into the caves with you, so if you have anything in your inventory, drop it. Once you've made it into the caves, that's when the real gameplay begins. It's not the most riveting at the begging, you have to wait for an earthquake to drop down some flint so you can get properly started. You should focus on making an alchemy engine, to obviously make a lantern. After that, gameplay is easier. Obviously, there would be some things you'd never be able to obtain. For instance, eggs from a birdcage, and lots of clothing items like the eyebrella, tam o' shanter, or a walking cane if you don't get a Lazy Explorer drop from the Ancient Guardian. Many runs use the surface and caves in tandem (or just the surface if your device is crap enough) so it's interesting to see what you're able to accomplish without any surface dweller commodities you're likely used to. There isn't really many more goals than a more standard DST run. Fuelweaver is impossible, so I guess you could try and kill AG, Toadstool, or just try and survive a full year. Do whatever you want! Or you could just, y'know, play another game until your intrest has been piqued again.
  12. Yep, there was another pile of boulders that aren't in the screenshot. When I was rearranging them, one of the falling boulders very unfortunately killed one of my shadows.
  13. So I was playing on one of my worlds with Maxwell when I noticed this. The boulders the Antlion drops into the caves during summer can stack on top of each other. They even have different quotes for "unstacked" and "stacked" boulders. It doesn't have any effect on gameplay, but it's a nice little detail that Klei took their time to add.
  14. Literally unplayable, -7.8/10 Klei please fix this drastic issue.
  15. Caves content AND infinite save slots? This is exciting.
  16. Jerky is fine as it is. It's a great way for making your meats last way longer, since they can still be used in recipies. They're also pretty good overall if you decide to eat them, giving a pretty good amount of hunger, health, and sanity for something worth only 1 meat and two days. A jerky specific recipe would be interesting, but I don't think it's necessary.
  17. I got Wortox, was not expecting that. I don't find the description accurate but that was a fun quiz.
  18. I've got over a thousand hours into the game and the only bosses I've ever defeated are the Dragonfly, Deerclops, Moose Goose, and Bearger. I don't really even count dfly because I was carried the whole time by other teammates. I'm always too scared to try and fight any raid bosses solo, even when I have revive methods :/
  19. The skins look so amazing, i'm glad the luxry tools finally got skins
  20. That one default wilson just standing around base and doing absolutely nothing